Top 5 Rookie Pitchers for ’08

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Here’s my top 5 in no specific order:

1. Gio Gonzalez (very polished, throws tons of strikes, and the A’s have no one if they deal Blanton)

2. Adam Miller (if injuries are behind him he’s ready to replace Laffey like Carmona replaced Sowers in 07’)

3. Nick Adenhart (I think I can argue he has a harder time cracking the rotation than Kershaw since only Loaiza stands in Kershaw’s way plus a Japanese pitcher who hasn’t thrown an inning in the bigs and is 33, but I can’t see the Angels not making a move and or not having injury issues so Adenhart gets his chance or is traded like Gio)

4. Clayton Kershaw (held his own in AA in his short time there, although the Dodgers seem to have more rotation depth this year)

5. Eric Hurley (he’ll have nothing left to prove in AAA by summer and Rangers desperately need him, but he’ll need to strike people out so the homers are solo)



Rather than "rookies" by rule (fewer than 50 IP), I stuck to guys who have yet to make it to the Majors at all.  So, that immediately eliminates these guys (among others) from consideration:

Clay Buchholz
Joba Chamberlain
Homer Bailey
Andrew Miller
Franklin Morales
Luke Hochevar

Plus, David Price has to be on the radar, but it’s very hard to know where to rank him until we see where he gets assigned coming out of the spring.  If he goes to Double-A, he’s got to be a serious candidate for a second half callup.  If he even goes to high-A, you have to consider him a longshot.  Thus, my top five are:

1. Gio Gonzalez

2. Jacob McGee and/or Wade Davis (parimutual entry from the D-Rays, since they are so closely ranked scouting-wise and statistically)

3. Johnny Cueto (moved quickly up Reds’ system and got four starts in AAA last year, might even be ahead of Bailey now thanks to his superior command)

4. Clayton Kershaw

5. Max Scherzer (late signer will move quickly, very much below the radar but an elite prospect)                                                                   

Plenty of honorable mentions but these guys stood out for me pretty well.

For more info, check out Jonathan Mayo’s Top 50 Prospects for 2008

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Interesting lists for the ’08 season, but there is one guy I’ve heard good things about that I didn’t see mentioned. What do you guys think about Mat Latos with the Padres? He put up impressive numbers in the minors and I’ve read some rumors that the Pads are considering bringing him up during the ’08 season.

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