411 Listener League draft results

The original 411 Listener League draft was tonight… 060813_martin_vmed_8pwidec

Projected standings are attached

using each team’s "best available" 23-man starting roster and the projected stats I’ve been using for my drafts.

Obviously that’s not a very telling picture of team strength, given how many teams go light on SP’s so they do pitch-or-ditch, etc. And if you don’t like or agree with any projection for any player, don’t tell me about it, I don’t wanna hear it, I don’t care! These are for entertainment and trash-talking purposes only… enjoy!

UPDATE (3/22): Here’s a link to the complete pick-by-pick results.

To answer a question in the comments, I thought McCann was an excellent value with the 71st pick, and looking at how the next round went, there’s no one I passed on that I would have rather had. So if nothing else I should have the best catching tandem in the league, for whatever that’s worth!🙂

Here’s a quick overview of my feelings on my own selections:

BEST PICK: Despite the risk that always comes with him, it’s hard to not feel great about getting Rich Harden in the 21st round (242nd overall). If healthy, he can be one of the dominant starters in the league. If not, he only cost me a 21st round pick so I can move on to my pitch-or-ditch routine. All upside, almost no risk.

WORST PICK: Well, of course I think they are all great ones, but I probably didn’t need to use a 17th round pick on Zack Greinke when both B.J. Ryan and Jeremy Accardo were still on the board, not to mention George Sherrill, Carlos Marmol, Brandon Lyon and Joe Borowski. Never can have too many saves:

ONES THAT GOT AWAY: The South Larson Hamptonians and Gluttons, who bookended my picks, took my "next" picks several times when I was all set to take them next: Jose Valverde (8th round by Siano, I took Huston Street), Joakim Soria (12th round by Gluttons, I took Brett Myers), who was then followed by Kelly Johnson (12th round by Sianimals, I took Kevin Kouzmanoff), Dustin McGowan (14th round by Gluttons… that one really hurt, since I took Oliver Perez instead), C.J. Wilson (19th round by Siano, I took Mike Jacobs) and Franklin Gutierrez (22nd round by Gluttons, I took Ian Kennedy). As you can tell by all of the above comments, I really was trying to grab a fourth closer but couldn’t get the ones I wanted at what I felt was the right point.

Let’s get this party started!!



Hey Cory,

First time I haven’t seen you on top of the projected standings post draft! What round did you get R. Hill and how do you feel about having him as your “ace”. I’d like to know what other comparable SP’s you selected him over that were still available(i.e. Vazquez?, Shields?). Not surprised to see Greinke & Myers filling out your staff–nice.

-Neighbor Steve

Who are the owners for each team? I thought Mike was “South Larson,” but somehow that team has A-Rod.

Something interesting about Cory’s team is him drafting two of top tier catchers. It may have just shaken down that McCann was the best player available, but it’s interesting nonetheless after he’s always said not to do that in a league that starts two catchers.

Also, I thought that Cory had the 9th, and Siano the 10th. How did Cory get HanRam at 9!? If that’s true, can I PLEASE get in the league next year?????

The draft order did not happen to our KDS, it actually went by order of sign up….
so Siano had 1st and Cory had 2nd…. and so on.

Zack – Philly, Havalina Lumber Co.

I’m not in that league, but about the McCann pick…there’s a difference between “guideline” and a “rule.” If I’ve heard Cory right over the past few years, you should strive to take the player who presents the most value at each spot in the draft, particularly in the middle rounds. That would be a “rule…” whereas not drafting two top tier Cs would be a “guideline,” something followed generally, but not to the letter of the law.

Lovin’ the blog…good stuff on here. Would like to see us be able to display our MLB “nickname” instead of our email addresses, though…

Also, I may have missed this, but is there a way to see the entire LL draft results?


Thanks for clearing that up, Zack.

Cory, I will be very happy if Greinke hits your projection. I have him on my primary team and see that as his top end forecast.

War Paint is looking like a soft #1. His second closer is B.J. Ryan, and he’s got Escobar, Carpenter, Gallardo, Burnett…all injured or extreme injury risks. He’s also got Albert, Hafner, Soriano, Wells, M. Young, Votto…not what I would call sure bets.

