Top 5 Musical Artists

1.Depeche Mode
3.Alice in Chains
5.Pearl Jam
Honorable mentions:  Stray Cats, Killers, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Megadeth
1. Ramones
2. Supersuckers
3. Metallica
4. Lunachicks
5. Kiss
Honorable mentions:

6. Nirvana  7. Slayer  8. Black Sabbath  9. Misfits  10. Rocket From the Crypt
1. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street band
2. James Taylor
3. Billy Joel
4. Grateful Dead
5. Van Halen
Honorable mentions:  Jackson Browne, Guns & Roses, Pearl Jam, The Who, Eric Clapton



James Taylor?

Love Alice in Chains, but Layne Staley is such a sad story. That’s a great example to stay away from drugs.

Nice on Casey with picking Van Halen. James Taylor???

The dead is a good choice. They wouldnt make my top 15 but i can listen to them.

Jan, Glasgow.

WTF.. There is one odd selection on each list. I listen on the podcast, so I’ll check out the details later. Good lists, I have to comment though…
Mike – You had me till Elvis, who I could understand, but Depeche Mode … really? I hope there is a good story behind that involving a hottie, but like I said, I’ll wait for the Podcast.
Cory – Good List, as expected, but Metallica lost some standing with me in recent years. Good stuff though.
Casey – James Taylor out, The Who in & your golden.
I didn’t think about this in advance, but off the top of my head:

1. Pink Floyd – Favorite Music and Lyric combo ever
2. U2 – Although some of their pop-themes fall flat for me, their early stuff, lyrics and some recent gems rock
3. Leonard Cohen – Lyrics are amazing, unique sound
4. Iron Maiden – Number 1 in the enormous list of the heavy metal bands I grew up with
5. Jeff Buckley – His version of Hallelujah is maybe the single best song ever.
Mentions – Metallica (older the better), Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Slayer, King Diamond, Anthrax, Ramones,

Eddie Spaghetti rocks. La Mano Cornuda is one of the best things to ever come out of Seattle. Nice list Cory.

Agreed that Metallica lost some standing for me, especially after they started making videos and went after Napster, which was a gigantically hypocritical move on their part. But their first three albums — plus AJFA and the black album if you like — totally changed the landscape for heavy metal. They were hugely influential in a lot of ways.

BTW, I’m going to do a separate blog post for my top 100, since a little comments area just wouldn’t do it right!

How does Loverboy not make any one of these lists?

Hey Casey-

Can you give us the scoop on this year’s “Vote E.J. to the All Star Game” campaign?

(e.g. team, position, basic info)

Casey, I got your back on James Taylor. Nothing wrong with being in touch with your emotions.

Todd in St. Louis

1. Vivaldi 2. Mozart 3. Bach 4. Beethoven 5.Tchaikovsky

1. Viva Viagra Commercial. They took music before it and stripped it down to its essence and proved that all you need is a guitar and a hard member.

1) Nirvana
2) System of a Down
3) Red Hot Chili Peppers
4) Franz Ferdinand

To dificult to come up with a 5 in terms of favorite so I will go with my honorable mentions.

Alice in Chains
Allman Brothers
Autechre ((Best techno ever created. Original))
Avenged Sevenfold
Bad Religion
Barenaked Ladies
Beastie Boys
Black Sabbath
Blind Melon
Blue Oyster Cult
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Bowling for Soup
The Bravery
Bullet For My Valentine
Carlos Santana
The Carpenters
Cheap Trick
David Bowie
Dead Kennedys
Death Cab For Cutie
Deep Purple
The Doors
Drowning Pool
The Eagles
Eric Clapton
Foo Fighters
From First to Last
Green Day
Guns N’ Roses
Jimi Hendrix
Judas Priest
Jupiter One
The Killers
Led Zeppelin
Linkin Park
Miles Davis ((best Jazz guitarist of all time))
The Offspring
Papa Roach
Pink Floyd
The Police
Sum 41
Taking Back Sunday
Tears of Fears
The Who
The White Stripes
Wierd Al Yankovic

1) The Beatles
2) Nirvana
3) Led Zeppelin
4) Metallica
5) Red Hot Chili Peppers ((BSSM was one of the best albums of all time and Power of Equality was quite possibly the best first track of all time. Flea is arguably a top 3 basist of all time, if not the best.))

1. The Beatles
2. Bruce Springsteen/The E Street Band
3. Radiohead
4. The Rolling Stones
5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Wilco, No Doubt, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, and Jackson Browne are my Honorable Mentions

This list from an “older guy!” Get Samples, Randall, Sethy and Vinny to weigh in too.

1. Elvis
2. Roy Oberson
3. Dan Fogelberg
4. Beatles
5. Springsteen/E Street Band
6. Eric Clapton
7. Beamer Brothers – from Hawaii
8. YoYo MA – not Jeffery MA

AND Sternzie & and the What About Bobs???

Kimo the Big Kahuna

I’m looking at the preview, and there are no returns no matter how many I put in, so hopefully this is legible (as if anyone cared).

My top five:

1. They Might Be Giants
Prolific (for 25 years, no less), inventive, and are as fan-friendly and accessible as any band around. Probably somewhat a “you-get-it-or-you-don’t” group. Were already popular with kids, then go out and release two top-selling kids albums.

