Fave five TV shows!

Siano, Sterno and I will reveal our top five fave TV shows on tomorrow’s episode of the 411. Gotta admit I’m having a harder time with this than I did with the movies list, but Siano and Sterno have already submitted their lists. Help me out here folks, let’s hear your favorites!






Guys, I loved the top five movies last week and picked up some movies like Glengarry Glen Ross that I missed but will be renting as soon as I get a chance. I am including a list of my top five television shows for you to consider, debate and draw inspiration from.
[b](1) Stargate SG-1
(2) NCIS
(3) House
(4) X-Files
(5) JAG[/b]
Honorable Mention – Lost, Quantum Leap, The Fugitive, Emergency, Rescue Me, Psych, Chuck, Coach, Heroes and Bones.

Looking forward to the show – Keep up the great work. – Kent in Clarinda

Battlestar Galactica (New version)

The honorable mention list would be too long. The only show to I want to add is Baseball Tonight, if for no other reason that it was the first show I scheduled as a season pass when I got my Tivo, even though it was December.

The Ren & Stimpy Show
The Colbert Report
Arrested Development
Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

— Charles in DC

Dukes of Hazzard
Without a Trace

Honorable mentions, Inspector Gadget, Fraggle Rock, Numb3rs, ER, Scrubs, Law and Order, The Sopranos, House, NCIS, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Shark, The West Wing, X-files, Heroes and Stargate SG-1.

Jan, Glasgow

Props to the 411 ! Here’s THE List.

1. Cheers (as previously stated, BEFORE Kirsty Alley, Bleh)

2. Black Books (Best British comedy sitcom ever)

3. House MD

4. The Fantasy 411 (Dudes, Best show, regardless of where it airs)

5. Iron Chef (Who thought cooking could be so entertaining)

1. Seinfeld
2. Star Trek TNG
3. Arrested Development
4. Curb your enthusiasm
5. Kenny vs Spenny (seriously, you have to look this one up)

5. Flavor of Love 1&2 (the best fried chicken is microwaved with marshmallows)
4. Top Chef (Fear the Fo-hawk)
3. Ninja Warrior (So ridiculous its impossible not to watch)
2. Sports Night (a third place show on a fourth rate network)
1. Minding the Store (Pauly Shore isn’t the single greatest actor of all time but this canceled after 6 episodes reality show will have you screaming for BioDome II)

I’m not really a reality TV junkie, really I’m not.

1. THE Fantasy 411- Yes, the new and improved version. Was skeptical at first, but loving the evolution…
2. Kiner’s Corner
3. Baseball Tonight – Sorry, I’m biased, as you know.
4. The Honeymooners
5. Survivor

Wasn’t into the honorable mention thing as I was reading the other posts, but limiting to 5 is really tough…Since you asked for help, would be remiss to exclude Mash, Sopranos, West Wing, SNL, Married with Children, All in the Family, Cheers, The Daily Show and ALF🙂

This was tough- my top 5 shows:
#5: 24 – Consistently better than most action movies today
#4: Dexter – A fun show about a likable serial killer
#3: Arrested Development – Sharpest dialogue out there
#2: The Twilight Zone – Brilliant stories and social commentary
#1: Mystery Science Theater 3000 – A guy and his robot pals make fun of bad movies. Brilliant!

HONORABLE MENTIONS: South Park, Beavis and Butthead, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Futurama, Family Guy, Mythbusters, CSI, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Freaks and Geeks, Star Trek, Married With Children

Whoops, that was from “Dan in Los Angeles” by the way!

My list is pretty plain, but these are the shows that I really just don’t get sick of watching:

1. Seinfeld
2. Simpsons
3. M.A.S.H.
4. Cosby Show
5. Cheers
Honorable Mention:
Freaks and Geeks
America’s Test Kitchen
G.I. Joe
Muppet Show
Todd in St. Louis

Okay, so I don’t watch too much TV, but I do think TV over the last 5 or 6 years has gotten better. So, here are my favorites.

1. The West Wing
2. Six Feet Under
3. Rescue Me
4. Nip/Tuck
5. Deadwood

Honorable Mentions: The Shield, The Sopranos, Scrubs, The X-Files, Entourage, Star Trek: The Next Generation, 24, Lost, Prison Break, Oz, Homocide.

I have to give props to Todd in STL for giving it up for one of the comedies that started it all on NBC, The Cosby Show. Very nice. It is included in my top 5 along with (in no particular order):

*The Cosby Show (when it was just the family, before the kids grew up and got wierd)
* Nip/Tuck (if you haven’t seen it, rent it! Remember that this show comes on F/X at 10pm and you’ll be amazed at what is able to be shown at that time)
*Cheers (before KA)
*Speed Racer (we can pick cartoons, can’t we?)
*The Young Ones (it was on MTV on Sunday nights and had a mid-show musical interlude including acts like Motorhead and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, look it up!)

