Scrambling for Saves

I missed my draft and came away with Kevin Gregg and Brian Wilson as my only closers.  I’ve got some offense to deal with, but I don’t know who I should be looking to deal.  I’ve got Willingham and Garko on my bench with Berkman at first, with an outfield of Ichiro, Chris Young, and Andruw Jones.  Who are the one or two guys I should look to deal for a closer of a better caliber, like Jenks, Hoffman, etc…



My first piece of advice would be to not miss any more drafts!  It’s tough to answer this without knowing about your starting pitching, but of the hitters I’d try moving Jones.  Can Andruw have a bounce back year?  Sure.  30 homers and 90 RBI is a reasonable expectation.  But the average will always be mediocre, and unlike Young, Jones doesn’t run.  The chances of you getting Jenks in return for Jones are about as little as that of Kyle Lohse winning the Cy Young this year (Oh, I forgot he doesn’t even have a job right now!)  But Jones for Hoffman is a legitimate starting point.  There’s no question the 40 year old Hoffman is nearing the end, but he still finds ways to get the job done.  If there are no takers for Jones, you’ll likely be forced to shop Young.  In that case, demand nothing less than Jenks.  You just might be able to pull that one off!

Zach Steinhorn, 

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Good advice, Zach. One thing I’d like to add is a little timing. Jones is a streak hitter, wait for him to launch 2-3 bombs in a short span — even in Spring Training — and then shop him.

Amazing how much more you can get from a bomber like Jones at a peak time.

Plus, as 4-1-1’ers know full well, there will be closers available at some point during the season.

See who has Broxton and maybe you can do some fishing without having to give up the boat.

-Johnny Archive


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