Monday’s Show + POD (Monday and Tuesday)

On Monday Sterno and I will use the entire hour to pay tribute to John Marzano who suddenly and tragically passed away over the weekend. When we have more details about where to send condolences to the Marzano Family it will be posted on this Blog. There will be no fantasy talk tomorrow but the show will return to it’s usual form on Tuesday. We are anticipating some missed shows later in the week to attend services for Marz in Philly so please respect that if you see the show go dark later this week.

POD will be posted no matter what as will the unreads all week.


POD for Monday = yes on bucholz/ marcum / hudson / maine / Z / penny / oswalt / wainwright and owings.


POD for Tuesday = yes on parra if he pitches / smoltz / jr weaver / beckett / verlander (tick tock) / kuo / volquez / shields / peavy / cc (tick tock part 2) / wang / myers (yes we know its coors) / webb (cory says watch zito beat him) and king felix.


thanks for your nice thoughts about Marz, keep them coming at





Zito over Webb? Really?

he’s being cynical, as in watch this nuttiness.

Of course I’m being facetious. Webb vs. Zito in Chase Field should be a gold-key lock so it will probably be like Giants 9, D’Backs 2. That’s baseball.

Sadly, I just found out about Marz. Was quite the life of the show but I know it will carry on. Today, the whole show for him is great.

But need some help in 2008 Open: 10 teams in the weekly format.

Crede or Reynolds at 3B? Crede is off today, but gets Yankees and Baltimore to bat against. Reynolds is on tonight and all days and his matchups look a little tougher. What think?

Mike/Sterno (Cory/Heiss), great job today. Appropriate, tasteful and funny. Watched it twice…. Also, anyone else catch the double Family Feud reference on today’s show (Dawson/Family Dodge spot)? Funny.

Lastly, Cory/Mike, thoughts on Figeroa and/or Lilly in Wrigley tomorrow? Noticed neither made the list..Lilly’s bat/pitcher #’s against the Mets are pretty good…

I don’t trust Figueroa yet, or Lilly right now. Figueroa has one more good start and I might get interested, and/or Lilly has even one good start and I might get interested. For now I will pass on both.


I feel pretty safe saying that Monday’s show was probably the most difficult for the community. But I want to thank everyone involved for putting together a first class show. Mike and Casey provided insight for those of us who never had the chance to meet John. My thoughts and prayers go out to John’s family and friends.
-Hack in Rancho Cucamonga

I just finished the podcast for Monday’s show, and I want to say that it was an excellent and fitting tribute. I’m envious of all of you because I never met the man. You guys are all truely blessed.
I will always think of Johnny whenever I hear the word “tenure” and laugh out loud (“tenure? Rickey got twenty-ure”). A marvelous story for a great storyteller.
If it’s not too late, please keep the video stream of yesterday’s show available through the weekend. I miss ed quite a bit on the podcast and I’d like to see the video if possible.

Good luck moving forward gentlemen.

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