Tout Wars!

Tout Wars is this weekend and we wanted to make sure you check out the new and improved site!

I have AL Tout on
Friday at 5pm ET. Cory is NL Only on Saturday morning and Cushing has Mixed at
the same time Saturday.

-Siano (Blog


Tout Wars is an awesome league.

I’ve been following you guys for a couple of years and this year I’ve decided to set up a clone NL Only Tout Wars league on Yahoo for wanna be’s.

We’re drafting the 30th @ 11p EST. If anyone is interested and wants info on joining, please email as I’m trying to get a group together who’ll stay in for the entire season.

Take a look at the link Siano posted above for info on rosters / league setup, etc…

3-20 draft – 100 dollar league needs 3 more

I have a very active league that need 3 more teams. The draft is 3/20, 6:45 EDT. There is a $100 per team entry fee and the top 3 teams will get paid. It is a standard 5X5 league with the old espn roster sizes (ex. 5 OF). If you are interested, please email me at You can send the $ via paypal and I will give you the signup information.

Heya Mike and Cory,

I just want to bestow upon you both the blessings of the Archives. May the Archives read well of your drafts this weekend. I’ll be pulling for you guys in Tout Wars to dominate big time – represent the 411 brothers!

Cory, you are the fantasy baseball equivalent to North Carolina of NCAA Hoops – perenial contender and a big-time favorite.

Mike, you’re the Hoyas of Georgetown. You need to keep the draft at your pace, and if you do, you’ll surprise all the glitsy teams getting all the hype.

Now, in the Listener League, I hope you guys get into a fantasy brawl, and since you pick right next to each other, I think the chances are fairly good.

Rock on guys and carry the 411 Flag with Pride!!!

-Johnny Archive

Is there anyway to follow AL Tout online? I’m sick and I have nothing to do tonight.


Good luck Siano! Make us proud!

you kids are the best!!!!

I think I did well. only time will tell.


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