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Draft Day Regrets


I’m looking for Jean-Pierre from The Netherlands and/or Pete from Jordan. I live in Canada and I’m not able to phone the show from here. Every time I call 1-800-431-0734 I hear a message telling me: “The number you have dialed cannot be reached from your calling area.” I’m curious to know how Pete and Jean-Pierre phone in. Do you guys call a different number? My brother lives in The Netherlands and he told me that 1-800 numbers do not work from there either. If anyone knows how I can call the show please let me know.


Your calling from Canada, if my memory serves me correctly there is a problem calling the baseball channel number from Canada. It has been a problem for a while. Someone can correct me if i am wrong. I can call in to the baseballchannel from the UK, which i have done but just calling from north of the border and cant get through its weird. So for me to call i have to put the international dialing code for America in front of the number. So here in the UK it is 0018004310734 (00) being the international code for the US here in the UK.

Draft Day regrets (12-team, mixed, non-keeper, roto, 6×6 (extra cats OBP & QS). 5th overall pick, snake draft

1. Taking J.J. Putz in R5. Hindsight is 20/20 — too bad foresight is not also 20/20.

2. Drafting Juan Uribe in R25. Not a costly mistake, but I suppose I could have taken a flyer on a Cueto, Parra, Volquez, Kershaw, etc.

Other than that, no regrets so far. Here’s the roster:

C Russell Martin
1B Adrian Gonzalez
1B Casey Kotchman
2B Kelly Johnson
2B Dustin Pedroia
3B Ryan Zimmerman
SS Troy Tulowitzki
LF Matt Holliday
LF Carlos Lee
CF Corey Patterson
CF Chris B. Young
RF Austin Kearns
U Bill Hall

SP Daisuke Matsuzaka
SP Brett Myers
SP Ian Snell
SP Dustin McGowan
SP Shaun Marcum
SP Manny Parra
RP Francisco Cordero
RP Joakim Soria

Bench 2B Orlando Hudson
Bench RF Jacoby Ellsbury
Bench RF Carlos Quentin
Bench RP Jonathan Broxton
Bench RP J.J. Putz

BTW…Manny Parra was picked up with FAAB this week (dropped Uribe).

So the theme is, guys we thought were going to be great, but somehow stumbled in the draft and didn’t put our money where our mouth was?
Mine is definitely Soria. I don’t think it’s out of the question that he is the best closer in baseball this year (though probably a half dozen short of the saves leader).

Yeah, I have a major man crush on Soria, as well as Billy Butler. Nice to see both have gotten off to a hot start.

My biggest draft date regret so far is taking Mauer over Markakis. It’s not so much that Mauer is bad, or that Markakis is that great; it’s simply that I could have had Soto much, much later. In addition to all the pre-draft hype building up around him, I’m in a league that has 3 or 4 dyed in the wool Cubbie fans and was sure that Soto would go early, even as high as the 9th round. But he lasted until the 13th! Had I known I could wait that long, I would take a do-over on that pick.

Other than that, feeling very happy with where things stand. Hunter Pence better start hitting, though.

Regret: Drafting Corey Hart in the 7th when I already had Crawford, Granderson, and Markakis. I passed on Zimmerman because I knew I could get (*gasp*) Encarnacion later, which I did. Encarnacion is now DPNM (Dusty’s problem, not mine) and I’m scrambling for a 3B.

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