Preseason Picks

As heard on Monday’s 411 Preview Show, here are Mike and Cory’s sleeper and bust picks for ’08!


C     J.R. Towles
1B    James Loney
2B    Rickie Weeks
SS    Michael Young
3B    Pedro Feliz
OF    Matt Kemp
OF    Jason Bay
OF    Carlos Quentin
SP    Matt Cain
SP    Oliver Perez
RP    B.J. Ryan


C     Jarrod Saltalamacchia
1B   Carlos Pena
2B   Howie Kendrick
SS   Yuniel Escobar
3B   Mike Lowell
OF   Magglio Ordonez
OF   Corey Hart
OF   Josh Hamilton
SP   Fausto Carmona
SP   James Shields
RP   Jose Valverde


C    Dioner Navarro
1B   Adam LaRoche
2B   Howie Kendrick
SS   Julio Lugo
3B   Edwin Encarnacion
OF  Franklin Gutierrez
OF  Jason Kubel
OF  Luke Scott
SP  Dustin McGowan
SP  Zack Greinke
RP  Eric Gagne


C    Jarrod Saltalamacchia
1B   Adrian Gonzalez
2B   Placido Polanco
SS   Edgar Renteria
3B   Mike Lowell
OF   Manny Ramirez
OF   Hideki Matsui
OF   Vernon Wells
SP   Roy Oswalt
SP   Roy Halladay
RP   Chad Cordero 



a little surprised to see Kendrick listed as overrated AND underrated. Is this just due to injury concerns (or lack thereof)?

Also – I’m just downloading the latest podcast and noticed that it’s a video. Is there any way to offer the old .mp3 option as well. I love the video idea, but the files are huge and take a fairly long time to download. It would be great to have a choice between video or audio podcast.


the toddmon

I second that toddmon,
I listen to the show in my car on the way to work, but can only play .mp3’s no videos so if it keeps being videos i’m afraid i’ll no longer be able to listen.

Brad in Aus.

Hey everyone,

We’re in the process of getting the audio podcast ready. It’ll be up at some point today!


Is the fantasy summit tonight? Foley’s right?

love the adam laroche pick for underrated, don’t forget about conor jackson either.

Is this show archived anywhere so that I could watch/listen to it online?


Yes, the podcast of the preview show from 3/10 is available in both audio and video form…just go to the podcasts page or click on the links on the left side of the channel page.

Note that Saltalamacchia got sent down today. If I had to bet, I would still wager that he’ll get more MLB at-bats this year than Laird, and will be a big contributor at some point. But the risk of him getting sent down to play every day at AAA was the reason I thought he was overrated on draft day, and that risk came to be.

Note also that my underrated SS leads the Majors in steals!!🙂


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