Shortstop Rankings

Fantasy 411 Rankings: Shortstops

1. Hanley Ramirez
2. Jose Reyes
3. Jimmy Rollins
4. Derek Jeter
5. Carlos Guillen
6. Troy Tulowitzki
7. Rafael Furcal
8. Edgar Renteria
9. Miguel Tejada
10. Michael Young


John McDonald should be on that list.

“We already have Jack Wilson, his name is John McDonald.” — J.P. Ricciardi



your that low on Tejeda going into this year?

Tejada is a player in decline, and he plays for a poor team that doesn’t give him nearly the R/RBI chances he had in Oakland. Plus, he doesn’t steal.

I still think Tejada can be a .300/25/100 player and there’s a lot of value in that, but remember also the continued improvement and depth at the position… just think of the seasons put up by guys who didn’t even make the list, like Khalil Greene and Orlando Cabrera…


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