Catcher Rankings

Fantasy 411 Rankings: Catchers

1. Russell Martin
2. Victor Martinez
3. Brian McCann
4. Jorge Posada
5. Joe Mauer
6. Bengie Molina
7. Kenji Johjima
8. Jason Varitek
9. A.J. Pierzynski
10. Jarrod Saltalamacchia


i think martinez is way better catcher then r.martin, because he has constant stats in the last 3 years. and i think russel cannot top his numbers from this year

Does this make Martin a slam-dunk keeper in a 12 team vanilla league? I have him on my team, and while I have been considering him one of my 5 keepers, I’m a little skeptical about keeping a catcher. Look at what happened to Mauer owners this year…

i would never keep a catcher in a fantasy league.

and another question does anyone know how to join one of these listener leagues for next year they talk about every day on the show

thx – tom

Hey Guys,

I agree with both of you that keeping a catcher is very risky. I have Martin in a 13 team 5 keeper league and am not planning on keeping him. I have way too many other hitters like Howard, Rollins, Braun, and Rios, to take a gamble on Martin, who won’t post the counting stats that these other players will. Cory may disagree with me, but that’s my opinion. I guess I don’t subscribe as much to the “position scarcity” theory!


I have Martin in a 12 team 5 keeper league as well and will be keeping him because of his 5 category production. The difference is I am in a 2 catcher league. I’m not sure if you guys are in a 2 C league, most leagues are that way now, but I think it makes the position scarcity and depth that much more of a problem. Not too many catchers are creeping into that top 5 keeper level, but there’s a few. Would you not keep Mauer or V-Mart last year, or even McCann? Just my opinion, but I would keep Martin and V-Mart in a 5 keeper league, the others I’ll stay away from for various reasons.

Mike in CT

I play in a 2 catcher league, and prior to acquiring Martin in a trade I was playing the likes of Jason Kendal. I’d like to shore up the position a little, so I’m leaning toward keeping him. I don’t like the risk, though, and I’m inclined to agree with Zach about that point.

Also, my keeper list isn’t exactly spectacular, as I’ve made a lot of trades that helped me win this year (as long as my 8 point lead holds). I don’t have a lot of slam-dunk keepers, so Martin starts looking better and better. If I had the likes of Braun and Rollins, perhaps I’d be less gung-ho about keeping Martin.

just to play devil’s advocate with zach. the problem is that, after the first 4 catchers, the catchers in the league are so putrid that it gives the guy with a good catcher a real advantage. if you have russel martin’s rare production, it is hard for your opponents to match it. in other words, if you have russel martin and a vanilla second basemen like placido polanco, and your opponent has a vanilla catcher like v-tek or worse, he NEEDS to have chase utley just to make up the difference.just saying.

You all make solid points, but here’s my problem. It is a 2 C 5 OF 5 keeper league and I have a ton of potential keepers. Here they are:









These are the 8 I’m thinking about and I have to keep 5! Right now, I’m looking at Howard, Rollins, Braun, Rios, and Nathan. I’m not thrilled about not keeping a starter but think it’s more important to keep an elite closer. The other thing I can do is keep Sabathia or Haren and forget about Rios. There’s simply no room for Martin! Let me know what you guys think.


I agree with you about your keeper list. YOu have a ton of good keepers there. I don’t think Haren or Sabathia are keepers, and depending on your draft rules, you’ll probably be able to get at least one of them back in your first 3 picks. I would try to make a trade. If you can use Haren or Sabathia with Braun to get Wright, or Rios and one of those pitchers for Sizemore or someone like that then that’s a plan. Use Rios and Rollins to get Hanley or Reyes. Try to make some offseason trades, if you can, to try to upgrade and worst case scenario you can get one of these borderline guys with your first round pick. Trading is more easily said than done but trying never hurt. Let me know how it goes, I am kinda in the same boat as you. Here’s my keepers list.














I can only keep 5 and it’s gonna be tough to try to cut that down.

Mike in CT

I would argue you keep Martin over Rios. Reasons being:

Just this year at the moment, Rios is 104/23/81/16/.297

Martin is 83/18/85/21/.297

So stats are somewhat comparable, which leaves position constraints. Discussed on the 411, OF is in for a mix-up in rankings as many OF’s didn’t do so well this year that were predicted as top-20 and many came out and had killer season. That leads me to believe that OF keepers are somewhat in flux and many managers in your league and in any league are having a similar problem with who to keep and it comes down to OF, which leads more to OF’s in the draft next year.

Also, OF is a position that has a lot of role players (i.e. Stolen Base Machines such as Rajai Davis, Juan Pierre, etc..Home run hitters such as Dunn, and to a lesser extent Burrell and others), I would argue more so than any other position. Thus If you are keeping Howard, Rollins, Braun, Martin, and Nathan, you have your meat and potatoes set in the infield and are just looking to round out the categories. OF is easiest to do that with.

And with the 411 philosophy of pitchers being risky and neither Haren nor Sabathia have a first name of Johan, then you can find pitchers ready to break out like they did this year.

To boil it down to a simpler matter, wouldn’t Victorino/Martin be better than Rios/Lo Duca.

Sorry not to sign it,

Mike, my eval is at the moment you keep Hanley, Fielder, Holliday, Upton, and either Martin or Soriano, leaning toward Soriano.

-Battle in CA

I think Posada being consistent the last few seasons bumps him up a slot to the number 3 spot.

The real question is, can Martin do it again? By all accounts, based on his talent and role as a clubhouse leader, some people even expect him to improve. Because there are so few good catchers out there, you almost have to subscribe to the theory of position scarcity.

Along the same lines, what about keeping closers? For example, is a guy like Bobby Jenks elite enough now to keep alongside the likes of K-Rod and Nathan?

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