Feud Standings through Wk 5

Click on this link to download the latest version of the Fantasy Feud standings:


One other note:  The next 411 chat, conducted by Mike and Cory, will take place on MONDAY, MAY 19 starting at 3 pm ET.  You’ve got plenty of time to get those questions ready!



Dude, what? really? 2 weeks ? Bummer man.

oh my fault.. thats for the CHAT.. ha.. thought you meant the show. whew.

411 Crew and listeners, please lend a hand. Trying to analyze my team, I am in dead last of a 12 team vanilla league. Can this team make a run? Or am I swimming upstream this season?
Russell Martin (C)
Mike Jacobs (1st)
Kelly Johnson (2nd)
Joe Crede (3rd)
Julio Lugo / Jimmy Rollins (SS)
Evan Longoria (CI)
Jacoby Ellsbury (OF)
Carlos Lee (OF)
Carlos Quentin (OF)
Victorino (OF)
Hafner (DH)
Bench – Nick Swisher, Bill Hall, J Rollins, J Bruce

CC Sabathia (SP)
John Lackey (SP-DL)
Rich Harden (SP-DL)
Oliver Perez (SP)
Randy Johnson (SP)
J Cueto (SP)
Johnathan Sanchez (SP)
Max Scherzer (SP)
Dana Eveland (SP)
John Danks (SP)
Bobby Jenks (RP)
Eric Gagne (RP)
CJ Wilson (RP)

Thanks & keep up the great work!
Jaded – NYC

I think you could make a run to the middle of the pack, but that roster probably won’t do much more than that in my opinion. You need about one or two more bona-fide hitters, and you’re hurt by Hafner’s struggles (you and me both) and Rollins’ injury. You need to trade obviously, and I don’t know if that means trading away CC when he goes on a run and bringing back some bats or packaging CC and somebody else for a early round bopper. Also, just me, but in a 12 teamer, could you trade away one of your closers for somethin? I’m not an expert by any means, but just some ideas!

Brian in Cbus, OH

Thanks Brian, appreciate the advice. I gambled early on CC & now its hurting me. I might try to move him if he ever gets hot. Hafner is the worst, because I thought he was money in the bank. Thanks again,

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