Cory’s Top 100 Fave Bands

No disrespect to Casey’s or Mike’s lists, because everyone has their own tastes in music. But hey, I’m a music junkie, so I didn’t want to limit myself to just 5 or 10 bands or whatever. So, here are my top five favorite bands of all time:

1. Ramones
2. Supersuckers
3. Metallica
4. Lunachickscrumb-beast.jpg
5. Kiss
First honorable mentions (6-15): Black Sabbath, Misfits, Nirvana, Rocket From the Crypt, Slayer, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Superchunk, Therapy?, Voivod.
Second honorable mentions (16-25): Brand New; Crumbsuckers (right); Doom Kounty Electric Chair; Fudge Tunnel; Hot Snakes; Jane’s Addiction; Led Zeppelin; Monsterland; Queens of the Stone Age, Rage Against the Machine. 
Additional honorable mentions (26-100): …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead; AC/DC; Accept; Aerosmith; Afghan Whigs; Agnostic Front; Alice In Chains; Anthrax; Black Crowes; Black Flag; Bloody Hollies; Bottom; Cheap Trick; Clash; Danzig; Dead Kennedys; Detroit Cobras; Devo (below);
Thumbnail image for Devo.jpgDiamond Head; Dinosaur Jr.; Donnas; Dwarves; Faith No More; Fastbacks; Fear Factory; Fireball Ministry; Foo Fighters; Gaza Strippers; Gits; Guns’n’Roses; Hellacopters; Helmet; High On Fire; I.N.C.; Ice-T; Iggy & The Stooges; Iron Maiden; Lard; Megadeth; Melvins; Mighty Mighty Bosstones; Ministry; Motley Crue; Motorhead; Murphy’s Law; Nailbomb; Nuclear Assault; Pearl Jam; Pitchshifter; Pixies; Plasmatics; Primus; Pro-Pain; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Reverend Horton Heat; Runaways; Rush; S.O.D.; Samhain; Screaming Trees; Sepultura; Sex Pistols; Smashing Pumpkins; Soulfly; Suicidal Tendencies; Tenacious D (below)
The D.jpg; Testament; Tool; Turbonegro; Urge Overkill; Van Halen; Vaz; Wick Effect; Wobblies; Zeke.

* * *

Truth be told, the top three are the only rock-solid picks here… any other band on this list could crack my top five at some point depending on what mood I’m in at any given moment, and there are probably 100 or more other bands that I love that I didn’t list here. 100 is enough!


Later tonight when I get home I’ll update this post with more pictures and some anecdotes and stories and whatnot… rock on!


Thanks, Cory



Quite an impressive list. Some of my favorite under-the-radar bands are listed, including Fudge Tunnel, Primus, and Urge Overkill. Great stuff there.

Curious: are you a Rollins Black Flag afficianado or do you like the early stuff better?

I’m a bit surprised there aren’t a few more SST Records bands to be honest (Husker Du, Bad Brains, Minutemen), but then you are an east coast guy. And like you said, you could add a second 100 easily. I recommend checking out any of the Decendents albums from the early 80’s if you haven’t yet. You’ll probably like them.

You should start a music blog in your spare time (lol- I have kid, wife, and job and I know you have no spare time).

Definitely agree on the Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Clash, Stooges, Tenacious D, Dino Jr, which he listed..they were on SST early on. Not a lot of indie bands listed as one might expect from a “music junkie”, but then again, I’m not a metal fan so I guess that plays a part as most of those bands are on majors. Also not many bands in general post 1995…so you’re showing your age:)….but in seriousness, if you like Trail of Dead check out something from the band– At The Drive In….perhaps sample the song “one armed scissor”. Surprised you didn’t list The Cult, as it seems that every big Kiss fan is also a Cult fan…see Adrian Grenier aka Vinny Chase.