Honorable Mention:
*House (one sarcastic, womanizing doctor … love it)
*The Muppet Show (the two old guys in the balcony were hysterical!)
* Seinfeld (a classic)
* Friends (we were all in that spot at one time or another)
* M*A*S*H (it was more fun to watch Hawkeye and Trapper torture Frank than it was Charles Emerson Winchester III)

Tim in Baltimore

In no particular order

1. M*A*S*H (snide remark/off the cuff humor is classic)
2. Cheers (agree on cory’s assensment
3. 24 (agree with previous post/better than most movies)
4. The Wonder Years (historical significance)
5. Different Strokes (What you talkin about Willis1)

Todd- Sheboygan

I love these top five segments boys, keep them coming. For me, top 5 TV has to be:

1. The Wire – absolute work of art, heads and shoulds above all other modern TV

2. Sports Night – sports commentator theme, great acting and Aaron Sorkin dialogue, doesn’t get much better than that

3. Deadwood – another show with just amazing writing, almost poetic use of the word f#^$

4. Firefly – cancelled way to soon, in my mind the Star Trek of the modern era

5. Seinfeld – best comedy ever

Chris in Victoria (BC)

1. The Wire – Not a wasted character, scene, or episode in this amazing show that has more to say about real life than anything on television.
2. South Park – Every episode pushes the limits of what can be shown and said on television.
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm – Pretty, pretty, pretty good show.
4. Adult Swim – This includes Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
5. ESPNEWS – It has made ESPN and SportsCenter obsolete and now comes in HD.

Honorable mention: The Sopranos, Ali G Show (I like), Entourage (Tell Sloan I said, “What up.”), Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Iron Chef, 60 Minutes, the Real World (Guilty pleasure), Kenny vs Spenny (Poor Spenny), Late Show w/ David Letterman, Jeopardy, and SNL (in an election year, a must watch).

Andrew in H-Town

not counting any baseball related shows because those are obvious

10. Rescue Me
9. Extras (UK)
8. Curb Your Enthusiasm
7. Family Guy
6. The Office (US version)
5. Entourage
4. Twin Peaks
3. Cheers
2. The Office (UK Version)
1. Seinfeld

Hey guys – Here are my top 5 shows, as well as my honorables…
1. Seinfeld
2. The Wire
3. The Simpsons
4. Arrested Development
5. Larry Sanders
Honorable Mention –
30 Rock
The Office (UK)
Curb Your Enthusiasm

Thanks, Brian

2. The Office
3. Seinfeld
4. Heroes
5. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 80’s cartoon

Without HBO I haven’t seen many of the shows listed above.

I’m surprised that American Idol isn’t on anyone’s list. With 80 bazillion people watching it, you’d think it’d be in somebody’s top 5.

1.) The Office (That’s what she said.)

2.) Prison Break (The show that pulls you in for hours.)

3.) Seinfeld (Still love the reruns even after it’s been gone awhile.)

4.) 30 Rock (A dark-horse comedy that more people should watch.)

5.) Family Guy (You know shouldn’t laugh, but you can’t help it.)

I can’t think of 5… but my favorite two are Family Guy and American Idol.

Its in my top 5…… or 3 rather I also love Deal or No Deal, as corny as that seems.

5. Buffy (very influential, ahead of it’s time)

4. LOST (Wonderful epic story arc)

3. Deadwood (it’s a pick ’em with all those HBO shows)

2. the Simpsons (most culturally relevant, sorry Seinfeld)

1. Battlestar Galactica (best sci-fi of any kind, ever.)

1) Arrested Development
2) Lost
3) Seinfeld
4) How I Met Your Mother
5) Ed (1st season)

My Top 5 tv shows:

1. M*A*S*H
2. Babylon 5
3. Firefly
4. Sports Night
5. Farscape

Jeanne from Hollywood

1) Pardon the Interruption
2) Lost
3) Battlestar Galactica
4) Seinfeld
5) Sopranos

my top 5 tv-shows

2. THE O.C.

5) Cheers


3) 24

2) Friends

1) The Simpsons

Honorable mention: The Office, Seinfeld


If you liked Oz when that was on then you would love LOST.
Best show ever produced in television history. Literally, four or five of the best characters on OZ are on LOST.
The writers are well read and cultured. Also, the writers planned everything out before the first show aired.
Last thing I like about the show. It is not manipulative. They don’t tell you what the characters are thinking, there are NO recaps within the story to catch us up. You have to actually think and figure out things yourself.
Great Show

2. Six Feet Under. I actually subscribed to HBO for this show.

3. OZ. Only watched this show because I subscribed to HBO and at first hated it because it was so graphic. However, the acting was excellent. So good that they were able pull off crazy situations.

4. Simpsons – Best. Cartoon. Ever.

5. Frazier – Well thought out and very smart.

Tampa Pete

1. X-Files (The best part of this series was how contradictory the lead roles were. Scully talks about the paranormal as being unsubstantiated theories, yet believes in god. Classic)
2. Seinfeld
3. Scrubs
4. Saved by the Bell (btw Stern-O, I believe that episode you quoted Jessie on was the one where she was taking caffeine pills to stay awake for studying because she spent too much time with dance practice. She said that line before collapsing into Zack’s arms. I remember just about every episode too, I would come home after school to watch the reruns everyday. My fav episode by far is Running Zack.)
5. Sliders (First season was ok, 2nd and 3rd kicked ***, but steadily declined to an abysmal final season. Still I loved it.)

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