Fantasy Feud Standings

        FANTASY FEUD BREAKDOWN THROUGH WEEK 2                                                                                                                                                                                       

Mike’s Team

Hitters: Alex Rodriguez, Matt Holliday
AVG: 20/49 = .408
HR: 3
RBI: 14
SB: 0
R: 12

Pitchers: Justin Verlander, Matt Cain
W/L: 0-2
ERA: 5.94 (14ER in 22.2IP)
K: 20
SV: 0
WHIP: 1.64

Casey’s Team

Hitters: Miguel Cabrera, Jimmy Rollins
AVG: 6/30 = .200
HR: 2
RBI: 3
SB: 0
R: 5

Pitchers: Johan Santana, Fausto Carmona
W/L: 1-2
ERA: 2.34 (6ER in 23.1IP)
K: 15
SV: 0
WHIP: 31/23.1 = 1.35

Cory’s Team

Hitters: Ryan Howard, Brandon Phillips
AVG: 10/44 = .228
HR: 1
RBI: 3
SB: 3
R: 5

Pitchers: Adam Wainwright, Danny Haren
W/L: 3-0
ERA: 1.80 (4ER in 20IP)
K: 16
SV: 0
WHIP: 22/21 = 1.05


Cory:    2+1+1.5+1.5+3+3+2+3+3+1 = 21 

                                                                                                                                Mike:    3+3+3+3+1.5+1+3+1+1+1 = 20.5

Casey:    1+2+1.5+1.5+1.5+2+1+2+2+1 = 15.5


And now the leather-covered sphere came hurtling through the air,
And Casey stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there. …………………………………….

Close by the sturdy batsman the ball unheeded sped —…………………………………….
“That ain’t my style,” said Casey. “Strike one!” the umpire said.

Not sure I see the point of the Fantasy Feud. I guess it’s just for fun for you guys and that’s fine. Later in the year I guess it will be more interesting.

Have you ever kept the stats of the POD starters? I would be more interested if every week you guys would choose a POD pitcher for your team and added up those stats throughout the year.

I guess I just think there’s a lot of risk to the POD strategy and am not really convinced that the reward outweighs the risk, especially in leagues like mine with innings caps. If you tracked a starter/week and then compared each of your totals as the season went on, it would be very informative and shed some light on the effectiveness of the strategy.

Todd in St. Louis

Todd, we did keep track of PoD stats over the last couple of seasons… that is to say, some 411 HoF’ers volunteered to do it in various capacities. What we found was that the overall performace of our PoD starters was generally at or slightly below league average, but we got enough wins and K’s out of it that, when complemented with a big-time offense and bullpen, it’s definitely a viable strategy. And remember that it’s a very low-investment, (potentially) high-return approach, because it emphasizes relacement level talent off the waiver wire, rather than paying to acquire via draft picks or trades.


Agreed, Cory. I’m tracking my own pitch-or-ditch stats for the first time this year, and so far I’m finding out about the same thing. Maybe I will periodically post my results as well as the pitchers used, if people are interested in getting a sense of the how it shapes up.
My full time staff, so to speak, is Chris “Cy” Young, Rich Harden, Pedro, Yovani Gallardo and Zack Greinke. Certainly, this group gives me a lot of opportunities for POD! There is considerable injury risk with these players, but from my way of thinking, the investment was relatively low, which allows me to have a killer offense as well as compliment my low IP / high quality staff with low investment / medium reward pitch or ditch players.
Results to date:
4.32 ERA, 1.32 WHIP, 4 Wins, 1 Save, 27 Strikeouts / 33.33 IP
Pitchers used:
H. Okajima (1 IP, Win)
C.J. Wilson (1 IP, Save)
M. Parra (1 Win, 3.38 ERA, 0.94 Whip, 7 K / 5.33 IP)
L. Nunez (0.66 IP, 0.00 ERA, 1.50 WHIP)
J. Rauch (1 IP, 18.00 ERA, 3.00 WHIP)
C. Villanueva (6 IP, 6.00 ERA, 1.67 WHIP, 4 K)
T. Wellemeyer (6 IP, 7.50 ERA, 1.44 WHIP, 7 K)
W. Rodriguez (7 IP, 1.29 ERA,

Sorry, accidentally must have submitted. Here is the rest:
W. Rodriguez (1 Win, 7 IP, 1.29 ERA, 0.86 WHIP, 7 K)
J. Saunders (1 Win, 5.33 IP, 3.38 ERA, 1.69 WHIP, 1 K)
Overall the stat line is not phenomenal, but I have 4 wins, 1 save, and decent K/9. Also, Wellemeyer’s line was actually 1.50 ERA, 1.17 WHIP until they reversed a scorekeeper’s error call and changed it into a hit. Additionally, Villaneuva had a 1.50 ERA, 0.84 WHIP until the 7th inning of his game, where he gave up something like five straight hits until being pulled. So overall, pretty flukey result to get stuck with the horrible ERA and WHIP. Had that not happened, I would have a team POD as follows:
2.43 ERA, 1.14 WHIP, 4 Wins, 1 Save, 27 K / 33.33 IP
Oh well, I know you can’t really cut that out of the stats. But I got shortchanged a little, and feel like that kind of bad luck will even out over the course of the season. I would have trotted them out there again if I had to make the decision today!
Tonight, I’ve got Washburn going for me, as well as Greinke (who I won’t count in these stats, since he’s not a POD for me). Come on, the Royals have an absolutely horrible offense at this point. And it’s at Safeco. The downside has to be pretty minimal.

I’m also keeping track of my pitch or ditch stats this year. In 4 different leagues ranging from 12-16 teams (but only counting each appearance once even if I threw the same pitcher in multiple leagues), In 22 Games started, I’ve accumulated 95 K in 129.3 IP, 7 W, 3.55 ERA, 1.18 WHIP.

Wandy Rodriguez 2.33, 0.93, 19 K, 1 W
Ervin Santana 3.00, 1.25, 8 K, 1 W
Randy Wolf 2.25, 1.00, 9 K
Hiroki Kuroda 1.29, 0.43, 4 K, 1 W
Scott Baker 4.05, 1.05, 2 K, 1 W
Manny Parra 4.82, 1.29, 11 K, 1 W
Miguel Batista 7.20, 2.20, 3 K
Boof Bonser 2.08, 1.00, 8 K, 1 W
Ryan Dempster 0.00, 0.43, 5 K
Andy Sonnanstine 6.00, 1.50, 3 K
John Danks 27.00, 4.29, 2 K
Dana Eveland 0.00, 0.95, 6 K
Carlos Villanueva 6.00, 1.67, 4 K
Clay Buchholz 1.50, 1.17, 3 K (yes somebody dropped him)
Todd Wellemeyer 7.50, 1.33, 7 K
Joe Saunders 3.38, 1.69, 1 K, 1 W

I’ve only had 7 bad starts so far out of the 22, and 14 really good starts. But as the 411 guys like to preach you can’t chase wins in POD. I only have 7 Wins in those 22 starts.

That is awesome, Fisher. Looking forward to updates from you as the season goes on! You are doing the 411 community proud with your work.

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