Tout Wars recap (Mixed League)

My team …

CA     Johjima     13
CA     Navarro     1
1B     Lee, D     22
2B     Sanchez     3
3B     Braun, R     34
SS     Rollins     39
MI     S. Drew     2
CI     Gordon     9
OF     Rios, Alex     26
OF     Kemp     15
OF     Francoeur     9
OF     Victorino     20
OF     Kearns     1
UT     Butler     3

P1     Lackey     8
P2     Soria     14
P3     Greinke     5
P4     Hill, R     11
P5     Gagne     5
P6     Sherrill     5
P7     Francis     5
P8     Ryan     3
P9     Accardo    7

BN    Jay Bruce   
BN    W. Rodriguez   
BN    E. Santana   
BN    M. Jacobs   
BN    R. Wolf   
BN    And. LaRoche   

General strategy
My strategy going in was to build a strong well-balanced offense centered around five-category dudes who all hit for respectable averages and a staff full of inexpensive potential breakout pitchers. For the most part, I think I executed that plan, grabbing Rollins, Braun, Rios and Lee as my offensive core, and additional all-category threats in Kemp, Victorino and Gordon.

Strengths: Steals, average and a deep bullpen. I’ve got steals coming out of my nose here, and I may have to trade some away down the line. Making a concerted effort to avoid .260 hitters paid off, as I stayed away from the Nick Swishers and Adam Dunns of the world and generally targeted high-contact hitters. Do I expect Gagne to stay healthy? No. That’s why I locked up Soria, Sherrill and Toronto’s closers (Accardo and Ryan), which should be enough insurance.

Weaknesses: I admit – my starting pitching is probably the worst in the league. In my experience, spending too much money on starters has proven to be a risky strategy, as they’re all generally unreliable or injury prone. I’m hoping Lackey gets back on the mound by May, Francis throws 200 quality innings again, Hill makes the jump to 200 Ks, and Greinke enjoys the breakthrough season he’s capable of. I’m kicking myself for not getting my favorite $1 guys in Garza, Baker or Unit, but that’s life. I ended up with a deeper bullpen instead.

Regrets: Getting Victorino instead of Pence. I overspent on Victorino simply because I have a man crush on him, not because I needed him. In retrospect, Pence would have been a much better buy. Don’t ask me why I spent $13 on Johjima instead of waiting around for a cheaper Soto, whom I love.

Best buys: I was absolutely shocked to snag Francoeur for $9. That may be the move I’m most proud of down the line. Also, I’m thrilled to have stashed away Jay Bruce, who will probably take the Majors by storm whenever he’s called up.

Random Note: Going out drinking the night before draft day with fellow league members Nando and David Gonos from CBS.Sportsline didn’t work to my advantage – Gonos still ended up with a strong team!

Feel free to post any feedback…

– Alex Cushing, Fantasy


Your SP might be weak, but yo have a good amount of upside there. Lackey at 8 is a steal, even if he is out until the break. Greinke, Hill, and Francis for $21 is nice, and each could give you between 180 and 200 IP, and you’ll get between 500 and 600 K’s from them as well. With 150 IP from Lackey, you have a good SP core to let your RP improve the ERA and WHIP. You’ve got 4/5 guys for saves (depending on Ryan/Accardo), which should put you at or near the top.

You’ll need a masher at some point, or a return to 30+ HR from DLee and solid power from Francouer, but I like what you are looking at here. I’d like to see your team in Cory’s projections.

Good draft and great blog but your SP did not have to be the weakest. I see some good values at SP and not sure why you didn’t jump all over them seeing your SP need. Hughes at $4, Blanton at $2, Weaver at $7, O. Perez at $4, McGown at 6$. The $16 from Hill and Francis could be Hughes, McGown, Perez, and/or Blanton.

Kind of a random question… I know where to find the audio podcasts for the 411 show, and I like these the best so can listen on the go. But I am having trouble finding the video casts of the show, wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks everyone!

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