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Hi, guys.  I’m in a 12-team mixed 5×5 roto league.  We have 9 “P” spots and no bench.  The only time we can make a roster move is when a player goes on the DL or sent to the minors.  I picked up Shaun Marcum for Chad Cordero when Cordero went on the DL but now have to decide which one to keep and must choose between these 2.  My other pitchers are J. Santana, Gallardo, Lidge, Papelbon, F. Hernandex, Gorzellany, & Marmol.

Thanks, Nick from Omaha

Hey Nick,

It’s too bad you can’t drop Gorzelanny and keep Marcum and Cordero. In most situations, I would choose Cordero (since saves are so valuable), but I think Marcum is the better choice after looking at your pitching roster.

I am on record in this week’s Roundtable as stating that Marcum is my choice for the emerging pitcher most likely to sustain his impressive start. After his win against Baltimore on Wednesday, Marcum is sporting a 20/5 K/BB ratio, an 8.9 K/9 rate and has surrendered just six earned runs and 13 hits in 20 2/3 innings.

Johan and King Felix are obviously great arms to have in your rotation and Gallardo could become a monster. However, Felix hasn’t been able to shake the “injury-prone” label since entering the Majors and Gallardo might need some time to find his comfort zone once he returns from his knee injury. Gorzelanny is really struggling with his control, as his 6/11 K/BB rate through three starts suggests. He has shown flashes of becoming a very good starter, especially in the first half of last season, but he was awful towards the end of the season. Marcum would really fill out your starting staff.

Cordero is a proven closer, but I’m somewhat leery of his health. He was on the disabled list with shoulder tendonitis to begin the season and he gave up a hit and two walks in 2/3 of an inning in his first appearance off the DL. His velocity was reported to top out at 87 mph, a couple mph below what he typically throws. I wouldn’t be surprised if he landed on the DL again if his velocity doesn’t improve. The Nationals carry the benefit of throwing John Rauch back into the closer role, so it’s not like they need Cordero.

I think you can get by with Lidge and Papelbon as your closers. Marmol has great closer potential if Kerry Wood gets hurt, which is a realistic scenario given his injury history. I just feel that Marcum can better stabilize your staff. I hope this helps, Nick.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com

Hi guys,

Great job with the show as always.  I’m in a 12-team, 5×5 mixed league.  Should I accept this trade:

I get Josh Hamilton and Brett Myers for Adrian Gonzalez (SD) and Kosuke Fukudome

I want to trade Adrian Gonzalez because I have both Fielder and Pujols and I don’t see him as a Monday-Thursday guy.  One of my OF has been pushed to the bench because Longoria is in my 3B spot and Braun is now in my OF.  However, I feel that giving A-Gon and Fukudome away together is like trading away 180 runs, 180 rbis, 50 homeruns, .310 average and 15-20 steals.  Here is the rest of my roster just in case.

C.  Russell Martin

1B. Prince Fielder

2B. Rickie Weeks

3B. Evan Longoria

SS. Julio Lugo

OF. Ryan Braun

OF. Corey Hart

OF. Rick Ankiel

UT. Albert Pujols

BN. Adrian Gonzalez

BN. Kosuke Fukudome

DL. Curtis Granderson


SP. Adam Wainwright

SP. Zack Greinke

RP. Eric Gagne

RP. Brandon Lyon

P.  Jonathan Broxton

P.  Chad Billingsley

P.  AJ Burnett

BN. Oliver Perez

BN. Edinson Volquez

BN. JJ Putz (DL)

Thanks guys,


Hey Bobby,

At first glance, it seems like you’re giving away an awful lot in this deal, but after assessing it in the context of your lineup, I think it’s worth doing.

Hamilton and Fukudome have very similar upside, as both are five-tool outfielders who can hit for both average and power. Actually, Hamilton’s stats this year look a bit better (3 HR, 13 RBI, .537 SLG) than do Fukudome’s (1 HR, 6 RBI, .458 SLG), so I’d say you’ve got the slight edge there.

As far as Gonzalez goes, he’s very solid and ultimately has a bit more fantasy value than does a pitcher like Myers, who’s got a very pedestrian 5.00 ERA in 18 innings this season. However, you’ve got two of the game’s top first basemen in Pujols and Fielder, so Gonzo will likely ride the bench for a good deal of the year. Your rotation is considerably thinner, as Wainwright, Greinke and Burnett are solid but not spectacular, so Myers’ arm will do more for you than will Gonzalez’s bat.

Based on that logic, I think this deal will do good things for your squad.

Corey Gottlieb, MLB.com

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