Save the Closer!

Hi guys,

Last year of 3 year, 12 team, 5×5 keeper league.  We get to keep 5 guys so I need help choosing my 5th guy.  My current keepers are Johan, Reyes, Matt Holliday, Aramis Ramirez.  I have CB Young (OF), Bedard, Torii Hunter, Putz & K-Rod to choose from.

Tried shopping to upgrade but no one is biting.  I also have the snake pick since I won the league last year.  Keeper deadline is this Wednesday.

Josh in NY


Nice keeper list.  I can see why you won the league last year!  Neither CBY nor Torii Hunter are clear cut top five rounders.  Despite Young’s immense power/speed potential, his low batting average keeps him in the rounds 6-8 range.  Although Bedard has gone before Putz/K-Rod in almost every mock draft I’ve seen, and as much as it pains me to pass him up, you’ve already got Johan!  I’m also at the wheel in one of my keeper leagues (13 team 5 keepers), and it’s just too risky to leave a top closer unprotected.  There are only about 8 or so safe options as your #1, and it’s very likely that at least 2 unprotected closers will be taken before you make your first selection.  If you’re lucky, that leaves you with the likes of Jose Valverde/Huston Street, both of whom bring significant risk (tendency to implode, injury history).  Now here’s the tough part…which closer should you keep?  I’d lean slightly towards Putz due to some health concerns surrounding K-Rod over the past couple of years and the mileage on his arm, but you can’t go wrong with either of these guys.  Flipping a coin might be the best solution!

Zach Steinhorn,

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I’d Keep CB Young or K-Rod…I have a simlar type keeper list and am thinking of Drafting CBY in the 1st RD. He could be 2nd or 3rd RD talent next year.
Good Luck

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