3 down one to go

I have my 4th of 4 draft tonight in Jersey.

It is an AL Only 5×5 auction but very different from Tout so what I learned in Tout will only help so much.

Tout is a non keeper this is a keeper. We get to keep up to 5 players and the inflation is zero for year one and then $5 increments for year two and three.

I am keeping
Posada at $18
A-Rod at $42
Markakis at $20
Figgins at $15 (have to put him at CO)
Ervin Santana $11 (traded for him two years ago and this is final year) COME ON ERV MAKE DADDY HAPPY!!!!!!!

Tout has a 6 man taxi squad that is drafted after the auction. This league has a 3 man taxi squad that is filled with FAAB on sunday’s.

Tout has a $100 FAAB Bank, this league has a $260.

**** of a lot easier to trade in this league due to keepers and smaller taxi squads.

My results hopefully tomorrow, but I fly to Memphis for Civil Rights Game Weekend so not sure.



Good luck, Mike. I drafted Erv in a keeper league that started this year. Do you have any idea on how to play/bench him to start the season? I’m thinking I may bench him for his first couple of starts to see where he’s at. Either that or only start him at home and see where the road starts take him. I really hope he bounces back. True to 411 philosophy, my starting pitching is a bit soft, so it would be nice to see him contribute.

Any updates Mike?

He’s on a plane to Memphis, be cool baby!🙂


trying to get the rosters up but its been nuts between memphis and opening day.

as far as Big Erv goes I have a good feeling about him this year but we won’t know until he gets a few road starts under his belt.

I throw him out there for now but trust me he’ll be watched closely due to those extreme splits.


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