Inaugural 411 Chat

On Friday, February 22nd from 3-5 PM ET, Mike and Cory will hold the first ever Fantasy 411 chat where they’ll answer all of your fantasy questions.  The 411 chat will be a regular component of the 2008 season and is yet another opportunity to let your "voice" be heard!  More details to come…



Awesome… can’t wait.

Load up the questions folks, two hours is a long time to chat!!


Hey Guys,
I have a few quick questions. I have just started listening in and totally agree with the statement that 3b is completely stacked this year. I actually am shocked with how low Ryan Braun has gone in many drafts. I selected him before the likes of Ryan Howard and Matt Holiday and the reason is that you guys have stated the importance of having your initial picks create a solid base across the board statistically and Braun gives you that. He is a 30/30 guy easy and probably more and has dual eligibility this year with 3b and OF.

My next question is why isn’t Aki from Tampa Bay being ranked higher than he is? With his move to 2B I feel he is one of the better options especially since he will be atop a pretty good tampa lineup. and last, will Felipe Lopez start at either 2b or ss this year for the nationals or get traded?

Love the show, thanks


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