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Check it out!  On today’s show, Sterno took exception to some of the comments made on here:

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Johnny grow a pair!!! The new show needs help. Too many voices, not enough opinion. If it stays a 3 person crew, I think they should do a 2 hour show.

But what I would really like to see, is for Corey to have his own show. His opinions on fantasy baseball are by far the best. When he speaks I listen.

Wayne in Modesto

Thanks for the link Mike and Zach. May the archives remember you well.

As far as my pear growing, I don’t like pears, sorry. I’m an apple and banana man!

The new format is a bit crunchy, but I have a feeling the long-term plan has not yet been revealed.

I think we’re in for a lot more TV from the baseball channel when the boys of summer start raking for real.

Schwartz is the Nuts, but Siano-man is well The Man. And Casey will find his niche. He’s a five-tooler.

Would I mind a 2-hour 411? Absolutely not! I think these guys could easily fill another 60 minutes, especially during the season.

Party on Wayne!


The upside to the new format is that we get more insight from Siano. No longer shackled with “host” duties, he seems to bring some additional commentary to the table.

However, the chemistry is just not the same. It works well for short periods of time in a fun/silly format (like Midday), but it doesn’t work for the 411. Gone is the engaging, back and forth volley between Mike and Cory that made the show click.

While it sounds like everyone in the studio is having fun with the new format (and yes, it’s still early), it brings a lot less to the table for the listeners than it did before.

I will continue to listen, because it is the 411…and I love the 411…but this is definitely a step backwards. Not a knock on anyone personally, but you had a really good thing going. Please tread carefully going forward.

Also, can’t wait for the dicussions on TOUT and NFBC as the drafts get going…those were some of the most entertaining shows from last year. Best of luck to all, and may this be the year that Siano takes home some hardware! His advice seems to work for me!

Actually, today’s show was better. Guess the kinks are just getting worked out…

Longtime listener…I’ll second davekemp’s sentiments on all fronts. No offense to Casey; he seems knowledgeable, and as far as 411 hosts go, he’s a nice role player who’ll hit it out of the park some days…the equivalent of a good platoon OF…a la Geoff Jenkins (but with more upside).

That said, as in baseball, a team suffers when its star players get less PT.

I’m not saying Stern needs to go…he’s a nice role player…but I am asking for less Stern and more Schwartz & Siano.

Please don’t dilute the top-notch insight from the two veterans. Those two have a magic formula that works…don’t fix what ain’t broken!


I hate to call someone out, but I think the person that really brought the show down on Wednesday was Jeffrey Ma.

I mean he starts out complaining about being on hold for too long then admits he has nothing to offer about fantasy baseball since he’s been doing some movie tour.

I assume Protrade is a big advertiser on, so I don’t want to bash them, but Ma totally acted like he was some movie-star or something.

Forgive me, but I feel the 411 community is a special group of people that is growing everyday. I welcome the new passionate fantasy fans that join the family, but I don’t take kindly to people coming on the show and disrespecting it.

Will Carroll and Joe Sheehan, for example, who are extremely high profile and well respected guests never come on the show and make indignant comments. Even when they debate with Cory!

Of course…I was on the Wednesday show too…no, it was definitely Ma’s fault.😛

-Johnny Archive

I like the guests that the 411 have on. I have no problem with J-Ma or the tandem from BB Prospectus. I would other guests from other BB sites too like Rotoworld, ESPN, etc.

The “3-some” needs some tweaking though. Siano keeps alluding to a new studio setup.

One of the problems is the regular callers. Let me use Pete in Jordan for example. There’s too much verbiage involved and idle banter about nothing. At this point I am tuned out…time to grab a coffee, etc. The caller should just ask a question and move on.

On the other end of the regular caller spectrum is Jean in Hollywood. She just asks a question and moves on. Often the guys will try to get her involved in idle banter but she usually resists. She does not get rude about it but you can hear her trying to ask the question.

I listen/watch everyday. I send in frequent emails. They are rarely read….and that’s because of the idle banter amongst a regular few.

Hey folks, these are the comments that are particularly important to us, keep them coming. I promise and assure you all that Casey, Mike and I have spent plenty of time talking about how to make the 3-man format work for the best and we are committed to that so it will be fun and informative for everyone, us included. If the first few 3-man shows have sounded a little choppy, we agree, so please give it some time. It’s cheezy but true, the 411 is a show for the listeners, so we’re going to make it work as best we can. Keep the feedback coming!


I hope I didn’t come across to harse on Jeffrey Ma. I did some research on the movie “21” and I didn’t realize the movie is basically about him — I thought he was just an investor or something.

So, I can definitely cut him some slack about not being as current about fantasy baseball as he would like to be.

Matter of fact, I hope his movie does well and he continues having fun promoting it, which I have no doubt he will.

I mean hey, if they ever make a Johnny Archive movie — it could happen(someone smack me, please!) — then I will probably be slightly distracted.

-Johnny Archive

Longtime podcast listener, and author of the comment above…

The 3 man rotation seems to be working better of late. I was looking forward to hearing today’s show during tomorrow’s commute, but my MP3 player does not support video files. I hope today was a one-time deal…please keep publishing the audio files!


