Fade To Crackberry and Tout Nuggets

The participants of Tout will now be writing a weekly column on Cbssports.com so here was the first one done by Lawr Michaels of Creative Sports


It was good getting back with Cory old skool today but it made me miss the little guy even more because it’s a lot harder then it looks.


on to

fade_to_blackberry_200_200.jpgSiano: Of course kjo homers.

Cory Schwartz: Long season buddy

Siano: Don’t I know it.

Siano: Look at u making trades in tout.

Cory Schwartz: You’ll do fine in this deal, high strikeout SP and solid closer 

Cory Schwartz: I’m gonna win listener lg again this year then retire

Siano: Haha

Siano: U should

Cory Schwartz: Ride off into the sunset

Siano: On a steel horse u ride.

Cory Schwartz: Climb aboard my big *** steed, then we’re gonna $%$# &*^% $%^# and ride, ride ride

Cory Schwartz: Explosivo!!!

Siano: Kickapoo in the hizzle

Cory Schwartz: Wainwright 126 pitch cg today, larussa is nevermind

Siano: Ha

Cory Schwartz: That’s just negligence at its worst

Siano: When your not drinkin or hangin with friends the nfl draft is pretty boring 

Cory Schwartz: Cowboys get the rb they wanted, outside of that I could not care less

Siano: Good player so-so fantasy value since he splits with barber at best.

Cory Schwartz: I don’t do fantast fb, I root for an actual team🙂

Siano: Whatever

Cory Schwartz: God bless

Siano: I’m actually down to just one team.

Siano: I don’t play unless I can win $$$$

Siano: That’s the difference.

Cory Schwartz: I don’t know enough about football to enjoy fantasy

Siano: Its way easier then baseball that’s for sure.

Cory Schwartz: I’ve come to terms with just being a baseball guy

Siano: All that matters is you sleep ok at night.

Cory Schwartz: I sure do pal


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