First Official Fade to Blackberry / POD for Sunday April 20th and Chat News.

fade_to_blackberry.jpgSterno and Cory will do our chat on April 22nd at 3pm ET click here to get more info.


POD for Sunday 4/20.

Click here for probables , we dont know kc vs oakland yet.

We say pitch: burnett / pettitte / edwin / baker / olsen (stay hot) / gallardo and harang / kuroda and jurrjens / looper (stay hot pt 2 vs giants) / depmster / randy wolf and johnson. good luck.


now cue the music as we fade to blackberry


(gotta get sterno’s random top 5 of the night in here)

Cory: Chipper gets the Viagra unless someone throws a no-no or whatever

Casey: identical numbers with Manny at this point – plenty of the night left for Ramirez to get his third🙂

Cory: Chipper hitting 424, we haven’t really talked about him this year

 Mike: He’s a quiet hero. No flash tons of substance. HOF.

 Casey: flash? hmmm top 5 flashes

Flash Gordon

John Flaherty

“Flash in the pan”

20/20 sports flash on FAN

and how about getting flashed by a smokin hottie?


and then…..


Siano: Knuckles.

Cory Schwartz: ?

Siano: What do I get straight up for cabrera?

Cory Schwartz: Not sure that works for me, 2B is my real issue, I wanna keep shopping

Cory Schwartz: But I will look further at your roster for an Ollie offer

Siano: U told me that. Forgot.

Siano: My bad

Siano: K

Cory Schwartz: Valverde got wailed again today

Siano: Yep. I’m gonna get an a plus on that one.

Siano: Too bad he’s on my damn listener league team.

Siano: Mitch offered me jeter, duncan and wang for cc , ichiro and valverde.

Cory Schwartz: Enh

Siano: Yep

Siano: I want to do challenge trades for crying out loud.

Cory Schwartz: I hear ya

Siano: I just made myself the best salad for dinner.

Siano: Grilled chicken in a memphis rub

Siano: Tomatoe

Siano: Crouton

Siano: Gorgonzola

Siano: Lettuce

Cory Schwartz: You are the new Bobby Flay

Siano: I am.

Siano: If I was like cher and could turn back time. Manny would be a yankee.

Cory Schwartz: Padilla outdeuling Halladay

Cory Schwartz: what the with Lannan??

Siano: Amazing.

Siano: Strong beach!!!

Cory Schwartz: Inconceivable!

Cory Schwartz: Dude

Cory Schwartz: I posted 50 honorable mention movies Cory Schwartz: Then immediately remembered 3 more Cory Schwartz: It’s out of control

Siano: U hear gary cohen just now?

Cory Schwartz: Not near a tv

Siano: A listener emailed me today commending me about my list.

Siano: He got wright to ground out to end inning and said what a big night for the kid from long beach.

Cory Schwartz: Nice

Siano: Fade to blackberry tomorrow. Bank it.

Cory Schwartz: You are the original yoeman

Siano: O-cab inf 1b you should trade for him.

Cory Schwartz: I like him but have Hanley and SDrew

Siano: Just stole a base. Btw see how carlos quentin is doing?

Siano: Next year I’m just drafting my guys even if I have to reach. More fun that way.

Siano: All leagues.

Cory Schwartz: That’s what I try to do

Siano: Your a smart fella. Lannan out.

Cory Schwartz: I tried to send you an offer but it didn’t work for some reason

Cory Schwartz: Kelly Johnson and Heath Bell for Ollie Perez and Freddy Sanchez

Siano: I don’t want perez that “badly”. Good offer but rather have my guys.

Cory Schwartz: Care to counter?

Siano: When I look at your team later sure. I wanna go get me manny. If you had manny would u trade him for mags and carmona and add your worst non pod starter?

Cory Schwartz: That’s a very fine return

Cory Schwartz: Fausto on his game tonight, for certain

Siano: Fine return for who?

Cory Schwartz: Your boy Quentin with two jax tonight

Siano: Two now?

Cory Schwartz: For Manny

Siano: i didnt get him on any al onlys. What an idiot I am.

Siano: Another a+ so far.

Cory Schwartz: Yep

Cory Schwartz: Hey even if you like the right guys you can’t always get em

Siano: Yeah but he was cheap. Not like he’s markakis draft day.

Cory Schwartz: True

Siano: Who is super solid btw. HR today

Cory Schwartz: Ya

Cory Schwartz: Bailey might be close again

Cory Schwartz: Speaking of Homer

Siano: Whered u see that and why? Fogg?

Cory Schwartz: Yes.

Cory Schwartz: Cincy Enquirer quotes Dusty saying he wants to shake things up

Siano: Homer for fogg is shaking things up?

Cory Schwartz: Either Belisle or Homer up soon, Fogg gone

Cory Schwartz: Hairston coming up, not sure in place of whom

Siano: Hmmmm

Cory Schwartz: Maybe Freel

Siano: Was gonna say

Siano: Freel goes way of reed johnson.

