Fade To Crackberry and More Tout Nuggets

Here is another Tout article by Cory’s boy Lenny Melnick. If you scroll to bottom you get all the Tout links you need so check it out especially if you are in FAAB leagues.


now on to


Siano: Carlos lee hits ball hard

Cory Schwartz: And when it be gone, it stay gone

Cory Schwartz: So to speak

Siano: Patterson pops out on bunt

Cory Schwartz: Him, notsogood

Cory Schwartz: You wanna deal for?

Siano: Prob not.

Cory Schwartz: Wise choice

Siano: Another reason why holds is a stupid category.

Siano: Ryan franklin leads the majors.

Cory Schwartz: Haha

Siano: See that yankee “rally”

Cory Schwartz: Whatever works

Cory Schwartz: Mussina not bad

Siano: Nope

Siano: But tightrope city and won’t go long in games.

Siano: Ok in pod but no graduate.

Cory Schwartz: Right

Siano: Eddy 2 doubles huh. So happy. He’s safe.

Siano: Like I said.

Siano: Cream rises to top.

Cory Schwartz: Yeah, leading the Reds in just about everything, he can hit

Siano: Sleeps with a rake.

Cory Schwartz: Haha

Siano: Check out my reply on post for fave 5 tv show. See the backing I got on buffy?

Cory Schwartz: Yep

Cory Schwartz: I never spoke out against that

Cory Schwartz: Although SMG is no Kristi Swanson

Siano: No she’s hotter and trust me I love kristy.

Siano: Pboy and of course the chase.

Cory Schwartz: Swanson in the Buffy movie, hot lava

Siano: Enh. Hotter in the chase. You ever see that?

Cory Schwartz: I did not, I sense that I should

Siano: Barton 3 run dingy, morales can’t get out giants.

Siano: Guilty pleasure movie. Charlie sheen. Flea and kiedis , henry rollins, good fun.

Cory Schwartz: Barton?

Siano: Yep

Siano: Off sinkers

Cory Schwartz: Oh, Daric

Siano: No barton fink

Cory Schwartz: Was thinking Brian, hahhha

Siano: Easy

Cory Schwartz: Ryan Ludwick golden sombrero

Siano: He’s no shumaker

Cory Schwartz: As Cory said, just a good hitter on a hot streak but that over now

Siano: U know I think my papi trade got nixed becuase I cut skip before trade was consumated. What a joke.

Siano: In 411. Gotta resubmit that beeyotch.

Siano: Pujols 3 hits.

Siano: He sleeps with a back hoe

Siano: Eddy with the play for coco!!!

Cory Schwartz: Cordero w the save that’s good enough for me

Siano: Eddy eddy eddy!


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