World Series of Fantasy Baseball Draft Results


Steve Silberberg (  Red Sox pitching staff
Tim McFarlin (  David Ortiz
Michael Singer (  Alex Rodriguez
Jeff Liubicich (  Jimmy Rollins
Leo Sherman (  Ryan Howard
Ross Wigdor (  Chase Utley
Mike Karatzia (  Matt Holliday
Brad Seidel (  Victor Martinez


Brad Seidel (  Grady Sizemore
Mike Karatzia (  Alfonso Soriano
Ross Wigdor (  Jorge Posada
Leo Sherman (  Bobby Abreu
Jeff Liubicich (  Manny Ramirez
Michael Singer (  Vladimir Guerrero
Tim McFarlin (  Derek Jeter
Steve Silberberg (  Robinson Cano


Steve Silberberg (  Aramis Ramirez
Tim McFarlin (  Chone Figgins
Michael Singer (  Hideki Matsui
Jeff Liubicich (  Eric Byrnes
Leo Sherman (  Garrett Atkins
Ross Wigdor (  Cubs pitching staff
Mike Karatzia (  Derrek Lee
Brad Seidel (  Travis Hafner


Brad Seidel (  Mike Lowell
Mike Karatzia (  Yankees pitching staff
Ross Wigdor (  Pat Burrell
Leo Sherman (  Troy Tulowitzki
Jeff Liubicich (  Johnny Damon
Michael Singer (  Todd Helton
Tim McFarlin (  Brad Hawpe
Steve Silberberg (  Aaron Rowand


Steve Silberberg (  Chris B. Young
Tim McFarlin (  Dustin Pedroia
Michael Singer (  Garret Anderson
Jeff Liubicich (  Kaz Matsui
Leo Sherman (  J.D. Drew
Ross Wigdor (  Kevin Youkilis
Mike Karatzia (  Orlando Cabrera
Brad Seidel (  D-Backs pitching staff


Brad Seidel (  Jacque Jones
Mike Karatzia (  Jason Varitek
Ross Wigdor (  Jhonny Peralta
Leo Sherman (  Howie Kendrick
Jeff Liubicich (  Rockies pitching staff
Michael Singer (  Angels pitching staff
Tim McFarlin (  Kenny Lofton
Steve Silberberg (  Yorvit Torrealba


Steve Silberberg (  Gary Matthews Jr.
Tim McFarlin (  Indians pitching staff
Michael Singer (  Mark DeRosa
Jeff Liubicich (  Geovany Soto
Leo Sherman (  Jacoby Ellsbury
Ross Wigdor (  Coco Crisp
Mike Karatzia (  Shane Victorino
Brad Seidel (  Stephen Drew


Brad Seidel (  Josh Barfield
Mike Karatzia (  Asdrubal Cabrera
Ross Wigdor (  Mark Reynolds
Leo Sherman (  Carlos Ruiz
Jeff Liubicich (  Casey Blake
Michael Singer (  Mike Napoli
Tim McFarlin (  Cliff Floyd
Steve Silberberg (  Jason Giambi


Brad Seidel (  Jayson Werth
Mike Karatzia (  Wes Helms
Ross Wigdor (  Franklin Gutierrez
Leo Sherman (  Phillies pitching staff
Jeff Liubicich (  Ryan Garko
Michael Singer (  Ryan Theriot
Tim McFarlin (  Jose Molina
Steve Silberberg (  Julio Lugo


For as crazy as using the 1 and 2 picks on the Red Sox staff and Ortiz seemed at the time, it looks like it’s working out. I guess that’s why they’re “experts”.

Actually it looks to me like’s own Jeff Liubicich had the best team in round 1… even though Rollins’ Phillies lost, J-Rol had a good series as did every one else of Jeff’s picks. Way to represent Jeff!


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