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Hey guys, love the show.

I’m in 1st in my 12 team roto league.  6×6 (OPS and holds)

My offense is sick, but I can improve the most in the pitching cats.

I just lost my #2 SP in Gallardo, but do still have Peavy, Billingsley, Randy, Jurrjens, Hudson, and O. Perez.  I also have Fuentes, F. Cordero, Lidge, Acosta and Neshek.

I was just offered Lincecum and McClouth for Crawford and Fuentes.  He needs a closer bad.

I have Crawford, Holliday, C. Young, Victorino and Brown as my OF.  I would have Utley, Wright, Kinsler, Guillen, Longoria, and Escobar left to give me steals, as well as McClouth (whom I believe could still give me 20 steals).

I love Crawford, but feel like in this league his value is a little lower with his low OBP and SLG.  I think Lincecum would really give me a boost and I think I can afford the loss of Fuentes.

He also has Zambrano, Bedard and Verlander, but I like Lincecum the most followed by Bedard.  Thanks.

Rob Monacelli
Grand Rapids, MI

Hey Rob,

I would pass on this one.  Crawford is just too valuable to give up for this kind of mid-level return.  He’s a virtual lock for 50 steals, and really doesn’t kill you in OPS despite the low home run totals.  After having a .309 OBP in his first full season in the bigs, Crawford posted a .355 mark last year, so he’s clearly made great strides in that department.  With Young, Victorino, Wright, and Kinsler, you can definitely afford the loss of Crawford’s speed, but that doesn’t mean you should trade him for less than fair value.  Fuentes was always a very underrated closer, and would never have lost the job if not for one horrendous week last July.  Now once again firmly implanted in the closer role, view Fuentes as a high end #2 stopper.
Even without Gallardo, this staff is solid.  Though I’d consider not making any trade and using the waiver wire to fill the holes, I can see why you feel the need to add another top notch SP considering Randy’s injury risk and Perez’s inconsistency.  Just remember that Crawford would be the best player in any of these deals.  Don’t settle for the first offer that comes your way.  

As for the potentially available pitchers, Lincecum would actually be the last guy I’d target.  There’s no doubt Tim’s an elite talent, but he’s also a 23 year old who has yet to reach the 200 career innings plateau.  And that’s not to mention the team he plays for.  Wins will be hard to come by as long as the Giants run out a Double-A level lineup on a daily basis.  Zambrano, despite some concerns about his workload over the years, is my top choice.  He’s experienced and reliable, and along with Peavy would form an outstanding 1-2 punch!  Bedard and Verlander are also very attractive but they don’t have as much of a track record as “Big Z.”  

In exchange for Crawford and Fuentes, Zambrano and an outfielder in the likes of a Vernon Wells/Jason Bay/Torii Hunter seems like a reasonable package.  Nate McClouth is nowhere near enough!

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com      


Hey Guys,
OK Not really but wanted to get your attention and am not sure what is the best way to send questions, have tried email with no luck. I absolutely love the show and you guys make my dreadful commute pleasurable.
Long time loyal podcast listener, with my first question.
5X5, 16 team, head to head, dynasty league. I have Alex Gordon at third as well and am in dire need of 1B help as Delgado is all I have. Been playing Gordon at 1B but he will lose eligibility next year. Is this good value? I get the Kendrick side:

I get:

Howie Kendrick $25/5yrs
Felix Pie OF CHC $15(minor)
Adam LaRoche (PIT) $17/1 yr
Dallas McPherson $1/1 yr


Encarnacion, Edwin (CIN) 3B $18 for 4 years
Gomes, Jonny (TB) DH $8 for 1 year
Jermaine Dye $21/? yrs
Jacob McGee SP (TAM) $32-5years (minor)

Jim from Cali

Please e-mail your questions to baseballchannel@mlb.com rather than posting them as comments on the blog.


Cool, Sorry bro

Thanks Zach. I passed on this deal. I’ve since been offered Webb and Wyrth for Crawford and Billingsley. I still think that’s too much, but might be ok coming down to Jurrjens or Perez instead of Billingsley. What do you think? Thanks.

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