October 2007

Fantasy 411 Summit

Here’s the info as heard on yesterday’s 411 concerning the New York fantasy baseball summit:

When:  Monday, November 26th   start time around 6:30 PM

Where:  Foley’s Pub (33rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue)

Hope to see everyone there!


A different kind of fantasy 411…

Nice job by Siano and Will maintaining their composure after that scintillating discussion of which colleges in Florida have the weirdest names, or which are the best ballparks to get on TV if you wear a low-cut shirt…



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Fantasy 411 book project

In case anyone prefers this blog to the show, we’re inviting everyone to participate in the first-ever Fantasy 411 book project! I have no content outline or synopsis or specific idea what it will be about, other than that it will reflect the 411: a combination of fantasy strategy and analysis, "real" baseball commentary, pop culture, inside jokes and whatever else we feel like talking about.

Most importantly, it will reflect the collective personality of the Fantasy 411 community, so everyone is invited to participate! Send in your suggestions, anecdotes and ideas to baseballchannel@mlb.com, subject line, "Fantasy 411 book"… I’m starting to compiles some notes and once I get a bullet point list of what I’m hoping to include the book, we’ll look for contributions on those specific topics. But if it comes from the 411 community, we think we can make it fit. Send us what ya got!

Looking forward to everyone’s contributions…



2008 List of 12!

I ran the numbers and here is the List of 12 for 2008, along with how I see their value trending going into next season:

* Bedard, Erik (up)
Blanton, Joe (upupup!)
Bush, Dave (down)
Cabrera, Daniel (down)
Francis, Jeff (up)
* Greinke, Zack (up)
* Harden, Rich (flat)
* Hernandez, Felix (up)
Kazmir, Scott (up)
Lowry, Noah (flat)
* Patterson, John (down)
Redding, Tim (down)
* Santana, Ervin (down)
* Snell, Ian (up)
Wang, Chien-Ming (flat)
Young, Chris (up)

Those guys marked with asterisks didn’t make the original list, but I only came up with 10 and didn’t feel that was interesting, so I added a few more guys. Bedard wasn’t on the original list because he was on it in 2007, but this was actually the season where he crossed the 500 career IP barrier, and he still hasn’t pitched a full season, so I wanted to include him again. The other guys are actually all short of 500 IP, but I wanted to include them because a) injuries have kept them from getting to 500 IP, or b) they’ve been rotation regulars long enough that I feel they’re deserving of additional attention.

Once again, there are plenty of tasty names on the list, most of them obviously up-and-coming young stars (Bedard, King Felix, Kazmir, Young), but a couple that may be a little under the radar (Blaton, Francis, Snell). A few other guys worthy of discussion:

* Harden is obviously a very intriguing name on this list… everyone knows what he can do when healthy, and he’s at the point in his career where he should be breaking out if he can actually stay in the rotation. Ditto that for John Patterson, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree.

* Greinke’s road to the rotation has seen more ups and downs than Lindsay Lohan in rehab, but his outstanding finish in ’07 has definitely positioned him as a guy to watch in ’08.

* Wang’s rate stats look a lot like Noah Lowry’s, but who would you rather have on your roto team? Yeah, this is why we don’t chase wins.

* Guaranteed that Siano uses this list to once again tout his shameless mancrush on Ervin Santana. Get a room!

* Tim Redding? ***!?!?

Here’s an Excel spreadsheet with complete season-by-season and career minor league and MLB stats for all of the 2008 List of 12  guys. Looking forward to discussing these guys on upcoming shows… enjoy!


Johnny Archive has been found!

Hey all, faithful 411 listener Carl from the Bay State (California? Maryland) checked in with a Johnny Archive update… turns out that HoF’er Johnny has had a rough year but is on the mend and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully a winter of rest and rehab will bring a new and improved Johnny Archive in ’08, ready to call us out on all the stupid stuff we said this past year!

Hang in there Johnny Archive, we’re glad to hear you’re doing well, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you again.