I prefer the Rollins era Black Flag the most, but of course the stuff with Keith Morris is great too. A lot of the smaller name bands got chopped off my list, since I’d always take a band that put out 3-4 great records over a band that was terrific but only put out 1-2 records. For example, I am indeed also into Descendents, Seven Seconds, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, and others, but those bands had a lot shorter shelf life, which I suppose was typical in the late 70’s to mid 80’s punk scene. This is why it was so tough to chop down to “only” 100 bands!
I think “Love” by the Cult is probably one of my top 10 desert island discs, it’s just a flat-out perfect album from the first song to the last. But their first album “Dreamtime” was a little too hippy trippy for me, and the subsequent albums, like “Electric” were a little too self-consciously hard-rocking for me. They gained a wider audience with those records but lost the sound that made them unique. My two cents.
Keep ’em coming folks, I coiuld do this all day!🙂

Okay… I have a question… Why do sports shows in general feel the need to go off topic and talk about stuff like this? I have wondered about this for a long, long time… I have been a sports radio addict for years. Now I listen to podcasts. I tried the ESPN fantasy baseball show podcast a couple times, but it seemed like 10 minutes into the show before they talked about baseball. Then I found your show, and really liked it for a number of reasons. It was in-depth (more than the lame-o 5 minute podcasts from CBS Sports) and had a professional quality. I mean, honestly, I have high praises in general for your show. But now, once a week, I turn it off halfway through when you start talking about movies or something. I tolerated it for a few minutes the first time, but it is sooo long!

I don’t get it? Are you trying to be chummy, like you are my virtual pals? Am I supposed to feel this personal connection because we both like the Ramones, so I’ll be a more loyal listener? Seriously, I’d like someone to answer this — why so many sports talk shows eventually go this way.

I’m sure some big consultant was paid big bucks to come up with this idea… and I’m just some uneducated schmoe… but, if you want my opinion… There are huge array of options for listening now that we’re in the era of podcasts, (it’s not like the old days of radio, where if I didn’t like the AM sports radio show, I had no other competition.) With podcasts, I feel like, if I download a sports show, I want it to be about sports. If I want a pop culture show, I’ll download something else.

I’m not saying that the occassional reference to various pop-culture things isn’t part of smart commentary and discussion. But dedicating long segments to nothing but completely unrelated material just seems like you’ve run out of interesting commentary, and are desparate to fill air time.

Again, from my point of view, as a podcast listener, I’m going to turn it off at that point.

Please know that I’m a big fan, and I’ll continue listening to the fantasy baseball parts of your show!

Supersuckers, Crumbsuckers… I sense a theme.

Redfez, I won’t speak for any other shows, but I will speak for ours. In the old format, when it was just Siano and myself most of the time in the studio, the show was much more “organic” and unscripted, so we would tend to go off on more tangents and make jokes or comments about TV shows, movies, music, etc. Given the feedback from the regular listeners to the show, we always had the impression that was a popular part of the show.

Now that the show is in the TV studio and more scripted and formatted, we don’t include as much non-baseball stuff. Certainly that can be viewed as a good thing, but we don’t want the show to stiff or boring either… we don’t want to be informative without also being somewhat entertaining. As it turns out, some of the early feedback to the show at the start of the season was that we had gone too far in the other direction.

So, we’ve added the Fave Five segment as what we feel will be a happy medium… we still jam in as much baseball info. as we can, but we do take a short break once in a while for some non-baseball stuff. That may annoy some people but on the whole we hope and think it’s a positive addition to the show that people will enjoy.

Thanks for the feedback, we do appreciate it and we do try to respond to it!

Happy 411,

maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think taking 5 or so minutes to invoke a top 5 list of non-baseball material distracts anything from the show irregardless of the intention. I’d rather listen to this commentary over some caller who chimes in to get a third party ok on an obvious WIN trade that should never even have to make it to air. Maybe you don’t like it, but it’s a growing format…ever hear of Bill Simmons?…unlike him, at least these guys have heard of bands that came before Nirvana.

I totally agree with redfez. And by that I mean I am still a huge fan of the show, even with Fave Five. I just don’t understand the decision to deprive us fantasy ADDICTS of even 5 or 10 minutes of precious time for advice, analysis, and general banter on fantasy baseball. A few random pop-culture references are perfectly fine… I don’t know, read what redfez wrote and that’s what I think!


1. U2
3. REM

Too many honorable mentions to list. Top five itself not etched in stone, except for U2 at #1 because of Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree and the fact that they were my favorite band growing up. I’ll admit they are not quite as good anymore, but only because they set such high standards. In other words, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb still blows away most of today’s music.

For those that don’t know Yo La Tengo, check out the songs “Detouring America with Horns”, “Stockholm Syndrome”, and “The Lie and How We Told It”. These songs will tell you whether or not you like Yo La Tengo. They are an amazing live band as well.

