Today’s Chat and Recent Roundtable

This afternoon, Mike and Cory held their second 411 chat, answering all your questions as draft time is upon us.  Here’s the Chat Transcript

If that’s not enough to keep you busy, here’s the newest Fantasy Roundtable

Let the reading begin!



Regretfully, I couldn’t make the chat today…I was hoping to be able to ask the following of you…

I’m a veteran of draft leagues, but I’m starting a brand new auction league (mixed, vanilla). I have no experience with auctions (neither does anyone else who’s joining), so your help is appreciated. Here’s the unfinished business:

1) What kind of setup do you recommend for in-season transactions in the auction format?

2) What should the cap be per person? We’ll have either 10 or 12 teams.

Please share any other tidbits of wisdom that might be helpful for new auction league commissioners.



Cory said in the chat that he posted on the blog back in October the averages that won each category for the listener leagues in 2007. But I couldn’t find it. Could someone post a link?

FYI the 3/17/08 show isnt up on iTunes yet. Hopefully that gets fixed tonight

Hmm, I can’t find those league winning totals but I’ll dig around. Off the top of my head though, I think these are good targets for a 12-team mixed league:

.290 AVG

1100 runs

300 HR

1100 RBI

180 SB

3.40 ERA

100 wins

110 saves

1200 K’s

1.20 WHIP

Of course it’s not reasonable to reach all of those with one team, but try to top a few and stay close in the rest, and you should be good to go.


Two things:

1) Please also include the target for 10team mixed.

2) Speak to MLB about the fact that this blog posts full email addresses in it. Spammers will pickup the address! I’ve already had to change my MLB email address twice in two years. Only a portion of the email address should show.

Great show … keep it up.

To get around the issue posted by the blogger above, just use an old e-mail address if you can. The one I log into with is no longer valid so I don’t have that issue, but I see his point.

Hey guys….when are you going to work a few extra hours one day and have a draft in the evening, where some of us poor 8-5 type workers can take part? 🙂

Cory, the figures you give above…how many staring offensive spots is that? I’m in a Yahoo league with just 9 offensive players (no corner or middle infielder). I was going to simply pro-rate down your totals if it’s based on 11 starters (adding back in the middle and corner IF). However if you are basing that on a league with more than 3 OF or 2 catchers, then I have to reduce the pro-ration a little more. Thoughts?

I just had a draft in a 11 team league, the categories are BA. SB HR RBIs Saves Wins ERA WHIP, there is not a bench.

C JR Towles

C Paulino

1 Mark Teixeira

1/3 LaRoche

3 David Wright

2 Rickie Weeks

SS Furcal

2/SS Kendrick

OF Carlos Lee

OF Markakis

OF Hunter Pence

OF Burrell

OF Evan Longoria

P C Young

P J Shields

P Joe Blanton

P Ian Snell

P Greinke

P Joe Nathan

P Saito

P CJ Wilson

What do you think?

Luckey, I have the same catchers in NFBC so I have the same concerns for you as I do about them… neither have what you would call rock-solid job security, although both have the jobs to lose. I just fear one or both of them might! The offense looks pretty solid otherwise, although Longoria is only 3B eligible and might end up in the minors to start the season anyway, so I’m not sure why he’s listed in your OF? The pitching staff looks solid as well, which is important since you don’t have a bench and that will make pitch-or-ditch a little more challenging. Good upside overall, I like the team.


Escus, those targets above are for a vanilla 5×5 12-team league, with 2-3 bench spots. Remember these are estimates since I can’t seem to find last year’s winning totals. Sorry ’bout that.


i didnt mean longoria, i have not clue why i wrote his name

but i am trying to trade Burrell for Kemp, which would be awesome


I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on my auction questions (see first post in this Comments thread). Thanks for in advance for the insight.


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