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Please help with this trade.  16 Team mixed 5X5 roto.
I’ve been offered Aaron Hill and Matt Kemp for BJ Upton.
I have Howie Kendrick and Eugenio Velez that could play at 2nd and I have Corey Hart, Justin Upton, Corey Patterson and Reed Johnson for OF.  I also have Jay Bruce on the bench.
Thanks very much,
Mike at the Beach

Hey Mike,

No way do I make this deal.  Even if you start him as an outfielder, Upton is an elite fantasy player.  Factor in his 2B eligibility, this guy is someone you need to keep unless you’re getting a star in return.  Upton is a legit 30-30 candidate, and at the age of 23 he’s only going to get better.  Though I like Kemp’s ability to hit for both average and power, he’s no B.J. Upton.  And Hill is a low-end starting second baseman, even in a 16 team league.  Upton’s clearly the best player in the deal, and should net a much better package than this one.  Rather than trade Upton, I’d look to deal Kendrick if you feel the need to upgrade at outfield.  But in such a large league, I think your outfield is no worse than average.  And that’s assuming B.J.’s brother cools down after pitchers adjust to him (no sure thing!)  Kendrick for Kemp is a more than fair offer.  If that one gets rejected, sit tight.  Don’t make a trade just for the sake of making one.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com

I am kind of worried about Bedard’s hip injury lingering and he’s never hit 200 innings. Worries on Sabathia are obvious. AL only 5×5. My staff is Putz, Nathan, CJ Wilson, Street, Bedard, Shields, Sonnanstine, Buehrle, Tomko.

I’m looking to shop saves at some point, but opportunity hasn’t presented itself.  I’m obviously concerned about keeping K’s up. I also need an outfielder. Do you think the following is reasonable:

Bedard for Broussard (1b/of) or someone equivalent, and Sabathia?

Gerald (Waterloo, ON)

Hey Gerald,

Hold onto Bedard. I understand your concern regarding his hip, but are you sure you want to give up on him less than a month into the season? You drafted him for a reason. You didn’t expect the hip injury, but don’t assume he can’t be valuable later in the season. Hypothetically, say he misses the rest of April and half, or even all, of May. He could still give you major production for four months, from June to September.

I am in favor of buying low – really low – on Sabathia, but not at the cost of another potential ace. And, based on his innings increase last season (33 percent) and dreadful start to this season (13.50 ERA, 2.56 WHIP, 14/14 K/BB rate in 18 innings), Sabathia may not be a beacon of health, either. His velocity is reportedly consistent with where it’s been in the past, but is his inability to locate his pitches the sole reason for his inexplicably poor start? I’m not so sure. If I had Bedard, I wouldn’t feel confident that trading him for Sabathia would be a clear upgrade.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com

How much longer do I stick with Verlander.  He’s not getting wins, he’s killing my ERA, and his Ks are minimal.  Surely there are better options.  I know there are better options and don’t call you Shirley…Airplane!
Thanks guys,
Stephen in NC

Hey Stephen,

I know it’s frustrating, but you’ve gotta stick it out with Verlander. He’s too good to ever consider dropping outright, and I think it’s way too soon to offer him up at low cost to another owner. His 35 wins over the past two years are second only to Josh Beckett, and his impressive 307/167 K/BB during that stretch is evidence that he possesses a rare combination of dominance and control. True, he’s been shaky this season, but he’s got a career 4.29 ERA in April with worse ratios than in any other month, so things will almost certainly improve. I’ll go out on a limb and predict he still tops 15 wins this year, so if you hold onto him and he really does turn out to be a bust, you can tell your buddies that I’m to blame.

Corey Gottlieb, MLB.com



Today on the show you were talking about whether or not you should sit Sabathia and Verlander and you said to keep them active because they could throw a gem at any time. As a CC owner whose ERA and WHIP have been devastated because of him, I’ve decided to sit him until he improves.

Yes, it is true that he could go out and pitch a shutout the next time out, but I’m willing to risk missing that more than I am him further killing my pitching stats with another 9 earned run performance.

Hi guys,
again, great show, adore it.

Y!, 12 team, H2H, mixed.

I have a pretty basic question, namely Khalil Greene at shortstop.
I coulc pick up Theriot, Bobby „ist hat the year?“ Crosby, Betancourt as a free agent.

Any cecommendations?

Greez from Munich, Germany,

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