All-Surprise and All-Disappointment Teams


C     Russell Martin
1B    Carlos Pena
2B    Brandon Phillips
3B    Ryan Braun
SS    J.J. Hardy
OF    Magglio Ordonez
OF    Eric Byrnes
OF    Curtis Granderson
UT    Prince Fielder
SP    Fausto Carmona
CL    Jeremy Accardo


C     Michael Barrett
1B    Richie Sexson
2B    Josh Barfield
3B    Alex Gordon
SS    Miguel Tejada
OF    Vernon Wells
OF    Manny Ramirez
OF    Jason Bay
UT    Travis Hafner
SP    Jeremy Bonderman
CL    Eric Gagne


Great year as always, guys!

Can’t argue with most of the selections in your teams, especially guys like Byrnes. I traded him away in an NL-only league mid-season, expecting his usual 2nd-half slump…boy was I wrong about that! Thankfully, it didn’t cost me the title!!

I do think it’s a little harsh to name Alex Gordon as the all-disappointment 3B – it’s not his fault that people expected him to do miracles in his rookie year.I might have gone for someone like Rolen, who was pretty lousy this year when healthy (and he still had almost 400ABs).

Also surprised that a certain OF from the Braves didn’t make the team!

Anyway, thanks for all the analysis & advice, and looking forward to hearing the 2008 list of 12!

Chris in London

Chris, Andruw Jones did come into the discussion, but he came with a lower pick than the other guys and, other than AVG, didn’t really fall that far where I personally expected him to be. Check out his numbers compared to Bay’s, and consider that Bay was a 2nd rounder, and that’s a big difference…



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