POD for Monday April 14th Games

Click here for the probables.

Cory says:

Yes on McGowan, Erv Santana, Greinke, Kuroda and Unit.

Gamble on hot hands Westbrook, Washburn and J.Sanchez, if you are bold.

No on everyone else.


Siano says: GO BIG ERV!!!!! ON THE ROAD BABY!!!!!    


Got Erv in 2 of my 4 leagues- starting him today at Texas. Hope this doesn’t blow up in my face…

I’m starting ERV too, but I’m mighty scared. Apparently he has allowed 31% of his road homers at Arlington, and that 7 out of the rangers lineup have already taken him deep. However, he’s never pitched there in April, when the humidity that hurts pitchers there hasn’t arrived yet.

Siano, your undying love for Erv is charming, I admit. And charlescharris makes a good observation about the humidity in Texas. That should definitely work in his favor. That being said, I’m staying away. As Bill James once said (and I’m paraphrasing), the worst a batter can do is go 0/5, but downside to any pitcher’s start can be unthinkably bad. There is no true floor for how bad a pitching can be, except for how long it takes his manager to come and get him out of there. With that in mind, the risk here on Erv is considerable. I’ll keep my eye on him for his next start, but he’s riding the pine for me today.
Also if anyone is interested, I’m tracking my own pitch-or-ditch stats for the first time this year. I posted my year to date numbers under the comments of “fantasy fued standings.”

I don’t know what “fued” is, but I think I meant “feud”

No more makin’ fun of Siano over Big Erv after tonight. The real question is, is Erv a Graduate now??

erv did get me very nervous after that first inning especially the kinsler missile to start the inning and the blalock bomb but like the champion he is the erv perservered and was victorious…….siano

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