Unread for 4/22/08

Hey Guys, I love the show.

I am the league commissioner of a 10 team, 5×5 vanilla league.  A trade has been accepted and I am not sure if it is fair.

 Team A trades Jeff Francoeur, Howie Kendrick (who’s on the DL), and Ian Snell to Team B for Jake Peavy.

Is Team A giving up enough for Peavy?

Mercer Island, WA

Hey Galen,

Peavy is great, but my first thought was “Is Team A giving up too much?” So, yes, I think Team A is definitely giving up enough.

Peavy might be the best pitcher in the game (yes, even better than Johan), and should be great for years considering his age (26), his lifetime K/9 rate (9) and his pitcher-friendly home ballpark (San Diego’s PETCO Park). However, the trio of Francoeur, Kendrick and Snell is young and primed for big-time production. Snell improved his ERA (4.74 to 3.76) and WHIP (1.46 to 1.33) from 2006 to 2007, is a solid strikeout pitcher (7.8 K/9 rate lifetime) and won’t turn 27 until October. Francoeur is just 24 and looks like he can be an annual 30 home run and 100 RBI guy. He hit just 19 jacks last season, but his 40 doubles suggested that the power was there. Additionally, he has averaged 104 RBIs the last two seasons. Kendrick, 24, is most valuable in batting average leagues, such as yours. He has a career .317 average in 641 at-bats spread over three seasons.

This deal isn’t a heist for either side. Remember, what you perceive as “fair” may not be the same as what someone else perceives. As a league commissioner, you should be most interested in finding out if both teams genuinely feel that this trade will make them better. If that’s the case, then you need to step back and let the trade go through.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com


Isn’t it weird to think that Peavy was 11-14 (wins-losses) year before last?
Snell could win 15-20 games every year if he got out of Pittsburgh.
Francour has 3 walks this year in 82 plate appearances, Kendrick just 1 in 37. Personally, I just never like having guys who can’t draw many walks.
Still seems like a fair deal.

I’d still rather have the Peavy side, especially in a 10 team league. Elite pitching becomes more valuable, and there are good OF and 2B still on the wire.

Not really something to veto, but I think this is a steal for the Peavy side.

How does elite pitching become more valuable in a 10 team league? I would think that the less teams there are, the less important elite pitching becomes. Bigger leagues with 12 or 15 teams means there are fewer true aces to go around.

Anyway, I think the trade is fair value and most definitely not vetoable.

Brian in Cbus

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