Early 411 Mock Draft

Over the course of the past week, 12 prominent members of the 411 community (including yours truely!) conducted via e-mail a three round mock draft for 2008.  Below you’ll find a list of the participants along with the draft order and final results, including short comments by the various owners.  The league is a standard 5×5 roto with NFBC style roster construction (2 C, 5 OF, MI, CI, UTIL, etc.)  Please don’t hesitate to give your feedback!


1.    Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus
2.    Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus
3.    Mike Siano of MLB.com Fantasy 411
4.    Cory Schwartz of MLB.com Fantasy 411
5.    Alex Cushing of MLB.com Fantasy
6.    Zach Steinhorn the Official Researcher and Blogger for MLB.com Fantasy 411
7.    Brett Kaplan the Producer of MLB.com Fantasy 411
8.    Jeffrey Ma of Protrade.com
9.    Mitch Watnik former 411 Listener League Champion
10.  Dean Chiungos of MLB.com Fantasy
11.  Brandon Costa of MLB.com
12.  Zack Stair former and current co-champion of 411 Listener League


ALEX RODRIGUEZ  (1) (Will Carrol)  Ultimate no brainer

HANLEY RAMIREZ  (2) (Joe Sheehan)  I like taking up-the-middle and under-27 in the first round.  Yes, I would have taken him over A-Rod.

ALBERT PUJOLS  (3) (Mike Siano)  It was him or Reyes but ill get my steals elsewhere.

DAVID WRIGHT  (4) (Cory Schwartz)  A five category stat stuffer and only getting        better. Tough to pass on Chase Utley but I think depth is returning to the 2B position.

JOSE REYES  (5) (Alex Cushing)  Stolen base champ, elite shortstop, ceiling hasn’t been reached. Too talented to let September collapse affect him in 2008.

MATT HOLLIDAY  (6) (Zach Steinhorn)  A four category monster whose best days are ahead of him.  I wrestled with Utley here but I too am content to wait for a 2B…Also like to get a little more speed out of my second baseman.

CHASE UTLEY  (7) (Brett Kaplan)  Unlike Zach, I have no problem going with a second baseman in the 1st round.  Especially when his name is Chase Utley…

JIMMY ROLLINS  (8) (Jeffrey Ma)  I may be buying the top on JRoll but getting **** with his 5 category contribution is still a huge asset…

GRADY SIZEMORE  (9) (Mitch from Sacramento)  20/20 for 3 years running…

RYAN BRAUN  (10) (Dean Chiungos)  After A-Rod and Ryan Jorgensen, the best per-game player in fantasy in ’07.

MIGUEL CABRERA  (11) (Brandon Costa)  I could care less who Miggy is playing for next season.  4 straight killer seasons from this kid and he’s only going to get better. Not very thrilled with the depth at 3rd, that’s why I jumped on this position…

RYAN HOWARD  (12) (Zack Stair)  Even a limited Howard put up similar numbers as Prince and Howard’s done it for another year.  Another year of Prince at ’07 levels and he will pass Howard since he’s younger, but till he does it, I’m staying with Ryan Howard.


CARLOS BELTRAN  (13) (Zack Stair)  A little more health and he’s equaling his excellent 2006 campaign.  Needed more power than what Crawford could give.  Thought seriously about snagging Prince here as well, although the power stack up was tempting, wanted a little speed.

PRINCE FIELDER  (14) (Brandon Costa)  This guy was the NL MVP until the Brewers fell out of contention in September.  Came through with huge power numbers in ’07 as expected. Expect nothing but the same, maybe better from this guy.  50 HRs and 100 ribbies?  Can’t pass it up.

CARL CRAWFORD  (15) (Dean Chiungos)  He’s too ridiculous of an athlete not to take the next step in the power department.

VLADIMIR GUERRERO  (16) (Mitch from Sacramento)  With Hunter hitting behind him, he’s going to be MVP worthy and will prove a steal this low.