P.S. – I second deano’s comments above, and I thought the same thing as Johnny about Jeffrey Ma’s appearance. I thought he was definitely “big-timing” you that day. He often comes across to me as a know-it-all, (and that was before I realized that he went to MIT). I’m sure he’s very well connected, but he could be a more gracious guest. Let me put it this way: I wouldn’t know who he was without your show.

Longtime listener, called in once, emailed a few times, etc, etc. Bona-fides in line, so here’s my thoughts.

1) One thing that makes the show so great is not just the quality of insight from the regular callers, but the kindness with which the hosts deal with both old and new callers. Recently this has taken a turn for the worse, with Corey’s disdain towards smaller leagues (we don’t all have 20 friends who like baseball, and we don’t all want to play with strangers or know about FBM and GP’s work). Also, Casey is a bit more brusque with callers than he should be. He’s toned it down, but calling out a commenter on the air two weeks ago and reminding said caller that while he was in a cubicle listening, Casey was talking about baseball for a living, was, well, un-called for.

2) I love having Casey on the show. He’s funny (tho, tone down the sex jokes, my kid and I listen to the podcast while doing the dishes), smart, and he really seems to be freeing up the others to do their thing in new ways.

3) I like the witty banter, and it’s my main reason for listening, actually. Heck, I love getting good fantasy advice, but it’s the way that advice is presented that I like here. So keep joking about rock band, and let pete in jordan ramble a bit if he wants. That said, let’s not let this devolve into Mike and Mike in the morning where one joke gets carried over into the entire show, or a series of shows.

4) I’ve noticed a decided emphasis on new callers this last week, and I really appreciate it. I like hearing from the people who haven’t played much. The show is growing, and it’s attracting lots of new listeners, and in turn it’s making them into better fantasy players and better baseball fans. So, keep the new callers coming, and even if they call him past-tense-of-the-verb-to-show “Shown” Figgins, let’s see what they can learn and not just what they can say. I find the obvious questions often very interesting and thought provoking. Who should I take with the second pick? That depends on how you’re going to approach the 23rd round, sometimes….

5) About Jeff Ma, sure he name-drops, and puffs himself up, but he’s funny and I like the pro-trade movers list during the season, cause, frankly, I don’t have time to go to another fantasy site so it’s the only way I get that info. That said, he could probably tone it down a bit, as could some of the almost pandering to him.

Alright, enough from me. Hope the criticism is taken in the same spirit it was offered in: one of kind hope for the best show possible.

-Carter in Indiana

Carter in Indy, thanks for the feedback. I hope it doesn’t come off as “disdain” for smaller leagues, I just don’t think they’re really challenging and it’s frustrating to have to have discussions like, who would you take in the 14th round, Rafael Furcal or Miguel Tejada? There’s nothing to be learned from topics like this, so it’s a little frustrating for me. But, we all have to walk before we run, and we are hoping to expand the show to attract some new listeners and that will probably mean some fantasy newbies as well, so I’ll try to be more patient. Thanks for keeping us in check!


I’ll take a shot at this as well –

1) I think that the greatest insight that is offered from the show comes from answering callers’ and e-mailer/IMer’s questions about specific players/keepers/draft scenarios, and then expanding on those ideas. Especially in the preseason, when you guys start expressing opinions on players, I usually jot it down on some corner of a draft sheet somewhere and take it into account when going through drafts – it’s great info.

That having been said, if someone like Mr. Ma is going to come on and provide secondary analysis, I’d rather he just get to the point in order to allow you three (two?) to continue discussing the things that we log on/download to hear. If I’m ever interested in hearing more from him, I’ll be sure to visit his website (which is what I did with BP).

2) I like Casey on the show, but, for me, one of two things has to happen – either Casey fills in when one of MS or CS is out, or you expand the length of the show. The show certainly isn’t bad as it is, but if you’re throwing in a third guy, especially a guy who is strong enough to solo the show (as he’s done on occasion in the past), going up to 90-120 minutes wouldn’t hurt a bit. Maybe the impending studio move will help ease the interaction, but the show gets pretty crunched with three of you in there for 55 minutes each day. I’m willing to bet that the Fantasy 411 is far and away the most commonly viewed show on this channel, and allowing it to expand and change as needed to accomodate the content should be a priority.

3) For the record, I don’t think that any of you in the studio have been particuarly harsh on anyone. If we’re going to be truthful, the 6-team league thing was either a prank call, or a guy who was done a favor by being filled in on how the game works. Fantasy baseball is meant to be a fun way to enjoy the game, but I think that anyone who is dedicating 5 hours a week to pulling info out of this show wouldn’t be very interested about anyone’s insight about a league where Mariano Rivera went in the 20th. I can understand that you’ll receive mixed reactions on this issue, but I certainly consider you guys to be justified. Keep catering to the audience that makes the show great, and the rest will work itself out.

4) I’m planning a Yankee Stadium pilgrimage sometime this summer along with a few friends to see the place for the first time before it gets ripped down… that is, unless I can make it up there for a New Year’s Day Rangers/Islanders game. I need some “strong” Island inside information on the finest pubs/pizza joints within a few blocks of the stadium.

I’ve been listening for 4 years now and always look forward to each new show – keep up the excellent work!

– Adam in Saint Louis

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