Cory Schwartz: Our kings team decimated by injuries

Cory Schwartz: Byrd to dl today

Siano: saw

Siano: Botts finally played and raked.

Siano: I still can’t believe rauch got cut. You put in for laroche?

Cory Schwartz: Not yet

Cory Schwartz: I like my corners

Cory Schwartz: Tex-Kouz-Jacobs

Siano: Jacobs. Great job.

Siano: Good for you.

Cory Schwartz: Targeted him from the start

Cory Schwartz: Would you do Ollie for Kelly Jo even up?

Cory Schwartz: Carlos Pena leaves w/ right hammy tightness

Siano: No. I’m like you. Not gonna give a bat for an arm in many ways.

Cory Schwartz: How bout if I incldue Freddy or derosa to fill 2b, would you include soemthing in return?

Cory Schwartz: And btw you offered me Ocab for Ollie, that IS bat for arm😉

Siano: Its really about liking kelly johnson.

Siano: True. Like kjo way more then ocab

Siano: Bat with power yeah that’s it.

Siano: Rauch just blew it for lannan

Cory Schwartz: I need a 2b better than Freddy

Cory Schwartz: Freddy Cory Schwartz: Hahahha

Siano: Inherited runner but still

Siano: I’m fine with my team just want guys I like in place of good players I don’t.

Siano: I really only wanna move mags, fausto and valverde.

Cory Schwartz: Tell you what

Cory Schwartz: Add KeJo with those guys and we’ll pursue something big

 Cory Schwartz: Go big or go home Cory Schwartz: Ollie, Capps, Freddy and a 4th for them four

Siano: U have to come heavier then that to get mags.

Siano: But its closer then you may think.

Siano: $%^& valverde.

Cory Schwartz: Well look and give me some options for the 4th player

Siano: What big bats u have avail?

Siano: Any position.

Cory Schwartz: Look and tell me who you like

Siano: I’d have to get off couch to do that right now.

Cory Schwartz: Ok then let’s talk tmrow

Siano: Fine. Let me refill my scotch and walk the 30 feet.

Cory Schwartz: Thorn just made a “one bad pitch” reference

Siano: Haha

Cory Schwartz: Figueroa pitched great but had one he’d like to get back :p

Siano: Big nick

Siano: How bout paps in vs yanks with 4 run lead.

Cory Schwartz: I nearly picked him up

Cory Schwartz: Went for Eckstein instead in the off chance of an SB

Cory Schwartz: Dance doofus

Siano: U like o-dawg?

Cory Schwartz: Yeah, but he’s only a minor step up over Freddy

Siano: O dawg and valverde for capps and a bag of balls.

Cory Schwartz: Hmmm

Cory Schwartz: Interesting

Cory Schwartz: Let’s discuss tomorrow

Siano: K

Siano: Later

Cory Schwartz: L8R



The Fade to Blackberry image is my desktop background. Very cool. Kudos to the guy who created that bit of genius.

So…stealing the Ride The Lightning cover for Fade to Blackberry? AWESOME. Great idea, I really like it. Its the raw chat, which I enjoy.

Thanks for a great show, awesome graphic.

5 coconuts to the 3S’es and the work you put in for the world of Fantasy Baseball at MLB.TV. Participating has helped me remember the date, so I never have to look at my watch. But its taking some time from the WIFUS — and the the props from the diamonds, and Viva Blue are starting to wear off. She has been suggesting I cook more. I suggest for your Fab 5 you do your 5 recipes dat soothes the Wifus. Woops, Sternsey can do 5 that brings the fly to the spider. Again thanks.

ALoha, Kimo the Kahuna – the slowest rightfielder in the history of baseball.

Hey guys,
Loved the second ed. of the crackberry chat. Siano is an absolute beast with the one liners! As always, the material/perspective/wit you guys have is the best in the business.

Also, personal POD update.
Year to date, I am now at: 3.80 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, 5 Wins, 1 Save, 39 K in 47.3 IP … special thanks to J. Washburn (at home vs. KC), Leo Nunez (away vs. Anaheim) and Todd “Back to the” Wellemeyer (at home vs. San Fran) for getting my ERA and WHIP into a delightfully healthy range. Love it! Took Wellemeyer over Niemann yesterday, and got lucky with that decision. Up next I’m targetting Wandy Rodriguez (at home Saturday again Colorado). I will probably grab a bottom rung POD closer for Monday, then do some digging for my next target guy. For guys I will be sitting, I plan on sitting Chris “Cy” Young (elbow issues) today as well as Yovani Gallardo on Sunday. Gallardo got knocked around in the minors, so let’s see him put together once nice start before going “full time” on him…well, full time other than at Coors. And I try to not pitch guys with health issues…just too much at stake, and I’ve seen the bottom drop out far too many times. As someone else said in another thread about C.C. Sabathia, I’d rather miss a complete game shutout than pitch a guy who gives up 6 earnies in 4 IP.

Props to uber-producer Tom Spota for the Fade to Blackberry graphic. Didn’t think he could top his star turn in the Baby Ruth commercial but he just keeps outdoing himself!

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