World Series of Fantasy Baseball Draft Results


Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Red Sox pitching staff
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  David Ortiz
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Alex Rodriguez
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Jimmy Rollins
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  Ryan Howard
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Chase Utley
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Matt Holliday
Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  Victor Martinez


Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  Grady Sizemore
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Alfonso Soriano
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Jorge Posada
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  Bobby Abreu
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Manny Ramirez
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Vladimir Guerrero
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  Derek Jeter
Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Robinson Cano


Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Aramis Ramirez
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  Chone Figgins
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Hideki Matsui
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Eric Byrnes
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  Garrett Atkins
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Cubs pitching staff
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Derrek Lee
Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  Travis Hafner


Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  Mike Lowell
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Yankees pitching staff
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Pat Burrell
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  Troy Tulowitzki
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Johnny Damon
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Todd Helton
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  Brad Hawpe
Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Aaron Rowand


Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Chris B. Young
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  Dustin Pedroia
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Garret Anderson
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Kaz Matsui
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  J.D. Drew
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Kevin Youkilis
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Orlando Cabrera
Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  D-Backs pitching staff


Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  Jacque Jones
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Jason Varitek
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Jhonny Peralta
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  Howie Kendrick
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Rockies pitching staff
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Angels pitching staff
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  Kenny Lofton
Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Yorvit Torrealba


Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Gary Matthews Jr.
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  Indians pitching staff
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Mark DeRosa
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Geovany Soto
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  Jacoby Ellsbury
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Coco Crisp
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Shane Victorino
Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  Stephen Drew


Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  Josh Barfield
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Asdrubal Cabrera
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Mark Reynolds
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  Carlos Ruiz
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Casey Blake
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Mike Napoli
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  Cliff Floyd
Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Jason Giambi


Brad Seidel (CBSSports.com):  Jayson Werth
Mike Karatzia (MLB.com):  Wes Helms
Ross Wigdor (SportingNews.com):  Franklin Gutierrez
Leo Sherman (ESPN.com):  Phillies pitching staff
Jeff Liubicich (MLB.com):  Ryan Garko
Michael Singer (SportingNews.com):  Ryan Theriot
Tim McFarlin (CBSSports.com):  Jose Molina
Steve Silberberg (ESPN.com):  Julio Lugo

All-Fantasy 411 Team

C      Russell Martin
1B     Prince Fielder
2B     Brandon Phillips
3B     Alex Rodriguez
SS     Jimmy Rollins
OF     Matt Holliday
OF     Magglio Ordonez
OF     Grady Sizemore
UT     David Wright
SP     Jake Peavy
CL     J.J. Putz

Preseason Picks…Graded

On Friday’s show, as the fantasy season neared its final days, Mike and Cory revisited their preseason sleeper and bust picks.  But that’s not all!  Next to each player’s name you’ll find a grade, which is based on how well (or how poorly) the player performed relative to preseason expectations. 


C  Ivan Rodriguez   C+
1B Kevin Youkilis   C-
2B  Brandon Phillips   F
3B  Melvin Mora   A-
SS  Felipe Lopez   B+
OF  Milton Bradley   B+
OF  Jeff Francoeur   D-
SP  Dontrelle Willis    A
SP  Barry Zito   B+
CL  Todd Jones   D



C  Chris Ianetta   F
1B  Mike Jacobs   C
2B  Ian Kinsler   B+
3B  Wilson Betemit   F
SS  Yuniesky Betancourt   C
OF  Ryan Church   C-
OF  Nelson Cruz    F
SP  Dan Haren   A-
SP  Erik Bedard   A-
CL  Jose Valverde   A



C  Michael Barrett   A
1B  Conor Jackson   B+
2B  Ray Durham   A
3B  Joe Crede   A
SS  Bill Hall   A
OF  Jermaine Dye   A-
OF  Raul Ibanez   D
SP  Dice K   B-
SP  Jered Weaver   B-
CL  Joe Borowski   D



C  Gerald Laird   D
1B  Ryan Garko   C
2B  Ian Kinsler   B+
3B  Edwin Encarnacion   B-
SS  Julio Lugo   C
OF  Hideki Matsui   A-
OF  Willy Taveras   B+
SP  Dan Haren   A-
SP  Dave Bush   D
CL  Jonathan Broxton   D