Fantasy 411 book project

In case anyone prefers this blog to the show, we’re inviting everyone to participate in the first-ever Fantasy 411 book project! I have no content outline or synopsis or specific idea what it will be about, other than that it will reflect the 411: a combination of fantasy strategy and analysis, "real" baseball commentary, pop culture, inside jokes and whatever else we feel like talking about.

Most importantly, it will reflect the collective personality of the Fantasy 411 community, so everyone is invited to participate! Send in your suggestions, anecdotes and ideas to, subject line, "Fantasy 411 book"… I’m starting to compiles some notes and once I get a bullet point list of what I’m hoping to include the book, we’ll look for contributions on those specific topics. But if it comes from the 411 community, we think we can make it fit. Send us what ya got!

Looking forward to everyone’s contributions…




long time listener (podcast), never able to call. I’m a loyal padawan to the 411.
I’m interested in helping out, in any way I can.

Send comments, suggestions and anecdotes to “” with the subject line “Fantasy 411 book”!



I’m not sure if the book is more of a helpful guide to fantasy owners or of stories about the show, but I got to think that the half hour Dusty Baker rant has got to be in there. That was the best.

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