By R.E.M. I mean the band that made all those albums before “New Adventures in Hi-Fi”. That’s where they jumped the shark for me (some say it was Monster or Automatic for the People, and they have a point). But their earlier work is too good to ignore.

Coldplay just blows me away – Rush of Blood to the Head is a masterpiece.

And Led Zeppelin is just too good to leave off the list. “In My Time of Dying” never gets old.

Dan – Spring Hill, TN

I’ll add two cents to the Fave 5 critique- I love it. There is so much fantasy advice, chatter, talk, news, and opinion out there. Cory, Mike, and the James Taylor fan are one primary voice I use for fantasy news and opinion, but there is tons upon tons of information available. I tune in daily because I like the other stuff. If this is your only source for Fantasy news, I strongly encourage you to branch out a bit and diversify your opinion source, and the sidebar on this blog has many excellent places to start.

I got hooked by the old intro in which Cory was going on about the number of kills in 24. That just cracked me up and that’s the type of stuff I like. Without it, the show would be very dry and boring to both the audience and the hosts (except for the James Taylor fan who in his mind is going to Carolina and doesn’t know the meaning of boring).

What I’ve realized with the Fave 5 is that I like these guys as people (even the James Taylor fan) because of the similar interest beyond just the round ball and wooden bat. They seem to keep the fantasy stuff in healthy perspective (except for Cory and NFBC, but there’s money on the line so that’s understandable). These guys make me laugh on the way to work each morning, from the way the react to “I have an 8 team league and I want to swap 7 guys for 9” to Cory throwing out a line from Repo Man or Fast Times. They sound like my friends and I sound while we’re sipping a few brews and talking smack. We’re also about the same age, so I get almost all of there references. I say keep going gents and pass the Viagra.

And before Sterno gets bent for me teasing him, I’ve got Supersuckers right next to James Taylor (alphabetically) on my cd shelf. Nothing wrong with a little musical diversity.

I think the Fave 5 is kinda interesting. Keep up the great work! Jaded, NYC

What About Tears for Fears ?

I think i speak for everyone when i beg your call screener to please never let Jean in Hollywood or that Dush in Chicago on the show ever again .. please they are ruining it for everyone … i havent missed in episode in 4 years and i have finally decided i will not listen anymore if i hear their voices … they bring nothing to the table but irriatation … please cut them off

Jake “I hate Jean and want her killed” in Boston

great debate kids,

I think g-men said it perfectly, the three of us are fans too and we go other places to get out fantasy fix when blabbing amongst ourselves isn’t enough, I read , read and read all the other sites and love it , but I can’t tell you what a relief it is soemtimes to do soemthing out of the box and fun like the fave 5. I’ve been in sports now for 11 years and have worked in loggers rooms in jersey (got paid to watch games and log the highlights), worked at WFAN in New York and on June 5th it will be my 8 year anniversary here at and trust me you can only talk about one thing so long. Pop Culture is , well popular and people like to discuss it and I’ve been immersed in sports for over a decade but some of the best times I’ve had is when I have been in a newroom, at my desk in a bar or at a game and been with coworkers who are great sports fans and not talked sports. have you ever read a Baseball Prospectus Chat? Kevin Goldstein talked about video games forever and everyone loved it. We all like other stuff and when you can disucss it and share it with others who have opinions that is never a bad thing and that’s what the fave 5 represents and that is the answer to red fez’s question. the hosts don’t do it just because they are bored they do it because it is fun and they know it will get a response. if you have listened to Mike and the Mad Dog here in NYC on WFAN some of their most classic segments have been their breakdown of movies and guess what callers say? “I had a Yankee point but I need to disagree with you on what you said about Seasbiscuit”. Redfez is entitled to his opinion but I think we have to agree to disagree. If it’s fun and gets reaction it’s always a good thing………Siano

Yea this fave 5 or whatever really sucks for the listener- When you guys started it this week.. we were 34 minutes in… and it didnt end until the final pitch or ditch minute.. What a complete joke- NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR FAVE 5… Im guessing since Cory had such a bad NFBC draft he likes to avoid anything fantasy- What a waste of $1200..

I like the fav five. It’s a fun part of the show, and gives it a little more breadth at the expense of 15 minutes. They do 300 minutes a week, so I can handle the loss of 15. If the guys spend 15 minutes talking about their favorite foods, I might change my mind, but I like the concept.

As for your list Cory, no Audioslave? Rage and Soundgarden make the top 15, but no Audioslave?

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