Show Notes for 2/19


1.  COREMAR   (Michael Needle)
2.  Minneapolis Muelkicks   (Chris Mueller)
3.  Donny Baseball   (Glenn in Chester)
4.  Giants 2010   (Paul Schnur)
5.  ND Blizzard   (Sam Sand)
6.  Ditmars Diamond Kings   (Bill Castro)
7.  Avenging Blowfish   (Tony Bartlett)
8.  Hammers Hitters   (Christine Hammers)
9.  MillerGold   (Casey Stern)
10. Round Trippers (Zach Steinhorn)
11. BATS OUT OF **** 08   (Steve Using)
12. The Archivers   (Johnny Archive)
13. Chopper Rodriguez   (Tucker Dahlberg)

2008 THE RIGHT WAY DRAFT ORDER (Marc’s league)

1.   Nasty Nate
2.   Chicago Neeko
3.   CJ’s Wild 9’s
4.   The Aces
5.   The Rynos
6.   Austin City Limits
7.   Bronx Bombers
8.   JazMeat NoVegetables
9.   Serenity Now
10.   Plainview
11.   Amazin’s Yo-Ho’s
12.   Burkinator

And finally, here’s a link to the draft results of a recent mock in which Siano (Sianimals) and Cory (Hombre X) both participated.  Thanks to Tony in Jacksonville for putting this file together.          Download fantasy_mock_draft_217.doc


Let the draft prepping begin!



There seem to be a lot of picks missing from the mock draft results.

Thanks for the updated file!

Mike & Corey

Re – Average score to win each category

After a draft, I like to predict the final order for each team, but much depends on the predicted score to win each category.

Please spend one podcast discussing the final score (for each category) that is generally needed to win.

Please do so for: roto, 5×5

– 10 team

– 12 team

– 15 team

Thanks in advance…

Are the guys doing a Fantasy Summit again?

If anybody has an open spot in a league, please email me. My only consideration is that it be head-to-head. I’d love to find a keeper league, possibly dynasty even and I’d prefer draft over auction, but I’m flexible on that.


do you guys do any draft’s order? Can I get in on this?

To respond to tfehn21’s question, yes. If you’d like to send over your league info (team names), we’ll try to get to as many as possible! Either e-mail me or I’ll post all the results on the blog. To answer Derek, unfortunately, the fantasy summitt is off.


thanks I sent you my e-mail with my info, is there any chance to do a mock draft with the guys I would love to try and do one with them

Hey Guys,
I would love to take part in a mock draft with you guys as well.

I would love to take part in a draft as well.

Mock draft, I’m in if you do it!

Fear No Evil

-Allan in San Antonio

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