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Hey guys,
I’m in a roto, non-keeper, daily league.  Who is a better backup to have on my bench…Bill Hall or Edwin Encarnacion?  I am starting Reynolds & Longoria at 3rd and the corner slot.  Hall can play 2 positions (3B/OF) but does that matter?

Scottie R.
Charleston, SC

Hey Scottie,

Hall and Encarnacion can be maddening in their own ways. Hall will kill your team batting average (he’s batting .236 this season and .262 for his career, but it drops to .254 if you disregard his .291 average in 2006). Encarnacion is among the streakiest players in the league (he was batting .241 with two homers and seven RBIs on April 19, but is hitting .349 with five home runs and eight RBIs since). I would go with Encarnacion.

Many Hall supporters like to reference his 2006 season in which he walloped 35 home runs in 537 at-bats. However, they fail to point out that he hit 17 homers in 501 at-bats in 2005 and just 14 long balls in 452 at-bats last season. He has hit .270 and .254 the past two seasons and is batting just .236 with a .283 on-base percentage this season. His outfield eligibility is a comforting bonus, but his batting average can really hurt you in a roto league.

Encarnacion has matched Hall’s home run total (7), has nearly matched his RBIs (15 to Halls’ 19) and has hit .287 with a .374 on-base percentage. Not only does Encarnacion have good power numbers, he gets on base enough to contribute mightily to your runs scored.

As the season wears on, you might be more tempted to replace Reynolds with Encarnacion than with Hall.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com 


Hey Guys,
Not sure what is the best way to send questions, have tried email with no luck. I absolutely love the show and you guys make my dreadful commute pleasurable.
Long time loyal podcast listener, with my first question.
5X5, head to head, dynasty league. I have Alex Gordon at third as well, is this good value? I get the Kendrick side:

I get:
Howie Kendrick $25/5yrs
Felix Pie OF CHC $15/5yrs
Adam LaRoche (PIT) $17/1 yr


Encarnacion, Edwin (CIN) 3B $18 for 4 years
Kenny Rogers (DET) P $1-1yr
Gomes, Jonny (TB) DH 8 for 1 year
Delgado, Carlos (NY-N) 1B $18 for 1 year
Jacob McGee SP (TAM) $17-5years (minor)

He offered it with the Delgado/LaRoche part not in it, would you hold out for the first base swap or not do either?

PS – What the hell happened to Suppan? Despite a terrible K-Rate he was throwing pretty good but the Cubs covered the two touchdown spread!!!
Jim from Cali

Edwin is blazing hot right now…. I would start him over Reynolds.

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