ALFONSO SORIANO  (17) (Jeffrey Ma)  Hmm… seeing my top two choices go 1-2 before me I’ll have to go with the most opposite of my last pick. A guy who was hurt last season but will be healthy this season and will bounce back with a monster year in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

JOE MAUER  (18) (Brett Kaplan)  When you factor in his position…it’s hard to pass on Joe Mauer (please stay healthy)

DAVID ORTIZ  (19) (Zach Steinhorn)  Not thrilled about filling my UTIL spot this early, but Papi is simply the best run producer still available.

MARK TEIXEIRA  (20) (Alex Cushing)  After grabbing big-time speed in Reyes, I can’t pass up a power threat like Teixeira, who is coming off a huge second half, playing for a new contract in 2008 and turns 28 in April.  Stage is set for .300-40-120.

CARLOS LEE  (21) (Cory Schwartz)  It’s tempting to go against type here and snag one of the two best starters available, but that always seems to backfire on me.  So I’ll take Lee’s consistent five-category production.

ICHIRO SUZUKI  (22) (Mike Siano)  The runs, AVG and steals are too good to pass up and I think I can complement Albert’s power with a remaining player with my soon to come pick at 27 whereas Ichiro may not make it to pick 27.

JOHAN SANTANA  (23) (Joe Sheehan)  I just don’t think there’s 23 position players better than the best starting pitcher.  Or 15, for that matter.

C.C. SABATHIA  (24) (Will Carroll)  I agree with Joe’s logic.  Sabathia’s fresh off a Cy and headed into a contract year.


JAKE PEAVY  (25) (Will Carroll)  It’s as close to a sure thing as there is with pitchers and I can’t take Eric Byrnes or Hunter Pence over either of them.

B.J. UPTON  (26) (Joe Sheehan)  This feels like a reach, but I don’t know why, because I see no one better than him on the board.

BRANDON PHILLIPS  (27) (Mike Siano)  Follwing Joe’s lead somewhat, I’ll take a 30-30 100+ runs scored middle infielder who is in a great park and should do well again.

RUSSELL MARTIN  (28) (Cory Schwartz)  I was hoping for Upton or Phillips, but with them gone, it’s time for Plan B.  I’m not big on positional scarcity this early in the draft, but name me another catcher who can hit .300 and go 20-20 with 80 or more runs and RBI’s?  Sit down Mr. Mauer, step right up Russell Martin.

ALEX RIOS  (29) (Alex Cushing)  A few other players were tempting, but Rios and I go back like bagels and lox.  OK, maybe not that far back. Also doesn’t hurt that he’s entering his age-27 season after taking significant strides over the past couple of years.

VICTOR MARTINEZ  (30) (Zach Steinhorn)  Fairly significant dropoff at the catcher position after the trio of Martin-Mauer-V-Mart.  Having an elite backstop is especially important in a 2 C league like this one.

LANCE BERKMAN  (31) (Brett Kaplan)  I can’t pass up his 40-130-.300 and 100 run potential.

CURTIS GRANDERSON  (32) (Jeffrey Ma)  I will resist the urge to pick Adam Dunn just to spite Mitch for jumping ahead of me and go with this 5 tool, extra base machine.

ADAM DUNN  (33) (Mitch from Sacramento)  Who is the only hitter to have 40 or more dingers for each of the past 4 years?  Who has the most homers and RBI amongst those still on the board for the past 4 years?

MANNY RAMIREZ  (34) (Dean Chiungos)  If Manny is Manny – and he is – I’m getting first-round production here.  Wah.

FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ  (35) (Brandon Costa)  Still the best fantasy closer in my opinion. He’s as close to a sure thing as you are gonna find in the saves column.  Papelbon may be growing into the best closer but I don’t like how he has the potential to be babied by the Sox.  40+ saves (I’ll save myself a headache on that category) and a nice helping of Ks.

