NL Tout Wars draft recap

Special thanks to Jason Collette of for doing — as we say in 411 parlance — yoeman’s work to post the complete draft results of today’s NL Tout Wars draft. Here’s how it came out for yours truly:


C Martin 26
C E.Alfonzo 1
1B Howard 36
3B Braun 36
CI Jacobs 17
2B Utley 37
SS Greene 18
MI J.Castillo 1
UT Dobbs R1
OF J.Upton 13
OF Freel 4
OF De Aza 1
OF Pearce 1
OF Nixon R6
P Myers 18
P Wainwright 15
P Kuroda 7
P Zito 6
P Marquis 1
P Od.Perez 1
P K.Hart 1
P Proctor R3
P C.Cordero 17
2B Antonelli 1
OF Bonds 1
OF McCutcheon R5
P C.Perez 1
P Scherzer R2
P Ledezma R4

As you can see I took a pretty much straightforward "stars and scrubs" approach, but unfortunately I got not enough stars and too many scrubs. For my fourth straight year in Tout Wars, I took one too many hitters in the $15-18 range, leaving myself unable to make competitive bids on the handful of useful $5 players sprinkled throughout the end game. As a result, I not only ended up with a bunch of fill-in players, I don’t even have five active Major Leaguers to put in my outfield! At least I have a killer infield and Russell Martin…

One thing I did do well though, which I started doing last year, is using some of my end game picks on the prospects who would usually go in the reserve round; in particular this year that meant Matt Antonelli, Steve Pearce and Chris Perez. If the alternative is to take cannon fodder like Jose Castillo (I did that too!) or a guy who might actually help me in the second half of the season. Unfortunately that’s how I ended up without a fifth outfielder, but after a week or so of games, either Jason Marquis or Odalis Perez will be cut loose to make room for someone from free agency, if anyone even slips through.

As for the projected standings, well, they’re not too favorable to this unit, putting me near the bottom of the league. But my strategy is to have reinforcements ready for the second half — possibly including Barry Bonds for a dollar! — so hopefully I can make a run after the All-Star break.

Look for AL and mixed recaps from Siano and Cushing, respectively, in the next day or so.




Plenty of what the 411 loves: upside.

Braun for $36 surprises me. 3rd base being deep and he only having played 3/4 of a season. I might have went Alex Gordon there & a few dollars for OF help. The studs though are big studs and can carry you a long way.

This is NL only.🙂

Certainly I could’ve saved some money and gone for Kouzmanoff or Encarnacion, someone like that, but I set my mind going in to getting the #1 guy at as many positions as I could, and I think I got three (Martin, Howard and Utley), plus a #2 guy in Braun.


Is Jacobs who you were referring to when you said “I took one too many $15-18 hitter”? Up til last week that doesn’t seem like a bad price but it doesn’t look like you were really needing those extra 25 homers from the one guy?

And I know that it all depends when players are offered up and such but I am curious if Feliz went for 13 before or after you picked up Jacobs?

Also looks like you got lucky w/ Castillo as far as “burn” goes now that he is in San Fran. I think I could have a chance at some pt in that infield.

— Nate in Springfield

I took Greene and Jacobs within three a player run after I decided that there were so few worthwhile hitters left that I wanted to lock up one or two more right away. I would rather have gotten Milledge, who went off the board right after Greene, but he went for 20, which I simply couldn’t afford. So Jacobs was the next guy out and I grabbed him. I would rather have had Milledge than Greene, but that would’ve cost me Jacobs, and I would’ve ended up needing another good bat from somewhere anyway.


Unless Jeff Erickson gave me a job I don’t know about, I’m at RotoJunkie😉

It was good hanging with you all again this weekend and thanks for not noticing I was getting Towles for $10. Had you landed him, you would have had 98% of the steals at catcher.

What was your player nomination strategy for NL Tout? Do you have a favorite strategy for auctions or do you zig and zag depending on the personalities in each league?

First off, That pic of Utley with the staged dirt & pose is hilarious!

Solid offense–I like the 1$ gamble on Bonds—also like Pearce & Antonelli—BUT Od. Perez AND Marquis! Overall, I think your stars & scrubs approach is a good way to go and worked out well for you. Hopefully De Aza’s spring can carry over and you can fill in the holes with pickups as you mentioned…

Neighbor Steve

That OF is soooo weak, but OF is really weak as it is this year. Getting top guys at C, 1B, 2B, and 3B, a solid Greene and Jacobs, and hoping and praying on the OF might work out. It isn’t inconceivable that Upton gives you .270/15/15/80/80, some steals from De Aza and Freel, and if Pearce and McCutchen come up, you have a lot of upside ready to go.

Pitching, well, that is another story. You have some nice guys, but I guess we can test the Barry Zito theory again. 4/13 K/BB this spring. At least you only paid $6, instead of $128 M.

Yeah, O.Perez and Marquis were mistakes, no doubt. They were my first two picks of the endgame and I suppose it’s good that I found guys I could get, but then again, why I want to have? Still, Perez is the opening night starter for the Nationals, in case that’s a good thing, and Marquis has been a generally league average (or slightly below) innings eater, so hopefully he’ll find some wins and K’s either with the Cubs or elsewhere. I’m not thrilled with Zito either, but at $6 as my fourth starter, I thought it was a reasonable pick.

Frankly my weak bullpen is a bigger concern, since I’ll need some good ratios from that group to balance out the starters. Unfortunately they guys I liked were going for $9-10, which I didn’t think was reasoanable for a setup guy. Fortunately some decent MR’s pop up every year so I’ll be working the waiver wire for them…

BTW, Jason, sorry for the mixup, note I typed my recap pretty late at night.🙂


corey, i agree with you about the bullpen worries – i love myers at $18, your infield would be best in a mixed league – seems like some of the jacobs/greene money could have gone to OF, but you explained this above -good luck with the touts

I would love to see the spreadsheets that Cory uses for his drafts.



Hey Cory,

You did a good job. You’re creative, you’ll find a way to make it work. Are you still planning on posting your projection system that you used. I’m curious to see what you projected. My auction is this weekend and I really want to be prepared. Keep up the great work.

Mike in CT

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