All-Fantasy 411 Team

C      Russell Martin
1B     Prince Fielder
2B     Brandon Phillips
3B     Alex Rodriguez
SS     Jimmy Rollins
OF     Matt Holliday
OF     Magglio Ordonez
OF     Grady Sizemore
UT     David Wright
SP     Jake Peavy
CL     J.J. Putz


I cannot believe how Grady Sizemore is automoatically inserted into the “ALL FANTASY TEAM”… and Cory ‘stats’ has no excuse..He of all people should know better- This is the first year Ive owned Sizemore, and while a great talent no doubt, he didnt live up to the 2007 ALL FANTASY TEAM…

I think his age and what he did last year gets him a free pass without anyone looking at what he did this year..

Showing my work-


70 more hits, 7 less runs, 4 more SB, 18 less HR, 10 less RBI… (And this ones for Cory… Making the same assumption with Adam Dunn) .74 Pts difference in Batting Average- That .277 Avg IS REAL Cory… Ichiro with the higher OBP and right there with SLG..


4 more runs, 1 less HR, 7 less SB, 4 less RBI, ++.25 Pts in BA, .40 Pts in OBP and nearly 100 pts in SLG…

Again Sizemores Great… But these two alone had a better year- and I dont want to hear whos in the playoffs cuz Sizemore has the better lineup than these two-

I agree with Kelspers on his point about Grady. He really trailed off after his hot start, especially in steals. Only 9 HR and 9 SB in the second half after 15 and 24 pre ASB. The RBI and BA really hurt Grady. Anyway, I just wanted to post my team without using your picks.

C V-Mart

1B Pena

2B Roberts

3B Wright

SS HanRam

OF Byrnes

OF Granderson

OF Ichiro

UT Reyes

SP Sabathia

CL Valverde

The only repeat is Wright because he wasn’t at 3B on your list.

Mike in CT

Thanks Mike in CT..

Yea look at Byrnes too.. He could have been all Fantasy 411.. Leads Sizemore in RBI, SB, BA, OBP and SLG.. Trails in runs by 15 and HR by 3..

Hunter could also be included.. and it all comes down to the AWFUL BAverage of Sizemore.. IMO

I know Mike and Cory get rushed sometimes.. but Cory updates the stats each day.. And then they dont even have Andruw Jones on the all disappointment team..

Mike and Cory- You do great work- Faithful podcast listener… Keep it up guys.. Just healthy debate..



Will you be posting the World series of Fantasy Baseball draft results?


Hey guys, no doubt there were a lot of great OF performances this year, so Sizemore was a tough pick, and that AVG did weigh heavily on my thinking. But take Ichiro for instance… the 18 fewer HR are a crusher to his value. Granderson or even Beltran might’ve been a better pick, but in the end, I liked Sizemore’s overall production.

BTW, while we did consider Rollins at SS, we ultimately selected Hanley, so the lineup posted here is incorrect in that regard. Shows what a sick season Hanley had that he beat out J-Rol and Reyes’ 78 SB’s!



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