All-Fantasy Team Changers

Don’t mistake this for a  suggestion, but if you wanted your 2008 fantasy team to consist solely of players who have changed clubs this offseason, the roster might look something like this:  (Obviously, you won’t have 12 outfielders, but there were simply too many of them to ignore!)


C  Paul Lo Duca

1B  Darin Erstad

2B  Kaz Matsui

SS  Miguel Tejada

3B  Miguel Cabrera

MI  Orlando Cabrera

CI  Ben Broussard

OF  Andruw Jones
OF  Torii Hunter
OF  Delmon Young
OF  Aaron Rowand
OF  Nick Swisher
OF  Lastings Milledge
OF  Cameron Maybin
OF  Josh Hamilton
OF  Jose Guillen
OF  Jacque Jones
OF  Ryan Church
OF  Michael Bourn

SP  Dan Haren
SP  Dontrelle Willis
SP  Carlos Silva
SP  Gio Gonzalez
SP  Andrew Miller

CL  Jose Valverde
CL  Brad Lidge
CL  Francisco Cordero
CL  Eric Gagne

1 Comment

That’s a solid team I guess. Could put Swisher at 1B to bolster that spot. On another note, there was someone that called in on an earlier show, I believe the last one of 2007 talking about switching from a keeper league with a draft to an auction keeper league. My league is doing this as well in 2008 and I can share some of what we have done to facilitate the switch. Email me if you are interested.

Mike in CT

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