No Need to Run Wild

Hey Guys,

I was asked to inherit a team in a 7×7 mixed roto keeper league.  I’ve only done non-keeper head-to-head leagues and could use your opinion…I get to keep four players and Jose Reyes will definitely be one of them.  Which three would you recommend keeping out of these players:  Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Carlos Beltran, Chone Figgins, Scott Kazmir, and Dan Haren?  Also, I have first overall pick in the draft.


Rockville Centre, NY


I’d go with Teixeira, Beltran, and Cano.  Beltran’s a legit second rounder in mixed leagues this year while Teixeira is a great late second-early third round pick.  Beltran played much of last season with tendonitis in both knees and though offseason surgery will likely keep him out of early Spring Training games, he should be near 100 percent by Opening Day.  Beltran may not run quite as much as he used to, but 20 steals to go along with 35-40 homers and 100+ RBI sounds like a keeper to me!  Teixeira’s in line for a monster season after belting 17 homers and knocking in 56 in just two months with the Braves last year.  As for the pitchers, I’d pass on both.  Reports today of a possible Kazmir elbow injury are very concerning considering his fragile health history and though I like Haren, you’re almost certain to get him (or an even better pitcher) back with the first pick in the draft.  So the choice comes down to Cano or Figgins, and the key here is that you’ve already got Reyes.  You don’t need Figgins.  Stolen bases shouldn’t be a problem!  Hang onto Cano and enjoy the 90 plus RBI from your second baseman.

Zach Steinhorn, 


Your podcast has lots of background microphone noise. It sounds like someone is tapping on the table, or the mic is bouncing up/down, as soft tapping sounds are heard.

Fix it!

You must be thinking about another podcast because the 411 always sounds great. Maybe you’re thinking of some other guys, with a barbie karaoke set in their garage acting like they know what they’re talking about.

411 podcast

Hitters hit and pitchers ****

Flags Fly Forever


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