Pop culture references for April 9

For those of you who have been missing the cultural
references on the show lately, we got ’em back with a vengeance today! If I
counted correctly and didn’t let any sail over my own head, we had…


* When I started interrupting Casey at the start of the show
and he said “c’mon, this is my job!”, I pointed out that he sounded just like Donald Sutherland’s Professor Jennings (right) in Animal House.

* The conversation about the Mariners bullpen had Mike
talking about Sean Green, who I confused with the actor Seth Green, and Siano
didn’t miss a beat in saying the classic “tell Sloan I said ‘what up'” line from Entourage (below).

* Siano also made a Rocky IV joke about Adrian
telling Rocky “you can’t win!” before he leaves for Russia
to train against Drago.Green.gif

* Awesome rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” courtesy
of our multimedia department, for the Baby Ruth promotion. The beginning shot
of producer Tom Spota taking the first bite of the BR immediately brought to
mind Bill Murray cleaning out the pool (below) in Caddyshack, which will of course
appear on my all-time top five movies list next week.


* We had a Goonies reference during the BR segment, too. I still haven’t seen it.

* The top five movies talk of course gave me the chance to
mention once again that Repo Man is my all-time favorite, although I didn’t really say it because I wanted Casey to guess… of course, veteran listeners of the
show already know this so there was little reason for me to mention it!

* Finally, Casey mentioned at one point that “something’s
gotta give”… I don’t know what he was talking about, but I pointed out that’s the
name of a 1995 record by Agnostic Front, one of the great punk/metal crossover bands
to come out of New York in the mid to late 80’s after the punk scene completely
splintered. It’s also the name of a very lame movie with Jack Nicholson and Diante Keaton among others, but let’s not go there.

* And of course Casey and Mike got to talk a little about American Idol, but I don’t watch it so I don’t know who or what they were talking about.

* Here’s a little pop culture haiku for ya…

Roto talk is fun
Almost as good as talking
Music and movies

Well that’s all for tonight folks, gotta go watch the rest of the epic battle between the Padres and Giants… keep knockin’ back those Viagras!

Happy 411,

P.S. — Mike and I will be doing our next online chat on Wednesday, April 23, so get your questions ready now!!





Dear 3 S’es:

I am a newbie, playing in the Auto Zone Leagues for the first time. This is the third year that I have listened to Fantasy 411. Used the auto-draft , a great way to start. Have been tinkering, keeping, catching grief from my wife for being a fantasy player, and had the monthly family dinner members all ragging on me, because of the “blue pill”, the Harley, and Canynon View Lodge. So all and all its been a great experience, even when someone calls for me and the wifus tells them I can’t come to the phone right now, as I am busy with my fantasies! Last week one of my teams played the Texas Titties, and my niece predictied that I would loose , as Titties always win.

I really enjoy the show. I can see the passion on all 3 of you S’es faces, but yesterday the show became too confusing with three people trying to talk, and Casey trying to get M. and C. back on track. Too much entropy! I really appreciate the job that Casey is doing, he is a stud, and I don’t want him to get his feelings hurt and drift off into the sunset and become a short, Jewish Janitor. Take care of my guy. I like to hear his view point too.

Thanks for all you do, taking care of the non-newbies, and the newbies – but could you place a glossary up some place, so I can understand what “vanilla” has to do with Fantasy Baseball

Thanks, The Slowest Right Fielder in the History of Baseball, and a Fan of the OLD Pacific Coast League – before MLB came to the West Coast–Great Baseball Days…..Go Sacramento Solons.

Have to leave as I have an appointment with Vinnie The Glue and Marzie 80% Right.

Aloha, KIMO

Excellent show Wednesday- I just finished the Podcast. I think for the first time since the new format, you guys had fun. When you have fun, the show clicks. Circle April 9 on the calendar as the day when the new 411 started to find its groove. __________________________________________________________________ Here’s a general thought for future show changes- I wouldn’t recommend putting in changes to the show the first week of the season. While I understand the whole “Opening Day” promotion, there is NOTHING fantasy wise for you guys to talk about that first week. Draft prep is over and done, and there’s not enough actual performance to talk fantasy. “This guy looked good, this guy didn’t, but don’t overreact because it’s only week 1.” That summed up the first week. You can talk about injuries and waiver wire pick-ups, but you don’t have a reasonable sample size of performance to address who’s hot or not. I think the lack of fantasy content hurt you guys a bit last week, and adding that to the new environment and format really put you guys at a disadvantage. Maybe future changes should be in February with a big Fantasy pre-draft kick-off (like what you did in 2007 with the 2 hour show and guests from most of the MLB partners). That would allow you to get comfortable with the changes while having something to talk about. Just a thought…

Thanks for clarifying a few of those pop culture references. Repo Man is the shizzle.

I agree with the comment made by one of your other listeners about 3 people talking over each other. Sometimes, Cory can be a bit of a schoolgirl trying to one-up Casey.

One more show comment: Speaking of pop culture, what’s with the horrendous music? I listen via podcast, and I’m sure the music sounds better matched to game highlights, but do you have to constantly replay the same 10-second music clip of a tune that sounds straight out of an adult film?

Entertaining work, but I also think you guys should listen critically to the show sometimes to improve the sound production.

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