2. Squeeze
Never as popular in this country as they probably should have been due to their uniquely British style (some references went right over my head), but still outstanding accessible pop. Difford and Tilbrook really were latter-day Lennon and McCartney in terms of songwriting.

3. XTC
Andy Partridge swears he can’t write a pop song, but this quirky group should have had some hits over the years. Skylarking is one of the greatest albums of all time, both musically and in its construction.

4. Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü/solo/Sugar)
Can’t believe Schwartz didn’t even mention the Du considering his tastes, since they were maybe the most influential punk band of the 1980s (I would consider Ramones more 70s). Mould’s first post-Du release “Workbook” is still one of the most amazing and revelatory albums ever. Still relevant today, and great with fans.

5. Devo
I turned on very slowly to the Akron boys, but now can’t stop listening to them. Ahead of their time and yet somehow out of time altogether, maybe a little too adventurous for the average listener, they’re absolutely worth digging into.

Level 1 honorable mentions (leaving a few of these out of the top 5 was tough):

The B-52’s – some of the most fun music around;
The Beatles – not much else needs to be said;
E/eels – so vastly underrated and underappreciated;
Neil Finn (Split Enz/Crowded House/solo/Finn Brothers) – again, I think too foreign for American mainstream;
Talking Heads – “Speaking In Tongues,” ’nuff said;
Joe Jackson – some brilliant pop songs;
Jen Trynin – “Gun Shy Trigger Happy” one of the top albums of the 1990s;
The Police – a shooting star of music;
R.E.M. – didn’t make the top 5 because of the mid 90s-mid 2000s, but new album is great and did several of the best of the 1980s;
Midnight Oil – so much more greatness than “Beds Are Burning”;
Genesis, et al – some inconsistent solo work, and hung on one album too long (“Congo”?!?), but genius musicianship and unique songwriting here;
Fountains of Wayne – the best of the revival of older styles;
Pixies – Full of sound and fury, signifying plenty;
The Pretenders – more up-and-down in later years, but eponymous debut and “Learning To Crawl” are classic rock albums.

Level 2 honorable mentions:
The Art of Noise;
Bad Religion;
Barenaked Ladies;
Ben Folds;
Beth Orton;
The Blue Nile;
Brave Combo;
Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker;
Concrete Blonde;
Elvis Costello;
The Fatima Mansions;
Foo Fighters;
Hoodoo Gurus;
John Wesley Harding;
Kate Bush;
Liz Phair;
Man or Astro-Man?;
Matthew Sweet;
Nine Inch Nails;
Simon & Garfunkel/Paul Simon;
The Replacements;
Robyn Hitchcock;
Weird Al Yankovic.

Props to anyone for including Leonard Cohen. He’s 1B to Bob Dylan’s 1A in terms of best songwriters ever. I got your back on D.Mode Mike…sort of…I wouldn’t include them in my top 100 bands and I don’t like much electronic music, but Dave Gahan is a very overlooked songwriter, especially his latest solo effort. Sterno, I’ve lost a lot of respect for you(James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Billy Joel?) with that list, but at least you named one good band(Who).

Mild interest in Husker Du, Sugar and Pretenders (all from your list above), but not enough to crack my top 100. The first two Pretenders albums were awesome, but once Honeyman Scott croaked, it was all downhill from there. Like Bill Hicks, I’m a big believer that consumables are a big part of creating quality music.🙂

I ama product of the 80’s and hair bands just didn’t do it for me. Black Celebration, Music for the Masses and Songs of Faith and Devotion are tremendous albums and just do your self this one favor. Look at who chipped in for the DM tribute album below. Tell me this band doesn’t have an impact on music and other aritsts. My second favorite concert of all time was the DM show at MSG , I was on the floor and had sick seats and David Gahan brought his A-Game. favorite concert btw was Pink Floyd at Yankee Stadium.

1 Never Let Me Down Again – Smashing Pumpkins
2 Fly on the Windscreen – God Lives Underwater
3 Enjoy the Silence – Failure [1]
4 World in My Eyes – Cure
5 Policy of Truth – Dishwalla
6 Somebody – Veruca Salt
7 Everything Counts – Meat Beat Manifesto
8 Shake the Disease – Hooverphonic
9 Master and Servant – Locust [3]
10 Shame – Self [1]
11 Black Celebration – Monster Magnet
12 Waiting for the Night – Rabbit In The Moon
13 I Feel You – Apollo Four Forty
14 Monument – Gus Gus [1]
15 To Have and to Hold – Deftones
16 Stripped – Rammstein

Just a couple more to represent the 80’s:

INXS, Alarm, Pretenders, The Jam, Psychadellic Furs, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Fixx, Figures on a Beach and my favorite…Trashcan Sinatras.

And of course, Josie Cotton asked the musical question…Johnny are you *****?

Some great music has been mentioned already. Here a a few of my favorites that may not have been:

The Pixies,
Sonic Youth,
De La Soul,
TV on the Radio,
Jane’s Addiction,
Joy Division,
The Flaming Lips,
The Mars Volta,
The Roots, Arcade Fire

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