In with the Young, Out with the Old

Hey guys.  Good to have you back for another season.  One quick question.  In a ten team league where we have 5 keepers (which for me are Hanley, Pujols, Tulowitzki, Ichiro, and Bedard), would taking Russell Martin with my first pick (6th round) and Sheff with my next be the beginning of the end for my draft??

Tucson, AZ


Even with the lack of depth at catcher this year, I’m not one to advocate taking a backstop too early (third round or earlier).  But snatching up Martin in what amounts to the 6th round (even in a ten teamer) is a flat out steal.  Getting a potential .300/20+/85/20 guy at this position who’s only 25 years of age is something you shouldn’t even think twice about.  As for Sheffield, I’d stay away…far away!  The 39 year old has been hampered by injuries for the past two seasons, and last year saw his batting average drop by over 30 points from his career mark.  Though hitting in an outstanding lineup should give Sheff plenty of RBI opportunities, I’m just not convinced he can stay healthy for an extended period of time.  Selecting him in the mid rounds (12 and later) as a low risk high reward pick is fine.  Targeting him as an elite option is simply asking for trouble.

Zach Steinhorn,      

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