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I am in a vanilla 10 team 5×5 Keeper league. I want to trade A-Rod and Troy Tulowitzki for Jimmy Rollins and BJ Upton.  Do you think this is a pretty fair trade? Thanks


Hey Scott,

This is definitely a fair deal, and I do prefer the Rollins-Upton side.  But you should sit tight for the time being until we know the extent of Rollins’ ankle injury.  The Phillies say Jimmy should return to the field once he comes off the DL on May 5, but there have also been rumblings that the ankle could be broken.  Quite honestly, I’m not sure who to believe!  The important thing is that Rollins hasn’t seen any action outside of pinch hitting duty in two and a half weeks, enough of a reason to proceed with caution before making this trade.

As for the other players involved, I’m not convinced that Tulowitzki is going to be a legitimate .290-25-100 guy over the course of his career.  Tulo’s off to a terrible start this year, hitting only .161 and in the midst of a 7 for 54 slump.  Sure Tulowitzki has value, but dealing him while your fellow owners still have last year’s stats engrained in their minds isn’t a bad idea.  Assuming Rollins returns healthy and even comes close to last season’s MVP production, the jump from Tulowitzki to Rollins is significant.

Certainly, this upgrade comes with a price, as A-Rod is clearly the top player in the game.  That said, Upton isn’t exactly a throw-in.  A 2B eligible player who could approach .300-30-30 eases at least some of the pain of losing A-Rod!  Use the next week or so to monitor Rollins’ status.  If all signs are positive, go through with the trade.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com

Hey guys love the show!

I’m in a standard mixed roto 5×5 weekly league.  Our league has 4 SP spots and 2 RP spots.  I drafted the following pitchers to start on my roster:


Yovani Gallardo

Dustin McGowan

James Shields

Phil Hughes

Manny Corpas

Brandon Lyon

When Yovani went down I moved him to DL and I picked up Ian Kennedy to take his place.

Needless to say, I’m dead last in 4 of 5 pitching categories (and 2nd to last in Saves).  I recently dropped Kennedy and picked up Randy Wolf.  I substituted Wolf for Hughes until he straightens himself out.  I also picked up Fuentes in case the Rockies remove Corpas as the closer.

I still like my staff, but I am really falling behind in the pitching categories.  Is it time to panic?  Do I make a drastic move to pick up another pitcher?  Who would you target?  Our league has a moves limit, so I can’t really play pitch or ditch.

 Please help!

 Bill in Chicago

Hey Bill,

Definitely not time to hit the panic button just yet. You’ve still got the makings of a very solid staff, and when Gallardo comes back I think you’ll be in very good shape with him, McGowan and Shields as your top three starters. No question, you’ve got to hold on to those three, as they’ve all proven they can win lots of games on a big league level.

I agree with you that Hughes doesn’t merit a guaranteed start every time he takes the hill, at least not until he proves he can locate his pitches consistently by stringing together a few quality outings. Randy Wolf may have been the perfect replacement for him, as he’s an overachieving veteran whose current ace-like numbers will (hopefully) come back down to earth right around the time that Hughes finds his groove (if you hadn’t nabbed Wolf, I would’ve pointed you towards guys like Tim Redding and Carlos Silva, who are doing much of the same).

As far as relievers go, there’s probably no need to hold on to Corpas for very much longer. All signs indicate that Fuentes is now the man in Colorado, and it appears unlikely that he’s at risk to lose the job for a second time. Take your chances with another potential bullpen-in-flux: possibilities include the Cubs (Wood has been shaky), the Padres (Hoffman’s been even shakier) and the Giants (all kinds of issues by the Bay, and the ‘pen is one of them).

Corey Gottlieb, MLB.com       


Where’s today’s 411?

I’m assuming that the boys were attending Johnny Marz’s service today. They had said they would most likely miss a day because of it, and today was the service. Can’t blame em for missing because of that

Brian in Cbus

Brian, you are correct, Siano and Sterno were in Philly on Friday to pay their respects to Johnny Marz. Petey Mac and I stayed behind to tend shop and did the best 411 we could under the circumstances. The archive should be posted somewhere soon if it’s not already…


Ok I found it now. Didn’t mean to complain, just didn’t know if you knew it didn’t go up yesterday. I gots to have my fix.

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