Unread Questions for 4/8/08

Would you deal Delmon for Chris Young (the pitcher)?  I have Lastings to replace Delmon.  Chris would join Hughes, McGowan, Maine, Greinke, Parra, Volquez, Garza in a league where we can start a max of 5 starters per week.  12 team 5×6 mixed doubles plus triples is other.

Jeff in Cleveland

Hey Jeff,

I’d hold off on trading Delmon.  You have good pitching depth.  Frankly, Hughes, McGowan, Maine and Greinke could arguably start every week, which would leave you to choose from Parra, Volquez and Garza based on which team(s) they’re facing, how well they are throwing, etc. Adding CY would almost complicate the matter by rendering Parra, Volquez and Garza useless.

I like Lastings to have a breakout season, but Delmon could be even better.  He may have hit only 13 home runs last season, but his 38 doubles show that he can get you extra-base hits.  His 93 RBI from last season could be matched or exceeded this season hitting behind Carlos Gomez (assuming he can maintain his on-base percentage), Mauer, Morneau and Cuddyer (when he returns from the disabled list).

Delmon is a mainstay in left field for the Twins.  I’m not sure I can say the same about Lastings in center field for the Nationals if he starts slumping after the rest of their outfield returns to full health.

You should keep Delmon in your lineup and let him play.  At least you would have the benefit of subbing in Lastings if Delmon gets hurt or goes into a prolonged slump.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com

Hey Guys,

Neighbor Steve here…In my 12 team mixed 5×5–I have an open slot and plan to pick up a Starter.  Who do you prefer (if any) from these available starters: M. Owings, K. Gabbard, Cliff Lee, or F. Morales?

Neighbor Steve

Hey Neighbor Steve,

I’d go with either Owings or Morales. Lee was great in his ’08 debut, but it’s unlikely that he’ll do much this year to deviate from a 4.49 career ERA. As for Gabbard, he’s a young gun with solid potential, but he’s very erratic (consider last four starts in July a year ago, when he allowed 26 earned runs on 32 hits in just 16 innings of work). Owings and Morales is a toss-up, as both are very talented youngsters with huge upside. If I had to choose, I’d go with Owings–he’s got more big league experience under his belt, and he won’t pitch half his games at hitter-friendly Coors Field like Morales will.

Corey Gottlieb, MLB.com




Hey Corey Schwartz –

What if Brian Bannister is better than Phil Hughes this year?

Charles, “if” is the middle word in life!

I suppose anything is possible but I would find this to be highly unlikely. It’s not like Bannister was dominant yesterday.


The number of runs scored by the Royals in each game this season.


Therefore I think it will be very hard for Hughes to match Bannister this year. He’s already at a significant disadvantage in K; without a lot of offense behind him, I wouldn’t expect a lot of wins either (although the pen looks solid for now with Nunez and Soria). As long as Hughes doesn’t completely implode, I would expect any ERA or WHIP deficiencies to be made up in the other two categories. And he has the potential to equal or beat Bannister in those two categories as well.

Also, (and yes, it is early) but the average runs scored so far for the Royals is 3.83 per game, which would be the worst in the majors over the course of a full season. It is also worse than their mark of 4.36 runs per game last year, which was already 4th lowest in the majors.

I was making a joke, trying to get Corey’s dander up, after the infamous “what if Brian Bannister is better than King Felix” debate of ’06.

Ack…triple post…but the first comment should say: “Therefore I think it will be very hard for BANNISTER to match HUGHES this year.” Not the other way around!

That’s what I get for trying to post quickly while at work!

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