POD for Monday May 5th Games

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!


Yes: Daisuke, Vazquez, McGowan, Santana, Eveland, Billingsley
No: Bonderman, Dempster, Cueto, Tomko, Pineiro, Jimenez, Moyer, Scherzer, Olson, Figueroa, Millwood, Washburn
Re. Bonderman, simply not trusting him yet vs. red hot Red Sox
Re. Dempster, I think he’s a total fluke, 22-19 K-BB ratio, albeit with a good groundall rate
Re. Cueto, the trend is obvious, can’t touch him right now vs. smokin’ Cubs offense


Why not Scherzer?

My lineups lock at 5 tonight, but I think I have to start Olsen and Scherzer. They are both 2-start pitchers this week. You guys who can POD all week are lucky. I get a headache before setting my lineup on Monday looking at the week ahead.

I can see maybe holding back Scherzer because of the potent Philly/Cubbie offenses, but Olsen is starting again Suppan/Mil on Tues and I imagine Shawn Hill/Wash over the weekend.

I still have Big Erv(2 starter), Hudson, and Kazmir to choke for me.

Why shouldn’t I start Scherzer? I’m agonizing over it, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probable he benefited from a lack of scouting last time out, and that could carry over. Also, Moyer is facing the DBacks, which should put Scherzer in place for the win if he does pitch well. If it’s the run environment, that’s something he will normally face, and I know it’s the philly lineup, so I guess that’s the con.

Lack of scouting or not.. When you retire 13 out of 13 with 7KO’s, that impressive regardless. I’m starting him with confidence this week. First time I’ll go against 411 POD, but I’m in a points league that pretty much requires 2-start pitchers to go. Unless it was Zito.

How can you tell everyone to use their #1 waiver priority on Scherzer and then tell them to bench him?

They guy has tremendous up-side. I don’t know about your league, but in my 12 team mixed, it wasn’t even close. He was the best pick up off the wire.

No doubt I’m starting Scherzer tonight and I’m a Phillies fan. He might have trouble against Utley, who is the only hitter in the entire lineup i’m worried about knocking Scherzer around. Look at the rest of the lineup. Victorino swings at anything, Howard will strikeout 3 times if he faces Scherzer 3 times and Burrell’s new “agressive” approach at the plate could end up seeing him walk slowly back to the dugout with his head hanging low multiple times, like we are all used to seeing. These guys strikeout a ton. The first time through the lineup, I think he gives up a hit to Utely and strikes out 6 batters out of the remaining 8. Throw in the fact that he’ll have the home crowd behind him and if Scherzer is around the plate most of the night, the phillies are screwed.

hey 12 team keeper league.

i’m giving up j.rollins and e.longoria and will get
markakis and r.oswalt

what you think

All, my concerns about Scherzer focused on the Phillies’ left-handed power, and perhaps him having a little bit of nerves in his first start. No doubt he was dominating vs. the Astros, but remember he came into the game down 6-2 so there was a lot loss pressure. Plus, that was on April 29, 7 days ago, so he’s not on his regular rotation.

Maybe I’m overstating all these worries, and yes, I still believe he’s going to be a good one. But this one just has me a little worried, that’s all. I hope I’m wrong (especially since I have him in NL Tout Wars!), should be fun to watch!


Nope, this wasn’t all Scherzer’s fault tonight, but I feel a lot better saying “ditch”. You can all thank me later.🙂


the positive was that he only walked 2 (vs 5 strikeouts) and one of them he seemed to be pitching around Howard.

But Cory once again proves why he’s the professional. So…..start Randy Johnson vs the Phillies tomorrow?

Well CS was right…. AGAIN. But, I had Big Erv in too!! Got the CG, SHO, and W! Woot ! I was against counting CG’s until I got one.🙂

Yes on Unit. He’s been a little up and down lately but I like his chances of neutralizing Utley and Co. better than Scherzer’s.

Great discussion here all…another example of why/how this blog rocks..
J from BG

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