More fun with pop culture: April 11

We are getting into the groove of the new three-headed
monster that is the 411 presented by Viagra, and the cultural references were
flying today! I don’t know if I was taking notes fast enough to get them all,
but we had nods to plenty of movies, music and other good stuff…


Casey couldn’t give enough love to red-hot Mets outfielder
Angel Pagan,
gushing over him in pagan worship. So of course he had to make a “Dragnet” joke, and Siano said “people against goodness and decency,” and as he predicted I
would, I started writing. I’ve love to see Siano in the leather jacket and Mohawk!


Not sure how or why, but Casey mentioned something about
butter, and that reminded me of a great line by Floyd Gondolli in “Boogie
” that I can’t repeat here. But
let’s just say it has to do with simple pleasures… look it up!

Later we had some fun with the Al Reyes birthday story, and
when we got to the part in the story about him spitting blood at fellow bar
patrons, was there


anything else to do but give a shoutout to to the God of Thunder
himself, Gene Simmons (that’s him on the right, not Al Reyes)? FYI, my first-ever live rock concert of any kind was Kiss at
Madison Square Garden on July 25, 1979. I was 10 years old and my dad and
my best friend Mark Levy and his mom all went to see Kiss for his birthday.
Rock and roll all nite and party every day (with Viagra)!


(Coincidentally, I spent July of 1980 with my grandparents
who lived at the time in
Northridge, California. My grandfather took me to two
Dodgers games during the month I was out there, including a wild win over the
Cubs on… July 25. Great
date in Cory Schwartz history.)

Once we got into Pitch or Ditch, Casey called it “P.O.D.”
and then referred to the rock band of that name. Of course, the
original band to use initials in that format is the legendary crossover
pioneers S.O.D. (below), followed
immediately by the spin-off project from their front man, ex-roadie and all-around lunatic Billy
Milano, M.O.D.


My brother saw S.O.D. at one of the first shows of their original tour, the S.O.D. surf party at
the Rising Sun in
Yonkers, New York on October
18, 1985
Somewhere in my Dad’s house, we still have the Styrofoam surfboard with the
S.O.D. logo spray painted on it that my brother stole from the stage.


In baseball news, someone named Luis Mendoza is expected to make his MLB debut for
the Rangers this weekend. That led Casey to shoutout Luis Mendoza 


of “D2: The Mighty
and I countered with
the original slap-hitter Mario Mendoza as well as Mark “the Animal” Mendoza of Twisted Sister

(right). The Sisters were of course the pride of Seaford, NY until one Mr. Casey Stern came along!

After a while of taking too much grief from Siano and me,
Casey said he felt he was stuck in the middle of us, and that was worth a
shoutout for the awful 70’s song “Stuck in the Middle With You”, by Stealer’s
, the song that was featured
in the famous scene in “Reservoir Dogs
as Michael Madsen’s evil character
Mr. Blonde tortures the unfortunate cop, Marvin Nash. Awful song, awesome

Finally, what edition of the 411 would be complete without a nod to Wallace Shawn, whose character Vizzini (below) in “The Princess
so astutely proclaimed, “never
go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”



Enjoy the games this weekend, and have fun storming the


Your friend in 411,


Love the Pop Culture Cory, keep it up!

WOW, Baseball and M.O.D (Surfin USA) in one place. That’s a thing of beauty.

Just a shout out to Evan Longoria on his white horse coming to save my team from the Bill Hall 3rd Base Experiment.

OK, being melodramatic but if he hits and plays big D, it will be hard to send him back down. Hopefully he can hold his own!!

Awesome show today, hadn’t thought about SOD / MOD in a long time. Good stuff!


Today would be a good day to pull out the old S.O.D. tape. Not that I have a tape player anymore. S.O.D. on the iPod just won’t sound the same.

Don’t forget the most POD…. the Pick of Destiny.

Great stuff. Can’t wait until the movie picks on Wednesday!

P.O.D. stands for Payable on Death. There most popular songs were “Youth of the Nation” and “Alive” both of which got some play time during many sports events in early 2000’s.

Monday follow-up: S.O.D. does not sound the same on an iPod. Maybe it’s a mental thing or maybe it’s just the smell of the cassette tape that I’m missing. Still fun, but not the same.

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