Go get ’em, guys!

To clarify, what I meant was round-by-round results of the LL draft. That data would be valuable for those of us tweaking our near-final draft prep work.

What fantasy service did the 411 league use? Order of sign-up is a terrible way to select the draft order.

PCSmith used “the sporting news” and had no problems like that!

Just looking at Mike’s team. ARod, Ortiz, Ichiro and Magglio as your top 4 picks are rock solid in a 13 teamer.

I have not seen Papi go that late in any of my drafts this year nor Magglio that late either.

Great job!

2 leagues, 4×4, no keeper, AL only & NL only, auction format, no trading. May replace injured players from free agent pool. May replace up to 3 players during year without reason. Suggested draft strategy?

Sorry. Wasn’t trying to hijack the thread. Posted in wrong area.

Besides Mike and Cory’s teams, whom I both like, the Soggycheesballs look tough.

I was suprised to see 2 of the top 4 Catchers on Cory’s team, as someone already mentioned. But if he got McCann in round #6 as he said on Friday’s 411, that’s great value, imo.

Mike’s a little light on speed, but I like his power and his staff as a whole.

Bloo Meenies win the “Ryan” category, drafting Garko, Braun, Doumit and Dempster. Well, done!

-Johnny Archive

Hey all, we are using ESPN this year; I will download the results into a pick-by-pick spreadsheet and post it later. Re. McCann, I don’t recall the exact round where I took him but I do recall it being motivated by what I perceived as being a good value at that point. Although, the thought of “cornering” the catcher market for the league was also an appeal, but you see the cost… overall this is not one of the better offenses I’ve put together. Yes, I got the marginal gain at catcher, but I ended up a little soft in the middle.

More to come after Tout Wars!


Wow, I must say, there were some crazy **** picks in the listener league.

Utley at #3 when 2B has become a pretty deep position?

Jeter and Hart in the SECOND round?

Wright falling to #8, Ortiz falling to #24, Vlad, Beltran, and Berkman falling to #31-33?

Adrian Gonzalez and Furcal in the 4th round?

What are some of the thoughts behind taking a guy 2-3 rounds ahead of ADP?

Never mind about Ortiz, just realized that he only qualifies at DH for ESPN leagues.

Yeah, the 411 draft had some reaches in it IMO and I felt like I was able to do just wanted I wanted for the first 5-6 rounds. But we started to see some savvy picks as we got into the early teens and that’s how I ended up getting burned on a few by my bookends. So I zagged… my SP may not be great, but I have a lot of depth and upside. Imagine if Harden actually stays healthy for 10 minutes?? Oh baby!


In this league, it seems more teams are willing to take less “profit” on a player that they see value in, than in a league where they feel more comfortable that someone else won’t snake their pick. Other leagues may reflect ADP’s or draft site reference list more closely making it easier to take a player you value highly at your perceived discount…

yeah… we worry about getting our guys, cause we know others covet the same type of players….

Zack – Philly

Comment about the 411 listener league. Once again ESPN’s tech department once again dropped the ball. I was never able to set our KDS (kentucky derby style) draft order and then was locked out and the order was chosen for us either randomly or based on sign up order. I know I did nothing wrong becuase AFTER the draft I was able to get in there and move the order. Huh??? Anyway we were all in same boat but I was most pissed not only because I had prepped for #10 but because it looked dumb that I got #1. I got a good old fashioned ribbing for it but zack in philly cheered me up and we proceeded to have a good draft. One note: I did it again!!! I x’d out of the draft tool while on the clock! I was trying to find Dunn and somehow I shut her down. When I came back I was auto’d mags and sabathia on the 4th and 5th wheel pick. It worked out ok but man I was besides myself. Some people were wondering how I got a-rod when they knew I had #10. They should have known better that something wacky happened but I understand the shock when I’ve been talking Albert all month. He did go #10 btw.

Hey Cory,
Last week, you mentioned that you would be posting your projection system. Is that on the site yet?


Tampa Pete

Pete I will post that shortly. Got some “real job” stuff to do for the opening games but once that is square away I’ll post my big ol’ spreadsheet.


Thanks Cory!
My draft is tomorrow and would love to see your projections before the draft.

Tampa Pete

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