Unread Question for 4/7/08

I’m in the first year of a 10 team mixed keeper league.  6×6 extra categories are OPS and holds.  I just made a trade where I gave up Mark Teixeira, Hideki Okajima and Heath Bell and received David Ortiz, Joba Chamberlain and Peter Moylan.  I have Pujols as my 1B and I’m starting to second guess myself since I won’t be able to move Ortiz to 1B if Pujols goes down.  What do you guys think?  Thanks for your thoughts.

Finley Edwards
Savoy, IL

Hey Finley,

I just don’t see what you’re gaining by doing this deal.  It looks like a challenge trade to me.  Is Ortiz slightly more valuable than Teixeira as we open 2008?  Probably.  But the difference isn’t enough.  First, there’s the position flexibility issue.  Even though it seems less and less likely that Pujols will miss a significant portion of the season, having an open utility spot is always a plus.  But more importantly, how are you improving in holds?  Bell and Okajima are about as good as it gets when it comes to setup guys.  And as much as we all love Joba, there’s a legitimate chance he gets moved to the starting rotation at some point during the year.  I’d be surprised if Bell and Okajima don’t have more combined holds than Joba and Moylan.  I understand that the keeper factor enhances Chamberlain’s appeal, but it has the same effect on Teixeira, who’s just entering the prime of his career while Papi’s best years are almost certainly behind him.  By no means should you lose sleep over making this trade.  That being said, it seems like a trade made without a clear purpose.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com  


Great job guys, keep up the good work. Here are “Random Thoughts” on week in my 5×5 vanilla, with the exception of Harden, week 1 was rough:
Russell Martin: worried?……
Rich Harden: It was too good to last……
CC Sabathia: My one “Ace” is killing me while my “411-specials” (Harden, Oliver Perez, J Cueto) were rolling…..
Victorino: Having watched 2 games, he really looks lost at the plate…………. BJ Upton: Praying its not a sophomore slump Ellsbury: Please let someone go cuckoo for Coco Crisp so they can trade him. Longoria / Jay Bruce: Christmas in May?

I’m in a league similar to Finley’s (10 team mixed 6×6 extra categories are OPS and holds) and was offered a trade. I would get Ichiro & Betancourt and give up Haren & Lidge. I think it’s a really good offer, but I feel I’m already sitting good in steals with Phillips, Crawford, Byrnes and Abreu and it would mean I would have to sit Billy Butler or Loney. I’m also week in saves already only having F. Cordero, C.J. Wilson and Ryan when he comes back. My other starters are Smoltz, Lincecum, Burnett, Wainwright, Perez and McGowan so I think I’m still ok there. I could use the help in holds only have Gordan, Pena and Qualls.

My thought is that maybe I should do the deal because I think I am getting the best player, then shop around one of my outfielders for a closer.

Sioux Fall, SD

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