Unread Question for 4/10/08

Hey guys, love the show.  My league is a 10-team Daily Head to Head, 6×6 with OPS and K/9 being the additional categories.  In my draft, starting pitchers were extremely overvalued so I was forced to stock up on Outfield.  We only have starting spots for 3 OF and a Util.  Right now I have Grady Sizemore, Carlos Lee, Nick Markakis, Hideki Matsui, Matt Kemp, and Michael Bourn.  I posted a message saying I was looking for an upgrade at SP and got this offer.  I get Erik Bedard for Grady Sizemore.  What do you think?  Thank you in advance.  I’ll list my whole roster below, don’t feel the need to rattle it off.

Zach Kirchenwitz
Racine, WI

My Team:
Brian McCann – C
Lance Berkman – 1B
Robinson Cano – 2B
Alex Gordon – 3B
Hanley Ramirez – SS
Grady Sizemore – OF
Carlos Lee – OF
Nick Markakis – OF
Hideki Matsui – UTIL
Matt Kemp – OF
Michael Bourn – OF
Kevin Kouzmanoff – 3B
Fausto Carmona – SP
AJ Burnett – SP
Oliver Perez – SP
Javier Vazquez – SP
Shaun Marcum – SP
Takashi Saito – RP
Trevor Hoffman – RP
Joba Chamberlain – RP
Jeremy Accardo – RP
BJ Ryan – DL

Hey Zach,

I like this trade for you, giving up Sizemore for Bedard. Bedard has struggled a bit in his first two starts, but remember that he posted a 6.09 ERA and 1.53 WHIP last April before turning it around and having a Cy Young-worthy season. Your pitching staff could use some more depth, anyway. Carmona is fine at the top, but having Burnett as your No. 2 is risky considering his lack of durability (he has made 30-plus starts once in his nine-year career). Bedard still has a good 8.18 K/9 ratio and will make half his starts at Seattle’s pitcher-friendly Safeco Field.

Sizemore is a stud, but you have the outfield depth to compensate for his loss. Kemp has the ability to adequately replace Grady, but his playing time right now is too uncertain to assume he will get 500 plate appearances. If he does land the permanent right field job in L.A., though, his power-speed combination is a great asset to have on your squad. But until his playing time is more consistent, play Bourn when you need runs and steals or Kouz when you want a higher OPS and more home runs. Just remember that Kouz was a much more effective power hitter on the road last season (13 home runs vs. 5 at home, .823 OPS vs. .743 at home) due to Petco Park’s cavernous dimensions.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com


The Don said never speak out against the family, but I’m going to respectfully disagree with Kyle on this one. Sizemore is a top-20 player, and for all of Bedard’s promise, he’s never even pitched 200 innings in a season. No way do I deal a #1 OF for a starting pitcher (not named Johan) only 10 days into the season.

I would counter and offer Markakis; he is also a terrific player but Sizemore has two seasons of greatness on his resume and Markakis only has one, and Sizemore clearly plays for the better team in the better lineup.

My two cents.

Don Corleone said never go against the family, but I would not do this deal. No way I deal a #1 outfielder like Sizemore for a starting pitcher who has yet to pitch 200 innings in a season, who had a poor spring and a mediocre start, and who pitches for what will probably be a .500 team. Bedard will give you big strikeout numbers, but overall he’s still not an entirely known commodity.

That said, I would counter with Markakis for Bedard; I think Markakis is a fine player but he has one great season on his resume while Sizemore has two, and Sizemore plays for what is clearly the better team in the better lineup.

My two cents.

This is a test.

I agree, though I think if you can’t get any other offers for pitching, you might decide to just try to hold your own, and the rack up the points in the offensive categories.

I could also see you trying to package Sizemore + Gordon for a Wright/Braun/MCab, and being happy getting the boast. Just because you can’t trade for the SP you need doesn’t mean you shouldn’t deal from depth here.

Hi from munich again,
besides JJ Putz, my SP Rich Harden gut hurt, unfortunately I only have 1 DL spot on the roster.

Question is:
should I get rid of Harden (who is one of the game´s best, yes, when healthy) and pick up one of the following guys – who are all available as FAs or on waivers?

F. Morales

Other SP I am considering dropping is Glavine.
I picked up Volquez, dropped Bonser, smart move?

Any hints 4 me here?
Thanks a bunch!!
Danny D.

tom.fraatz@gmail.com – I would hold Harden. Putz should come back soon freeing up the spot.

As more info comes out as to Hardens condition (if you are not stuck for the roster spot) you can make the decision a little later.

I would also drop Glavine for Blanton while keeping an eye on Saunders and Kuroda. If they keep playing well & you can scoop them up as needed.

Sorry for the triple-post, the screen never refreshed when I posted it last night. I will be more patient!


It’s a virtue.

Sorry Kyle, but that’s a terrible trade. For a player of Sizemore’s caliber, you should be targeting only two SP’s, Webb and Peavy. Bedard is too much of an injury risk and, other than last year, rather unproven. I agree with the counteroffer of Markakis for Bedard. That’s more in line with expectations.

I need some advice on my fantasy team. Russel Martin is my starting catcher. Jason Varitek is my back-up. Should I sit Martin and start Varitek, or look for another catcher?


Russell Martin is killing me too, but I think you have to stick with him for a while longer. If its a daily league you could bench him, but in a weekly league it would be painful if he went on a tear and you missed it.

I had Brian McCann in 2006, he was struggling and I benched him in a weekly league. He went off and hit a homerun in 5 consecutive games. I think the first 4 were while he was on my bench, and I had Napoli starting and doing nothing in my line-up. Painful lesson to learn, but since them I give a long leash to my top guys.

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