MAGGLIO ORDONEZ  (36) (Zack Stair)  Magglio has at least 7 years of production to a third round level, with a 2 year hiatus for well publicized injuries.  Are those injuries a drawback?  Oh yeah.  But I don’t think last year was even his career fantasy year (see 2001/2002) and with two healthy years removed from that knee & hernia, I’m going with the jheri curl.


Will Carroll:

1.    Alex Rodriguez
2.    C.C. Sabathia
3.    Jake Peavy

Joe Sheehan:

1.    Hanley Ramirez
2.    Johan Santana
3.    B.J. Upton

Mike Siano:

1.    Albert Pujols
2.    Ichiro Suzuki
3.    Brandon Phillips

Cory Schwartz:

1.    David Wright
2.    Carlos Lee
3.    Russell Martin

Alex Cushing:

1.    Jose Reyes
2.    Mark Teixeira
3.    Alex Rios

Zach Steinhorn:

1.    Matt Holliday
2.    David Ortiz
3.    Victor Martinez

Brett Kaplan:

1.    Chase Utley
2.    Joe Mauer
3.     Lance Berkman

Jeffrey Ma:

1.    Jimmy Rollins
2.    Alfonso Soriano
3.    Curtis Granderson

Mitch Watnik:

1.    Grady Sizemore
2.    Vladimir Guerrero
3.    Adam Dunn

Dean Chiungos:

1.    Ryan Braun
2.    Carl Crawford
3.    Manny Ramirez

Brandon Costa:

1.    Miguel Cabrera
2.    Prince Fielder
3.    Francisco Rodriguez

Zack Stair

1.    Ryan Howard
2.    Carlos Beltran
3.    Magglio Ordonez





Good to see the 411 community draft:
– Upton felt like a reach because he was the biggest reach of the draft

– Still have a hard time seeing V.Mart, Mauer (health)and Martin (can he really match last year?) go so high – i know catching is scarce, but….

– Surprised to see Wright go #4 before Reyes because I think Reyes offers something special where there are several other guys down farther on the board who could match Wright’s great numbers

great fun to see this – when is the 411 going back to more than once per week? listening to other podcasts is painful compared to the 411 – has anybody found anything close to the fantasy 411 equivalent for football? all the football podcasts i’ve listened to are either boring or very annoying (apologies to TTMR)

Really interesting to finally see a mock draft.
-Wow – Braun at 10. When was the last time a 2nd year player made into the 1st round?

-I think Reyes w/o power is a tick better than Juan Pierre. Most overrated player in baseball. Hanley and JRoll are a class above.

-Mitch, too bad SO’s for hitters don’t count!

– Best drafts – Siano, CoCo, & Zach.

Looking at all the three man teams, I’d take any of these combinations and be happy. The talent pool is so deep right now that any of these combinations could be a winner. It’s so much a matter of style and preference. It seems to me that winning is going to be determined by what you do in the middle and late rounds of the draft.

I’d love to see this draft play out because I’m curious to see what Will Carroll’s team would like like after drafting two pitchers early.

Whats the deal with the incredulous “you’re an idiot” label that anyone going against the “no brainer” of taking a guy who hits .290, 35 HR, 120 RBI and 15 SB as a #1 overall pick in fantasy baseball can get you these days, oh wait those were his numbers in even years for the Yanks, not odd…..

Fantasy Scoop pAy-Rod is Saberhagen at the plate! He’s a second rounder in even years!

I like CoCo’s draft the best.

I think Mauer was the biggest reach.

Zack – Philly

I like Dean’s team. He’s got 3 guys who are going to combine for .310 / 275 R / 75 HR / 320 RBI / 70 SB. Cory’s team is solid with 3 guys who can contribute in all 5 categories, but I don’t like Martin in the third round. It would be interesting to see where he and the other catchers would go in a league that only plays one C.

I’d love to see how the next two rounds would play out.

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