John Marzano 1963-2008

Terrible news today as’s own John Marzano passed away this morning in his home in Philadelphia. The cause has not yet been determined. Here’s a link to the most informative story I can find so far.

(Update: here’s the official release.)

If you ever heard John and Vinny on their “Leading Off” show you would recognize right away what a warm, funny guy he was. He had a passion for baseball and loved to talk about his experiences in the game and had plenty of great insights. More than anything he was just a fun guy to be around and will be terribly missed. I’ve spoken with Vinny, Mike and Casey today and we’re all in shock. We don’t know what to say or do.

(Johnny Marz in action, with Vinny and Harold, at the 2007 Winter Meetings in Nashville.)

We hope everyone out there will please join us in sending
your condolences and deepest sympathies to John’s wife, two daughters
and two grandchildren.


UPDATE (8:00 p.m. ET) — Please post any further comments on the Leading Off blog… hopefully when the time comes, John’s family will see this and gain some solace from the great sentiments that have already been shared about him, which I’m sure will continue to pour in. Thanks everyone. — CS


Wow. Whenever Marzano was on the 411 it was just awesome to listen to him. He was a guy who truly loved the game and loved his job, and you could tell that everyone loved the guy. This is just awful.

This is terrible news. When I last heard Marzano on the 411 podcast, I thought he had a great career as a Uecker- or Garagiola-type raconteur ahead of him. My condolences to his family.

I’d like to find a link to the podcast of John’s last show, which was about three weeks ago. If anyone can direct me to it, I’d be appreciative.

My deepest condolences go out to John’s wife, daughters and grandchildren who we all know he loved greatly. I also offer my sympathy to all those at and everyone else who knew John.


What awful news. My thoughts go out to John’s family and friends at this time.

When you live in the UK, and you love Baseball, you probably spend a lot of time listening to what used to be known as mlb radio. I first heard this when Seth and Bone did their last show, and immediately felt that I’d missed out hearing Bone talk about the game he obviously loved. I spent the offseason that yr (2006-7) listening to old Seth and Bone shows. Then the 2007 season starts, and here’s this big guy partnered-up with Vinny. Pah, I thought, he won’t be as good as Bone. But he was every bit as engaging, with a passion for the game, and a sense of humour to match.

The first time I ever rang in to the 411 was the day b4 my wife and I flew over to the States for the first time. I e-mailed Mike and Cory, and asked a question about Bars in Boston and New York. Marz walks in on them while they are on air answering the question – the rest is classic Marz, as story after story pour out, with no prompting! It’s the 13th Sept 2007 episode.

So I’m stunned he’s gone. But he’ll be remembered. Raise your glasses, ladies and gentlemen, we toast the memory of a man who exuded a love for the game and a love for life – Johnny Marz.

i found this story while setting up my fantasy teams for the day, i just sat and stared for five minutes…. This is a really sad thing to hear of. John was well loved on his show by me, and im sure many others, i had really warmed to him and he always made me laugh. This is a real shock to hear, especially when he looked really healthy.

So young, so soon.

IS badly missed now, and will be missed in the future.

We loved ya john!

Thoughts are with his family,friends and colleagues.


I am shocked and saddened to read about the passing of John Marzano. My thoughts and prayers with his wife, daughters and his 2 young grandchildren at this sad time. The world is going to be a darker place without John in it. John was a great guy and made me laugh with his humor as well as entertaining me with his infectious enthusiasim for the game.

I also extend my thoughts and prayers to everyone at who worked closely with John and became friends with him.

Heaven must have needed a back up catcher for the heavenly baseball team.

Jan, Glasgow.

Reading this makes me feel sick. What a horrible, sad thing to have happened. I think all of us feel robbed by his passing, even just those of us who knew him through the Baseball Channel. So I shudder to think what you guys feel like — friends, family, those who knew him personally. Marz, you will be missed.

All, please post any further comments on the Leading Off blog (… hopefully when the time comes, John’s family will see this and gain some solace from the great sentiments that have already been shared about him, which I’m sure will continue to pour in. Thanks everyone. — CS

Wow, I’m shocked at the news of Marz’ passing. My condolences go out to his entire family.

One of the first times I heard/watched Leading Off was around the end of last season. I don’t remember exactly when, but Marz had recently become a grandfather and was talking about tending his grandson for the first time over the weekend. He was talking about how they watched a bunch of baseball games together. I remember the joy that was in his voice talking about how he was going to make a DVD of great hitters and pitchers. Then have his grandson watch it over and over to learn the proper swing and wind-up.
As a first-time father myself, pretty close to the time that Marz was talking about this, it made me smile and appreciate the joy of being a father.

Thank you Marz for everything that you brought to this family that loves baseball. God must have needed a catcher.

— Phill in Utah —

Cory, Mike, Casey–

For some reason I “don’t have permission” to post on the leading off blog. Any reasons why?

PJ, I had that issue before earlier… log out, then log back in and try again, that worked for me.

How fitting was it the Johnny ended the show of Friday talking about spending time with his family. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the entire media family. The man with the big heart and big laughs will never be replaced.

it is pretty clear to see the effect john has had on all of the personalities and as an avid listener……i can’t thank him enough….his energy was very palatable every time he was on air, and my heart goes out to his family as well as the 411 community… all rock on your own……but with the influence of a man like john marzano……you have become that much better…..peace, love and hapiness guys!!!…us listeners are with you all!

-todd in chicago

RIP – JM. very sad, sad news!

Hey guys –

A number of you have been asking for the link to download the last 411 podcast that Marz was on. Thanks to Mike Jeziorski for tracking down the date. It was February 22, 2008.

Here’s the link: Just click it or paste it into your browser, save to disk and enjoy!

– daria

thanks Daria….Siano

From today’s Philly Daily News:

“Donations in Marzano’s memory can be made to the Jayden Brady and Ariana Marzano College Fund, c/o PNC Bank, 1544 Packer Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19145.”


Also, John was proud to wear his Johnny Marz “I Played the Game” shirt around the office, so let’s pick up a few and wear them with a lot of pride and a lot of love:


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