Working the Wheel

Good afternoon gentlemen,

I am in a 3-keeper, 10-team, 6×6 Roto w/OBP & L as the extra categories. I have the snake pick for my draft on Sunday. My three keepers are Pujols, Rollins, and Holliday. Which two would you pick with the 10th & 11th picks out of these possibilities?

Lance Berkman
Adam Dunn
Aramis Ramirez
Russell Martin
Justin Verlander
Hunter Pence
Alex Rios
BJ Upton
Robinson Cano
Brian Roberts

Thanks for the info. Keep up the great work guys.

Dale A. Sensenig


These are all pretty solid options to choose from.  With the exception of Pence and Verlander, every name on this list is a clear top five rounder, even in a 10 team league.  Martin should definitely be one of the two, as the catcher pool drops off dramatically after the first five or six.  The fantasy staff here at would surely agree with this decision, as they’ve got Martin ranked #43 overall, awfully close to your draft spot, equivalent the 40th and 41st selections!  As for the other pick, I’d say Upton with Rios close behind.  Upton’s 2B eligibility is what does it for me, further enhancing his status as an elite power/speed threat.  I always like to fill second base as early as possible with a player who has an excellent shot at 30+ steals.  Upton’s HR and RBI potential is the added bonus here, separating him from Roberts.  Add Martin and Upton to the fearsome trio of Pujols, Rollins, and Holliday, and only one thought pops into my mind.  I’m glad I’m not in your league!

Zach Steinhorn,   


Arroyo vs. Bedard?

I had someone in my league

4×4 mixed that missed the live draft this past weekend and picked up Arroyo and dropped Bedard, Why. I’m trying to pick him up on waivers. wish me good luck.

Bedard is going to be a stud. I am a Mariners fan, so biased as I might be, I am finally excited to finally have a star pitcher, in a PITCHERS PARK. His numbers should only get better will such a vast ballpark, and less dangerous hitting teams in the division.

I agree with Zach, Martin should be one of the two. I also agree that Upton with the 2B eligibilty is tempting, but I think I’d go with Lance Berkman.

Give yourself a little 1B coverage and solid thumper in the OF, if AP stays healthy.

‘Stros o-fence is not swiss cheese with 3 holes in it any longer. They should have speedsters running amock and big Lance-0-nator driving them in.

Lots of meaty picks on that list though.


I would agree with Zack that Martin SHOULD be 1 of your picks. The other one I would pick is either Roberts or Upton. Upton has alot of upside because he’s eligable at 2nd & OF but with Roberts you get a great SB Totals & if he does get traded to Chicago then he’s going to be even better than he was last year! The only thing is you can’t pick on what MIGHT happen so as right now(March 11), I would pick Upton.

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