The Second 411 Chat

Just a reminder that the second 411 chat will take place on MONDAY, MARCH 17 at 3:00 PM ET.   A link will be available on the homepage.  Please note that you need an user ID and password to participate.  Refer to the previous chat post for a link to the signup page for your free account.  Get your questions ready!


Hey Guys,
I have tried to send an email questions a few times. I haven’t had the opportunity to have them answered yet, but was hoping I am sending them to the correct email address. Where should I send email questions for the show?

Thanks so much and the show is great.


Hey Cory,
Just a quick thing on the MLB Open leagues. Some drafts are live draft, and some are autopick drafts. You choose. There is NO trading in public leagues, and league that allow trading are not eligible for prizes. 1 offensive player at each position, no util, 1 pitching staff, 6 player bench. The league runs head to head on points. 1 point for each total base, 1 for a run, RBI and BB, 2 for a SB and -1 for CS. Pitching has too many points to list. Wins and K’s count the most. I just heard a few questions on the podcast lately about it and wanted you to have all the info to be able to answer the questions accurately.

Just to show how crazy it can get Miggy and Byrnes had the same points last year, so did Abreu and Pujols, Beltran and Markakis. They aren’t being drafted that way though.

Mike in CT

Mike, good lookin’ out, thanks. Zack in Philly called out Siano and me too for missing out on some of the finer points of the Open so we’ll brush up on that and be better prepared next time. Thanks!


I’m glad there’s no trading in the Open. I mean, it’s kinda disturbing to have the pictures of the players smiling at you as you try and shop them. It’s like trying to trade the family dog.

-Johnny Archive

I got the 6th pick in my draft (MLB Open)& I’m wondering who you think is more valuable to get. Who would you pick from the following…Reyes,Howard,Rollins,Fielder or Ramirez. I’m thinking of Howard & then for my 2nd & 3rd pick going for Ordonez(who I think will have even a better year than last year with Cabera hitting behind him) & then Crawford(ranked 37 on MLB Open). Sounds good? Thanks, Corey!

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